"Criminal Minds" is one of those mirrors you have the right to endlessly marathon without getting sick the it. The long-running collection has been a clip in the crime-drama classification of TV for virtually the previous two decades, having an initial premiered top top CBS in September 2005. Dedicated fans of "Criminal Minds" have actually watched the show"s personalities grow as "an elite team of profilers" native the F.B.I. Behavioral evaluation Unit "who analysis the nation"s most dangerous serial killers and individual heinous crimes in an effort to suspect their following moves before they win again" (via IMDb).

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The Emmy-nominated series, i m sorry aired its final episode ~ 15 seasons in February 2020, starred gibbs such as Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid, A.J. Chef as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia, Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan, and Joe Mantegna together David Rossi. The cast also included Paget Brewster, thomas Gibson, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, Daniel Henney, and many more.

Though it"s been more than a year since fans stated goodbye to "Criminal Minds," Paramount+ reportedly restored the collection for Season 16, as TV series Finale asserted in February 2021. Together the outlet reported, the new CBS streaming service "is gaining the team earlier together for a big 10-episode case." However, the hasn"t been any update or main word from any of the cast. While us wait because that a potential brand-new season that "Criminal Minds," take a walk down memory lane and also see a roundup of stars friend forgot were on the show!

Cast together Tracy Belle in Season 2, Elle Fanning made her debut in "Criminal Minds" in October 2006 at simply 8 years old. The blonde star portrayed the part of a small girl in the episode titled "The Boogeyman," in i m sorry she practically falls victim to a serial killer called Jeffrey Charles, played by gibbs Cameron Monaghan. Fanning"s character to be kidnapped through Charles, however Tracy didn"t go under without a fight, together she kicked she kidnapper and also ran away before being rescued by the badass FBI BAU agents (via Insider).

Fanning revitalized her role of Tracy because that a second time throughout the Season 2 finale, "No way Out, part II: The Evilution the Frank." Though she character was hunted by serial killer candid Breitkopf (played by Keith Carradine), that was going ~ those the BAU formerly saved, Fanning"s character made it out alive when again. Due to the fact that her appearances in "Criminal Minds," Fanning has actually picked up credits in an ext than 60 shows and also films, every IMDb. The star is ideal known because that "Maleficent," "The Great," "All the glowing Places," "Teen Spirit," and more. 

In genuine life, James van Der Beek is a loving husband and doting dad to his large family. However like many stars, genuine life doesn"t always imitate art, and also that was the instance when it involved his character on "Criminal Minds." The "Dawson"s Creek" alum shown a character much different than the ever-so-handsome Dawson Leery; instead, he play the role of a male suffering from multiple personality disorder (via Insider).

Van Der Beek showed up on "Criminal Minds" in illustration 14 the Season 2 in February 2007 together Tobias Hankel, that kidnaps Dr. Spencer Reid (played through Matthew Gray Gubler) and tortures him because that days. In what ranked as one of the many twisted plots in all of the CBS series, Hankel also got Reid addicted come the drug Dilaudid. Fortunately, he to be rescued through the BAU, and Hankel was caught in illustration 15.

That to be the end of valve Der Beek"s tenure top top "Criminal Minds," however he later on acted in "One Tree Hill" from 2008 to 2009, "Mercy" in 2010, "Don"t trust the B—- in Apartment 23" indigenous 2012 come 2013, and also most recently, "Vampirina." He"s likewise known for "Varsity Blues," "The rule of Attraction," "Pose," and, the course, "Dawson"s Creek," every IMDb. 

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Lola Glaudini had actually plenty of experience playing the component of a crime-fighting badass as she showed up in the FBI drama "The Handler" native 2003 come 2004. She previously gained a taste that crime TV as soon as she plot in the hit series "The Sopranos" in the double role of FBI agent Deborah Ciccerone-Waldrup and also Danielle Ciccolella native 2001 to 2004. In 2005, though, she picked up the gig that sex crime specialist Elle Greenaway in "Criminal Minds."

Glaudini was a familiar face on the beloved routine for almost the first 30 episodes. In Season 1, she character was shot and left in an turbulent mental problem that to be pretty lot the beginning of the end. Though she physically recovered and eventually "returned come the team" in Season 2 (per Fandom), she endured a "downward spiral and also she started acting much more harshly," which eventually led to her character"s downfall. Glaudini ultimately left the present when Greenaway resigned indigenous the FBI.

Though Glaudini didn"t end up being a mainstay on "Criminal Minds," she discovered plenty of success following her departure in 2006. Every IMDb, she has credits in other acclaimed shows favor "Ray Donovan," "Blue Bloods," and also "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," amongst others. She latest project was 2020"s "She"s in Portland."

In October 2009, D.B. Sweeney was hired come play the gig that U.S. Marshal Sam Kassmeyer in "Criminal Minds." The gibbs made his debut top top the CBS display during episode 3 in Season 5 as part of the upstream force, assigned to safeguard former unit chef of BAU Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner"s (played by thomas Gibson) wife and son as the FBI looked for serial killer George Foyet, much better known through his haunted nickname "The Reaper" (played through C. Thomas Howell). Sadly, Kassmeyer to be shot and also killed by "The Reaper" after five episodes and a one-month tenure, according to to chat Weekly.

However, "Criminal Minds" wasn"t the critical of Sweeney"s Hollywood career. The gibbs went ~ above to show up in fan-favorites favor "24," "Hawaii Five-0," "The Legend the Korra," "Sharp Objects," and "Empire." He also had recurring functions in "Two and a half Men," "To Appomattox," and also "Ice." together IMDb states, Sweeney is actors along other Hollywood stars Virginia Madsen, mary Stuart Masterson, and Craig Sheffer in the upcoming thriller "Sarah," which is currently in pre-production and around "a teen girl is harboring a dark secret."

Jennifer Love Hewitt didn"t do her debut top top "Criminal Minds" until Season 10 illustration 1 in October 2014. The sitcom star join the cast as certified dealer Kate Callahan complying with Jeanne Tripplehorn"s leave as certified dealer Alex Blake. Hewitt appeared on the collection for an ext than 23 episodes, however she left by the finish of Season 10 in may 2015 after ending up being pregnant v her second child. Together Entertainment Weekly reported, her character left the present after her niece Meg to be sold into sex trafficking.

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For 3 years, Hewitt take it a rest from her Hollywood career to raise her household with she husband, Brian Hallisay, whom she married in 2013. The couple welcomed their very first child, daughter fall James Hallisay, in 2013, followed by child Atticus James Hallisay in 2015, follow to good Housekeeping. The gibbs — that announced her 3rd pregnancy via Instagram in may 2021 — later returned to showbiz through "9-1-1" in 2018. Prior to "Criminal Minds," she secured her condition as a star top top "Ghost Whisperer," "The client List," "I know What friend Did last Summer," "Heartbreakers," "Party the Five," and also more, every IMDb. 

Unlike the organic half-shaved hairdo he sporting activities in his actual life, Jason Alexander turned top on "Criminal Minds" v his memorable fake tresses. The above actor has been actors in countless award-winning hits, including "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "The Simpsons," and also "Curb your Enthusiasm. In "Criminal Minds," though, the acted together Professor Rothchild, a spine-chilling portrayal that associated wearing a long-haired, gray wig, per Insider. 

Alexander joined the series as an gibbs for only one episode title "Masterpiece" in Season 8, i beg your pardon aired in November 2008. The character to be a serial killer posing together a professor, who turns himself into the BAU and messes through the agents as they effort to find for five of his victims before they die. Together IMDb states, he went back to the present episodes later in a different light, directing "Conflicted" in April 2009.

Alexander"s résumé consists of a lot more than simply "Criminal Minds" and also his other abovementioned projects. Not only does that have nearly 150 exhilaration credits to his name, however he"s best known for his legendary duties in "Seinfeld," "Shallow Hal," "Pretty Woman," and also "The Hunchback that Notre Dame."