See every the stars that room coming come Celebrity huge Brother this February! Don"t miss the three-night season premiere the Celebrity huge Brother, start on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c on CBS and also CBS every Access.

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Age: 27Hometown: mountain Diego, CaliforniaCurrent city: Venice, CaliforniaOccupation: Actor/musicianThree adjective that explain you: Focused, sarcastic, and also woke.Favorite activities: Working out, surfing, play music, and also working on my '72 Bronco.Read James Maslow's full cast bio.
Age: 38Hometown: brand-new JerseyCurrent city: Atlanta, GeorgiaOccupation: Actress and also entrepreneurThree adjectives that explain you: Optimistic, genuine, and also loving.Favorite activities: safety time through family, the coast or pool and also cooking.ReadKeshia items Pulliam's full actors bio.
Age: 44Hometown: Bedford, new YorkCurrent city: Toluca Lake, CaliforniaOccupation: Actress, director, and motherThree adjective that define you: Loud, loyal, and also feisty.Favorite activities:Working, snuggling v my dog, and eating popcorn.ReadMarissa Jaret Winokur's full cast bio.
Age: 49Hometown: Newport Beach, CaliforniaCurrent city: Studio City, CaliforniaOccupation: Musician, hostThree adjectives that define you: Irish, spaz, and also needy.Favorite activities: Hanging v my kids, playing guitar, and also running.ReadMark McGrath's full actors bio.
Age: 38Hometown: Queens, new YorkCurrent city: Los Angeles, CaliforniaOccupation: Basketball coach and philanthropistThree adjectives that define you: Ambitious, driven, and competitive.Favorite activities: Being through my kids, being around my kids, and watching boxing.Read Metta world Peace's full actors bio.
Age: 43Hometown: Youngstown, OhioCurrent city: Jacksonville, FloridaOccupation: Television personalityThree adjectives that explain you: Devoted, dynamic, and driven.Favorite activities: As a newlywed, I gain traveling the human being with mine husband.Read Omarosa's full actors bio.
Age: 38Hometown: Mt. Vernon, WashingtonCurrent city: Los Angeles/Palm Springs, CaliforniaOccupation: TV host, judge, and personalityThree adjectives that describe you: Upbeat, kind-hearted, and also competitive.Favorite activities: Happy hour, brunch, and morning walks.Read​Ross Mathews' full cast bio.
Age:44Hometown:Born in Houston, Texas. Grew up from third grade through high college in Waco, Texas, then stayed in Los Angeles for 20+ years, and also now mine hometown is.....

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Current city:Cape Town, south AfricaOccupation:Actress and also conservationistThree adjective that explain you:Compassionate, focused, and also persistent.Favorite activities:My favorite activities are working with pets in any type of capacity, traveling, yoga, hiking, acquisition my dog, Peanut, come the beach, tennis, going come the gym, and watching Big Brother and also The amazing Race!Read Shannon Elizabeth's full actors bio.