If you very own a cast iron skillet, you probably use it often in the kitchen. I understand I put my cast iron skillet to work, whether it"s in the cooktop or ~ above the stovetop since it deserve to take on a selection of tasks and also temperatures. I absolutely adore my cast iron skillet and it"s the pan I constantly reach for as soon as I"mcooking steak, prepare a breakfast hash through fried eggs, also when I"m baking bread or dessert.

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Well, did you understand that you can take your actors iron skillet outdoors come the the end grill? If friend think around it, a cast iron skillet to be designed to cook foods end an open up flame, for this reason it kind of provides the many sense to place it top top the grill. Don"t gain me dorn though, the thought of cooking burgers and also hot dogs with a beer in hand is so patriotic, yet using your actors iron skillet directly on the grill have the right to really give you a much better non-stick grilling experience.

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Helpful tip: To get an idea the the out grill temperature, attach stove thermometer come the within of the grill lid on her gas grill. For a charcoal grill, an infrared thermometer or surface thermometer are an excellent tools come have.

And assumption: v what? any kind of stovetop or oven cast iron skillet recipe have the right to be make on the grill in the frying pan therefore if you have a favorite actors iron recipe that you desire to try out in the grill, fire it up and also go because that it (these tips use to either a charcoal grill or gas grill).

You won"t have to worry around a messy kitchen or absent out on all the outside fun! examine out our perform of factors why your actors iron skillet and grill having been longing come be ideal buds.

1. Come to be a professional grill master.

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Who doesn"t love firing up the grill? Of food you have the right to make very delicious hamburgers v perfect grill marks the traditional way by placing them directly on the grill grates, but to get an even much better sear and also crust ~ above the meat, try placing lock on a well seasoned actors iron skillet very first and then ar on the grill. This likewise applies come steak, hot dogs, and grilled chicken.

The best component is friend won"t have to worry about the grease and also fatty juices catching on fire, various other grease flare-ups, or setup off a fire alarm due to the fact that your trusty cast iron skillet can prevent the from happening! By placing your cast iron skillet directly on the grill, you"ll gain the perfect sear and also you won"t loosened any that those tasty juices dripping native the meat. Every one of that flavor will certainly be sitting right in the cast iron pan. And also if you yes, really can"t let walk of those grill marks, simply sear on the grill"s surface and also move to the pan for basting.

2. Roast vegetables to perfection.

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In mine opinion, among the greatest side dishes to go through a gorgeous grilled steak room roasted or grilled vegetables. Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers you surname it - they"re all delicious! You"ll obtain perfectly charred and also tender veggies there is no even transforming on the oven.

This is especially useful with tiny and skinny veggies prefer cherry tomatoes and asparagus. There"s no must worry around losing them between the grates.

3. Grill delicate fish there is no sticking.

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If girlfriend don"t desire to fire up the oven once baking bread, your outdoor grill is the perfect alternative. Simply place the bread dough ~ above a cast iron skillet or in a dutch oven and let the grill work it"s magic!

Slice increase the bread and also eat that on the own, alongside some fried eggs or usage it to soak up the juices indigenous a ribeye. Therefore simple! Here"s the recipe.

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