For ten years, The big Bang Theory was among the most-watched TV shows ever before aired.

The show premiered in 2007 and almost immediately wowed audiences with its catchy storylines, jokes, and also an tremendous cast. The present ended in 2019 after a glorious 12-year run, and also it seems most of the cast members vanished native the spotlight. In honor of The big Bang Theory, let’s take it a look at what the show’s cast is doing now.

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‘The big Bang Theory’ nearly looked very different

Viewers who’ve closely followed the show for its entire run are familiar with Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon Cooper. However, the show almost had a different look if networks had actually picked increase the original version. Because that starters, the present almost adopted a Three’s Company kind of premise, just that coin wasn’t in the original pilot.

The original pilot had a mrs character who was really different indigenous the penny TBBT fans involved love. Her surname was Katie, and she loved taking benefit of she roommates Leonard and also Sheldon. The personality arc didn’t sit fine with most networks, so when the show’s creator got the possibility to rewrite the character, he introduced the sweet Penny.

In the very first pilot, Leonard and Sheldon invited Katie come live v them after she nasty breakup with her married boyfriend. The invite was fueled by a sexual attraction the both roommates had actually for Katie. As soon as Chuck Lorre amendment the script, he cut out the Katie storyline and also introduced fans to Penny, who, although had been dumped, wasn’t through a married boyfriend.

Another significant difference between the characters was the Penny had actually her own apartment and also had the active choice of often hanging out v Leonard and Sheldon. Additionally, Sheldon wasn’t attractive to Penny’s charm and good looks. His ambivalence come Penny’s figure is generally a running joke throughout the totality show.

Some actors members were kept in the dark about the show’s ending


Cast that The large Bang theory | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

After 12 successful seasons, the cast and also crew that The large Bang Theory were ready to call it quits, or so most fans thought. The was not the case, together one actors member revealed that she had actually been preparing for an additional season when she to be told the display would end.

Speaking come Variety, Kaley Cuoco, that played Penny, admitted the she wasn’t precisely ready to finish the show when the show’s lead star Jim Parsons and Lorre ended it. Cuoco stated that she uncovered out around the show’s ending in a meeting.

The star revealed that the producers dubbed in the actors members throughout filming because that season 12. Most of the actors thought the meeting was meant to be around the upcoming season. Instead, they found out the the display was comes to one end.

What is the cast up to today

TBBT might have break up in 2019, but the gibbs haven’t disappeared from screens entirely. United state Magazine reports that Parsons, who played the command character, Sheldon, starred in Hollywood, the series’ spinoff Young Sheldon, and The guys In The Band.

He also lent his voice for assorted animated tasks such as Home. As well as acting, Parsons has additionally produced multiple tasks such together Call Me Kat. Johnny Galecki, that played Leonard, appeared in The Conners quickly after TBBT ended.

Cuoco landing a starring function in the 2019 movie The trip Attendant, which earned she a golden Globe nomination. Mayim Bialik, that played Amy, traded her duty on TBBT for another sitcom duty in Call Me Kat. Kunal Nayyar, aka Raj, has occupied his time v Trolls people Tour, Criminal: UK, and also Think Like a Dog.

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Simon Helberg (Howard) take it a short break native acting yet is scheduled to make a comeback in As Sick As They made Us while Melissa Rauch has appeared in The Laundromat, Animaniacs, and also Robot Chicken.

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