It just feels like the list would have been much shorter if we’d operation down the actors who were in reality staying.

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We knew that large changes to be coming come Days of our Lives as soon as the whole cast was let go in November 2019 together NBC and Sony pictures Television negotiated the rebirth of the network’s lone staying daytime drama. Yet in our wildest dreams — or probably it was our nightmares? — we couldn’t have imagined what was going to follow the Season 56 pick-up announcement, a series of departures that was so long and also winding that it threatened to punch the exit door right off that is hinges.

In January that 2020, us learned that Casey Moss and Thia Megia were out as JJ and also Haley. In February, Freddie smith announced that he and leading guy Chandler Massey hadn’t been rehired together Sonny and also Will. That same month, Galen Gering common that he to be leaving, too, at least “for a bit” together Rafe. And also the hits just. Kept. On. Coming. Arguably, the blows kept getting bigger, too. (Seriously, does that get any kind of bigger than Kristian Alfonso quitting after virtually 40 years as Hope?!?)

To assist you — and also maybe ourselves; it’s confusing, because that Pete Jannings’ benefits — save straight who’s left and/or is leaving and also who’s remained and/or is difficult around, has actually compiled the listed below photo gallery, one exhaustive guide to the actors who have actually packed up their dressing rooms and also gone. Just click it to peruse the images — the is, if friend think you can take it.


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Although Sami’s kidnapping in august 2021 significant the end of the Days of ours Lives vet’s latest return engagement, her following one was already beginning. Together she told Soap Opera Digest at the time, “I have actually other scenes that I’m doing right now” — our favorite method of transforming “goodbye” right into “See ya soon!”


Fans were excited to learn that Nicole’s husband would be coming house for their anniversary. Unfortunately, even as Greg Vaughan and his handsome transform ego appeared on display in mid-July of 2021 came news that Eric was just in town long sufficient for his marital relationship to it is in blown out of the water.


Just once we were getting used to the daytime newbie, Days of our Lives go and, so to speak, changed the Chanel. In June of 2021, it was revealed the Raven Bowens would certainly be assuming the role of Paulina Price’s daughter from the up-and-comer who’d been cast in MC Lyte’s brand-new sitcom.


So lot for a happy ending for “Xarah.” On in march 16, buy it Horton’s portrayer evidenced via Twitter that she to be leaving behind her character — “and every 86 of her hairstyles.” happy we conserved the receipt on that toaster we’d gained the couple.


Hey, at the very least maybe we’ll acquire flashbacks because that a couple of weeks till we uncover out whodunit. But for all practical purposes, Charlie Dale’s shoot on February 25 brought to an end his well-received portrayer’s operation in the duty of Ava’s boy (bad) and Allie’s rapist (so… much… worse).


Mirror, mirror, in her hand, sorry, we don’t understand… however in February the 2021, the news damaged that the Daytime Emmy-winning soap-hopper had actually reached the end of she stint as Jennifer Horton. Maybe she’ll find her way back come a former show of hair that’s being rebooted…


What a means to go. No sooner had actually Laura Horton returned to Salem in February 2021 through a suitcase full of revelations to unpack than she was sent out on a one-way expedition to the hereafter. Ah well, we’ll constantly have The Meadows.


If all great things must pertained to an end, we suppose so have to all bat-guano-crazy poor ones. In November 2020, Soap Opera Digest reported the Heather Lindell had wrapped she return engagement as off-kilter jan Spears.


Jaws to reduce in mid-September as soon as Soap Opera Digest reported that the veteran cast member to be leaving her long-running role of Jennifer Horton — temporarily, it’s claimed — and also being changed by daytime MVP Cady McClain (most newly Kelly top top The Young and the Restless).


Few points say “Yeah, ns won’t be around for all that long” like a personality going therefore far roughly the bend that she kidnaps a beloved former serial killer and tries to mess v his mind to the allude that he’d even consider making self a widower. Much better luck next time, night Donovan?


“Oh!” us exclaimed top top hearing that the above Santa Barbara alum would certainly be reprising his role of Eduardo Hernandez top top Days of our Lives. Yet that enthusiastic “Oh!” conveniently got downgraded to a bummed-out “Oh” once we realized that the character was just being brought on for long enough to water level off the canvas his children.


In so late July, Days of our Lives fans to be dealt yet another blow when it come out that Gabi’s portrayer was exiting stage appropriate after a te of pot-stirring. Thankfully, it to be announced before she’d even left the she would certainly be returning so fast, we’d hardly know she’d been gone.


Seemingly seconds after Konefal evidenced her exit, this Emmy winner admitted the he, too, to be done at Days of ours Lives. “It’s with love, laughter and also tears of delight I leave you,” wrote the actor, who’d play Eric Brady due to the fact that 2012.


In so late July, Ciara Brady’s portrayer revealed that, back “I would love the opportunity to continue working v my castmates in the future… I will not be returning together a full-time actors member.” Insert shocked gasps here.


In July, after ~ confirming that her 37th year as Hope Williams Brady would be her last, the Days of our Lives legend defined that a inquiry to take 4 or 5 months off prompted her to walk. “It was,” she told Entertainment Tonight, “the perfect moment to make that decision.”


Yeah, that was pretty much the exact same expression us wore when we learned this summer just how brief the pan favorites’ returns together Ivan Marais and also his madam, Vivian Alamain, to be going to be. At least the villainess’ death was as legit together every other one ~ above Days of ours Lives— in other words, not at all — so we have the right to anticipate a comeback at part point.


It wasn’t just actors’ heads the were rolling; execs’ to be being reduced off, too. Just prior to Independence Day, we heard the Meng — a part of the Corday Productions family because 1989! — had actually been canned. Was it his refusal to use blowup dolls?


In June, simply weeks prior to she came to be a Daytime Emmy winner, Keegan told Soap Opera Digest that her return as Claire Brady consisted of “about two and a half months of shows.” She had actually a great time — “It was a blast” — yet that an excellent time wasn’t supposed to last.


After replacing her replacement, Marci Miller, as Abigail DiMera, Mansi left the show again in May. And if that didn’t make you dizzy in and of itself, gain this: The show then tapped Miller to step ago in together Abigail. No wonder the character has multiple personalities!


Days of ours Lives’ Rafe Hernandez since 2008, Gering tape-recorded his last illustration in February. Only it didn’t revolve out to it is in his last episode at all; he quickly reached a brand-new agreement v the show and went right back to work.


In an additional exclusive interview with, Massey’s leading male said that he didn’t like to think the he couldn’t come back someday as Sonny Kiriakis with Will in tow. Rather, “I prefer to look at it as they’re resting our characters.”


After we discovered out that the Daytime Emmy winner — who’d previously been recast and “killed off” — had actually been axed as will Horton, he told in an exclude, interview the he to be entertaining the idea of going earlier to school.


Following a seven-year run as JJ Deveraux, the son of supercouple Jack and also Jennifer, Moss dubbed it a days — er, day — and left right after leading lady Megia. Yet at the very least he acquired a beloved parting gift: his real-life romance with castmate True O’Brien (ex-Paige).

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When Days of our Lives flashed front by a year throughout November sweeps, Haley Chen didn’t flash-forward with it. Us learned shortly after the time jump that Megia’s character — sadly, never exactly a hit through the audience — had been eliminated off.