coming 2 America new Cast, Returning characters & Cameos guide The coming 2 America actors brings ago Eddie Murphy and also several that his coming to America castmates, and it introduces many new characters and also cameos.

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The Coming 2 America cast is led through Eddie Murphy and brings back several that his Coming come America castmates. Now streaming top top Amazon Prime, the 2021 sequel was directed by Craig Brewer, and includes several special appearances from huge names in popular music culture, along with numerous high-profile cameos. Murphy himself even plays multiple characters, therefore audiences might need some clarity about who"s who.

In Coming 2 America, Prince Akeem (Murphy) is collection to be King of Zamunda yet worries around not having actually a legitimate masculine heir. Shortly before his father passes away, it"s revealed the Akeem actually has a son named Lavelle in Queens, new York - the result of a drunken one-night stand with a woman called Mary Junson. Hoping to follow suitable Zamunda customs, Akeem brings his birth kid to Africa and also trains him to it is in a respectable prince, but doesn"t completely consider just how this decision will impact his wife and also three daughters.

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Coming 2 America"s actors features 10 personality reprisals indigenous the original film, v Murphy in ~ the forefront. Since Coming 2 America is about family and the role of women, the inclusion of mrs performers such as Leslie Jones and KiKi Layne adds part extra depth, both in regards to comedy and also drama. The film likewise includes a selection of famous musicians in boy roles, along with two that America"s most recognizable TV hosts.

Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem

Eddie Murphy as Akeem Joffer in comes 2 America ~ above Amazon Prime
Eddie Murphy reprises his function as Akeem Joffer, an african King who learns that he has actually a son and also grooms the to be a ideal prince, also though his birth daughter has actually the appropriate skills to it is in a queen. Akeem worths tradition and also slowly discovers that maybe it"s time to make some transforms within the royal family. After increasing to fame throughout the beforehand "80s as a actors member top top Saturday Night Live, Murphy also starred as Axel Foley in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, and later headlined The Nutty Professor as Sherman Klump. During the 21st century, Murphy has voiced cheat in the Shrek franchise and also earned one Oscar nomination for his sustaining performance in Dreamgirls. Most recently, the starred together Rudy ray Moore in the 2019 Netflix film Dolemite Is my Name. In Coming 2 America, Murphy additionally reprises his functions as the barbershop characters Mr. Clarence and Saul, and also the Sexual cacao lead singer Randy Watson.

Arsenio Hall as Semmi in coming 2 America top top Amazon Prime
Arsenio room reprises his duty as Semmi, Akeem"s aide and best friend. That watches over the King as he attempts come follow imperial traditions and also rules. Hall is best known because that hosting The Arsenio hall Show from 1989 come 1994. In Coming 2 America, he likewise reprises his roles as Morris and also Reverend Brown, in addition to a new witch medical professional character called Baba.

Jermaine Fowler together Lavelle Junson

Jermaine Fowler together Lavelle Junson in coming 2 America ~ above Amazon Prime
Jermaine Fowler co-stars as Lavelle Junson, Akeem"s son who thrived up in Queens, new York. He"s chastised because that not having actually the figure of an afri prince, and also tries his ideal to learn the family traditions. ~ falling in love with his an individual groomer, Lavelle to plan a return to America. Fowler depicted Salvador in Sorry to bother You and Russell in Crashing. He additionally voiced Pete Repeat in BoJack Horseman and also recently showed up as mark Clark in Judas and also the black color Messiah.

Leslie Jones as mary JunsonComing 2 America - Amazon Prime
Leslie Jones portrays mar Junson, a Queens aboriginal who had actually a one-night stand v Akeem when he to be high and also drunk in the "80s. As the mother of Lavelle, she"s especially protective of her son"s wellness but additionally enjoys her brand-new status as the mom of an african prince. Jones is a previous Saturday Night Live actors member that portrayed Patty Tolan in Ghostbusters (2016). She also appeared as Scanlon in Masterminds and Dr. Maggie Gravel in Death to 2020 on Netflix.

Tracy Morgan as Uncle Reem

Tracy Morgan appears as Uncle Reem, Mary"s brother. After basically raising Lavelle as his son, he"s concerned around him transforming right into a different person, one who desires to please others fairly than continuing to be true come himself. A previous Saturday Night Live cast member, Morgan starred as Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock. He also portrayed Paul in Cop Out and headlines The last O.G. as Tray Barker.

KiKi Layne portrays Meeka, Akeem and also Lisa"s oldest daughter who seems destined to it is in queen yet must rather accept that Lavelle is the rightful heir, according to Zamunda customs. Layne portrayed Tish Rivers in If Beale Street can Talk and also Bessie in Native Son. She newly co-starred together Nile in The Old Guard on Netflix.

Shari Headley together Lisa

Shari Headley reprises her duty as Lisa, Akeem"s love attention from the initial film. Now Queen, she"s security of her eldest daughter Meeka and isn"t an especially excited once Lavelle and also his mother show up in Zamunda. Headley portrayed Officer Mimi Reed Frye in All mine Children and D.A. Jennifer Sallison in The Haves and the have Nots. She recently appeared as Harmony in On coming to be a God in central Florida.

Wesley Snipes portrays general Izzi, the leader the Nextdoria who wants to arrange a marriage with the royal family for financial purposes. He"s a scheming character but likewise doesn"t seem that threatening, at the very least not ~ above the surface. In the "80s, Snipes appeared as Mini Max in Michael Jackson"s music video for "Bad" and also later starred as Willie Mays Hayes in Major League. In the "90s, he occurred into an action star v lead duties in Demolition Man and also Blade. He newly portrayed D"Urville in Dolemite Is mine Name and Damon Moore in Paper Empire.

James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer

James Earl Jones reprises his role as King Jaffe Joffer, Akeem"s father who is pertained to that the doesn"t have actually a legitimate masculine heir. Prior to passing away, that discovers that Akeem go indeed have a kid in Queens, brand-new York. Jones voices Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise and portrayed Terence Mann in Field of Dreams. He additionally appeared as Admiral Greer in The Hunt because that Red October and recently voiced Mufasa in The Lion King.

man Amos reprises his duty as Lisa"s father, Cleo McDowell, the owner of rapid food franchise dubbed McDowell"s. He expanded his agency to Zamunda, and also doesn"t seem ashamed the he ripped off the entire business model for McDonald"s. Amos shown James Evans, Sr. In Good Times and also Grant in Die difficult 2. The recently appeared as Ed in The Ranch.

Coming 2 America"s Returning actors & Characters

Paul Bates as Oha: Akeem"s royal servant who often sings throughout ceremonies. Paul Bates portrayed Marty in True Romance and Manny in 8 Mile. The recently had actually a small role as Officer Whitcomb in The Conners season 1.

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Garcelle Beavais as rose Bearer Priestess: A royal climbed bearer in ~ Akeem"s Zamunda mansion. Garcelle Beavais portrayed Nicole in Bad Company and Doris Toomes in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She also appeared as Veronica Garland in Tell Me a Story.

Vanessa Bell Calloway as Imani Izzi: General Izzi"s sister that was left at the altar by Prince Akeem in Coming come America. In the sequel, she barks choose a dog proceeding an original movie joke. Vanessa Bell Calloway depicted Jackie in What"s Love obtained to carry out with It and Grace Calloway in Daylight. She recently appeared as Carol Fisher in Shameless.

Louie Anderson together Maurice: Cleo"s longtime employee who develops a new sandwich made the end of grass. Louie Anderson starred as Louie Lundgren in The Louie Show and Christine Baskets in Baskets. Search Party pan may likewise know him as Bob.

Clint Smith together Sweets: A barbershop consistent who listens to Mr. Clarence and Saul bicker. Clint smith is a former Saturday Night Live cast member who appeared as Leroy in 48 Hrs.

Coming 2 America"s new Cast & Characters

Teyana Taylor as Bopoto: General Izzi"s daughter that is available to Lavelle. She"s a highlight woman and also an exceptional performer but doesn"t express any opinions of she own. A popular recording artist, Teyana Taylor portrayed Steph in The Love Section and London Scott in Hit the Floor. She to be the featured dancer in Kanye West"s music video clip for "Fade".

Nomzamo Mbatha together Mirembe: Lavelle"s royal groomer in Africa who discusses backwards Zamundan traditions. She ultimately becomes Lavelle"s lover and wants to begin her very own business. Nomzamo Mbatha is a south African actress who illustrated Vivian in All around Love and Thandeka in Isibaya.

Bella Murphy as Omma: Akeem and also Lisa"s middle daughter. Bella Murphy provides her movie debut in Coming 2 America. She"s the daughter that Eddie Murphy.

Akiley Love as Tinashe: Akeem and also Lisa"s youngest daughter who displays her athletic skills. Akiley Love provides her movie debut in Coming 2 America.

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Rotimi together Iddi Izzi: General Izzi"s child who is presented as a potential husband because that Meeka. Rotimi portrayed Darius Morrison in Boss and Ezra in Divergent. He additionally appeared together Dre in Power.

Trevor Noah as Totatsi Bibinyana: The organize on the Zamunda News Network who announces that Akeem has actually a legitimate son. A popular stand-up comedian, Trevor noah voiced Griot in Black Panther and currently master The day-to-day Show.

Luenell as Livia: Mary"s sister and also Lavelle"s aunt. Luenell depicted Rhonda in Californication and also Wendy in Lopez.

Michael Blackson as Nexdorian Lieutenant: General Izzi"s aggressive 2nd in command that introduces his come at the start of the film. Michael Blackson depicted Howard in The Savages and Mr. Wooky in Meet the Blacks.

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Rick Ross as Nexdorian Commander: A big soldier that informs basic Izzi that Akeem went back to Africa v a son. A renowned hip-hop artist, Rick Ross showed up as Racks in SuperFly and also had a small duty in Uncle Drew.

Colin Jost as Calvin Duke: A fight it out & duke boss that interviews Lavelle for a project position. Colin Jost co-hosts the Weekend update segment ~ above Saturday Night Live and also recently appeared as Ben in Tom and also Jerry.

Coming 2 America"s Cameos

Vanessa Rodriguez & Janette Rosillo Janette Rosillo together Fresh Peaches & sugar Cube: The rapping similar twins from the first movie show up as part of the finale"s musical number.

Morgan Freeman together Himself: Morgan Freeman reads a eulogy and introduces En Vogue and also Salt-N-Pepa in ~ a funeral consciousness for King Jaffe Joffer. He"s ideal known for starring together Somerset in Se7en and also Red in The Shawshank Redemption.

Gladys Knight together Herself: At King Jaffe Joffer"s funeral, Gladys items performs a variation of "Midnight Train to Georgia" dubbed "Midnight Train native Zamunda". A seven-time Grammy winner, she"s the previous lead singer that Gladys Knight and also the Pips. She recently appeared as the bee in The masking Singer.

En Vogue as themselves (Terry Ellis, Rhona Bennett, Cindy Herron-Braggs): En Vogue performs "Whatta King" in ~ King Jaffe Joffer"s funeral. The R&B team is ideal known for beforehand "90s hits like "Hold On," "My Lovin" (You"re never ever Gonna get It)," and "Whatta Man".

Salt-N-Pepa as Themselves (Cheryl James, Sandra Denton): Salt-N-Pepa performs with En Vogue during the funeral sequence. Castle are finest known for early "90s hip-hop singles like "Let"s Talk around Sex," "Shoop," and also "Whatta Man" (with En Vogue).

Davido as Himself: Davido shows up during a late-movie performance sequence. The Nigerian-American singer/producer has released 4 studio albums because 2012, and has a large following in Africa.

Dikembe Mutombo together Himself: Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo appears during a party sequence v Mirembe. He"s interrupted through Lavelle and also delivers his trademark finger wag.

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John Legend as Himself: John Legend sings "Coming 2 America" top top the soundtrack and appears during a mid-credits sequence to sing "She"s your Queen come Be", i beg your pardon Paul Bates sang in the original.