It's been twenty years since Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, Tyra Banks, Bridget Moynahan and Izabella Miko danced on table tops at the fictional brand-new York bar, every while do the rules and calling the shots.

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Although, Bello and also Banks were currently established stars in ~ the time, the movie helped launch the careers the the other ladies.

Here's what they've to be up to due to the fact that the movie premiered in 2000...


Perabo played the movie's lead, Violet Sanford — a sweet small-town girl who set her sights ~ above the huge city in a search to become a singer.

But after making the relocate from brand-new Jersey to new York, and also numerous knock-backs from record companies, she's required to acquire a task as a bartender to make ends meet.


After Coyote Ugly came to be a surprise hit, raking in a cool US$110 million (approx. $154 million) at package office, Perabo starred in a present of movies including, Cheaper through the Dozen 1 and 2, Imagine Me & You and Because I claimed So the contrary Diane Keaton.

But it was Perabo's function as a CIA-trainee-turned-field-operative in the crime drama Covert Affairs the earned she a golden Globe nomination in 2011.

The actress married director and also writer Stephen Kay in 2014. The pair do not have youngsters together, however Perabo is a stepmother to Kay's daughter indigenous a ahead relationship.


Bello play Lil, the owner the the lively Coyote Ugly bar. Ruling the roost, Lil was the one who hired Violet, however not prior to giving she the persona that 'Jersey'. Both staff and also patrons knew no to mess through Lil.


Bello was one of the bigger-name stars in the film, having currently found call in 1997 when she starred in the clinical drama ER.

After Coyote Ugly, Bello had roles in Duets with Gywneth Paltrow, Grown Ups v Adam Sandler, and A history of Violence v Viggo Mortensen, i beg your pardon bagged she a gold Globe nomination.

Bello has additionally appeared in various TV series, including Goliath and also NCIS, whereby she at this time plays forensic psychologist Jacqueline 'Jack' Sloane.

The actress has actually a 19-year-old son, Jackson, v her writer ex Dan McDermott. She is now engaged to chief Dominique Crenn, through the happy couple announcing the news in February 2020.


Zoe to be the ballsy, go-getting bartender at the Coyote Ugly saloon. And while the model could get down v the finest of them in ~ the time, just don't ask her to reenact Zoe's moves today.

"I look at the footage of that movie today and just watch it and I'm like, 'Who is the skinny girl?'" financial institutions told Variety this week.

"I can hop on a bar with no problem and also dive into a crowd and also do all this crazy stuff. I never in a million years can do the today, although I have the right to still jam and shake my butt."

Although already a successful model at the time, financial institutions caught the acting bug after Coyote Ugly. She walk on to appear on mirrors such together Felicity, Gossip Girl and Glee. She also landed a role in the 2002 fear flick, Halloween: Resurrection.

In 2003, banks created and hosted the truth television series America's next Top Model, i beg your pardon is now in its 24th season.

Banks is mum to kid York, who she shares through ex-boyfriend Erik Asla. The pair welcomed York via surrogate in 2016 after numerous failed IVF attempts. The couple split in 2017.

Moynahan was a design when she scored her an initial major film in Coyote Ugly, play broody bartender Rachel.

Keen come move right into acting, she also signed up to play grandfather Big's wife, Natasha in the Sex and also the City series.

Sorry mr Big, but Moynahan moved on come bigger and better leading men. She starred opposite Ben Affleck in The sum of every Fears, will certainly Smith in I, Robot and also Nicolas Cage in Lord that War.

More recently, she stars together Keanu Reeves in John Wick and John Wick 2, playing his wife, Helen. Due to the fact that 2010, the actress has starred in cop show Blue Bloods.

Moynahan married businessman Andrew Frankel in 2015, and shares a 12-year-old son, John, v her ex-boyfriend, NFL star Tom Brady.

The Polish-born actress got her huge Hollywood rest in Coyote Ugly. In her an initial American movie debut, she play Cammie, and it assisted that she had a to dance background.

Miko went on to usage her run training come score duties in conserve the last Dance 2 and also Step Up every In.

She has additionally appeared in TV reflects such as Deadwood, Chicago Fire and, currently, the Amazon Prime collection Hunters, which stars Al Pacino.

Goodman carried the star power as Violet's overprotective dad Bill, that was not so crawl on her newfound career as a bartender.

At the time, Goodman was currently well well-known for his long-running stint as Dan Conner top top the sitcom Roseanne.

Goodman is just one of the lover stars on television. He played Dan Conner in the initial Roseanne series indigenous 1988 come 1997, prior to reprising his role in the 2018 reboot. The show was cancelled after ~ star Roseanne Barr's controversial tweets, however Goodman again signed on come play the patriarch in the spin-off, The Conners.

The actor has additionally made his mark in movies such together Argo, Atomic Blonde, 10 Cloverfield Lane and also Monsters Inc, whereby he voiced the lovable Sullivan.

Goodman has been married come Annabeth Hartzog because 1989, and they re-superstructure one daughter.

The Aussie actor was cast as Violet's boyfriend, Kevin, in the movie ~ a spreading director experienced him perform in the Saturday Night Fever musical on London's West End. The was later on asked to paris from Australia come LA to the audition.

"I checked out a regional casting however it to be on mine birthday and also my mum had actually made my favourite lamb roast, so my mind was on getting ago for that," that recalled to The Ringer. "I believed I'd be one of millions top top tape and wouldn't obtain it."

He to be wrong and got a callback, however again Garcia found an excuse no to attend.

"I got a recall questioning if I'd fly end to LA for a display screen test. I claimed no — I was in the center of shooting a film about my mentor native Tap Dogs and also I couldn't simply drop that. Coyote Ugly's casting team and also my agent to be like, 'What the f--k room you talking about?'"

After his revolve in Coyote Ugly — yes, he too got to run on the bar — Garcia starred in Riding in Cars v Boys opposite attracted Barrymore and also Confessions the a Teenage Drama Queen through Lindsay Lohan.

But the stage is his calling and also he went back to launch and also star in Wicked in the UK v Idina Menzel.

Garcia has likewise ventured right into TV v judging job-related on Dancing through the Stars Australia and Got come Dance in the UK.

He has actually been married to Nathalia Chubin because 2015 and also they share two children.

Lynskey's character, Gloria, was not one of the Coyotes, however she was Violet's ideal friend due to the fact that childhood. It pained Violet to leaving her behind in new Jersey together she chased her desires in brand-new York.

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The brand-new Zealand-born actress' career took off after Coyote Ugly, scoring functions in Up in the Air, The exclusive right of being a Wallflower and also the TV collection Two and a fifty percent Men — she played Rose, the ex and also neighbour the Charlie Sheen's character that becomes his stalker.

In 2017, Lynskey got involved to Jason Ritter, the kid of so late actor and TV legend john Ritter. The pair share one daughter together.