We all know that utilizing the outdoor grill is the best means to chef dinner throughout the summer months; not just are you guaranteed a very delicious meal, yet taking the cooking outside will aid keep the house cool. However if you're limiting you yourself to only food preparation what deserve to go straight on the grates, you're absent out top top a whole group of basic eats, such as fragile seafood, succotash next dishes, and even baked goods like cornbread.

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Enter: The humble cast-iron skillet. Once it comes to cooking through this old-school pan, anything it have the right to do top top the stovetop or stove is fair video game on the grill. After ~ all, this tough-as-nails skillet to be invented earlier when cooking over a fire to be the only option, so its being able to perform well over the comparatively tame flames the a gas or charcoal grill shouldn't be a surprise. If you're wondering if a stainless-steel skillet could play understudy for cast iron, the brief answer is the it's not worth it. Stainless steel pans have the right to only withstand up come 500°F or 600°F prior to warping and discoloration can occur. While most gas grills won't go past 550°F, a charcoal unit can get as hot as 700°F.



Fish is a good place to start, given how tricky it can be to chef it right on the grill without sticking, and also cooking it outdoors comes with the added bonus of your residence not being assaulted with a fishy odor. Recipes favor this Skillet-Fried Trout and also this Mediterranean-inspired fish skillet were designed to go from grill-to-table, so friend won't must play any type of guessing gamings with temperature and also timing.

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Using a skillet on the grill is likewise a good way to make a finish dinner happen: think grilled steaks v a side of Cherry Tomato crisp or burgers with sautéed mushroom piled ~ above top.

As because that adapting her favorite skillet or cooktop recipes to the grill, don't overthink it. Just follow this guidelines: If a recipe tells you to warm your skillet over medium-high heat, together is the situation when do this Corn-and-Zucchini Sauté, then rotate your grill come medium-high and also monitor the integrated thermometer that comes standard in most grills (you'll desire it to be around 400°F). Placed your skillet top top the grill, add the oil, and wait for it to become thin and also look together if that is "shimmering" in the pan; that's the visual cue that will tell you it's all set to go. Because that recipes that speak to for medium-low and also medium, go through 300°F and also 350°F, respectively. And also once her grill get 425°F and beyond, that will be hot sufficient to char vegetables for a stir-fry or obtain a quite sear on a pork chop. Come convert stove recipe to the grill, it's also simpler: just close the lid!

As you start to ride this albeit shallow learning curve the this technique, be vigilant about checking the temperature gauge because that fluctuations and also adjusting the warm as needed, and also rely on visual cues once necessary. But most that all, gain the newfound liberty in grilling everything you please!