Few points in life compare to cooking over an open up fire or pulling food off the grill with the perfect sear. Even if it is you’re food preparation outside or with a grill pan inside, choose cast iron for delicious outcomes that admire every palate. An initial day the summer? We have a grill for her backyard barbecue. Game day? Our twin handle pans fit perfect on the grill. Dinner party? Try our brand new grill topper to sear veggies. Camping trip? We have actually the actors iron you have to celebrate each and also every occasion. 


New Releases

Meet ours 5 brand-new must-have pieces of actors iron grillware, consisting of a portable, 2-piece grill you deserve to take on any type of outdoor adventure! even if it is you’re a weekend warrior, a vacationer, or a tailgater, usage these brand-new pieces to turn your grill right into a short-order kitchen and infuse her food with delicious grill flavor.

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obtain mouth-watering grill point out and great seared flavor through these grilling essentials. They will certainly be #1 because that meals due to the fact that you can produce masterpieces in ~ home. 


Cook-It-All With 5 food preparation configurations from just 2 pieces of iron, the Cook-It-All bring a whole people of cooking possibilities to her campsite.

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Thanks to the dual-handle design of this Lodge actors iron pans, they fit perfectly on the grill and also even save room on storage!

Carbon Steel

There’s a factor why chefs everywhere the world reach for these seasoned carbon stole pans in ~ work. The durable, lightweight style can handle continuous high-heat, making castle the ideal tool because that searing top top the grill. 


For a show-stopping presentation in ~ your following party, use Lodge actors iron serveware come cook and deliver sizzling food come the table. Your guests will be impressed. 


Make the most of every outdoor cooking experience when you have actually the right tools to develop fires, baste meat, upper and lower reversal foods, and also serve.


Stripped under Steak A good sear produce deeper spices in grilled foods, however even much more importantly, the looks at sight cool.



Grilled Jalapeño Poppers these grilled jalapeño poppers are the perfect snack because that tailgating or appetizer for your backyard dinner party.

Grilled Shrimp with Garlic Oil This fast shrimp dish gets the imperial herb treatment with an oregano, parsley, garlic oil.

combined Berry Cobbler new fruit simmered with sweet, fluffy fall biscuit topping is a complement made in out heaven.

Beef tips Stir fried food The skillet/wok function of the Cook-It-All have the right to make a stir fry to feeding a crowd.

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