After a quick hiatus that had actually some Dancing v the Stars pan worried, the long-running present is collection to be making that is return because that season 28 this fall. Front of the 2019 premiere, the notoriously tight-lipped ABC has teased a couple of upcoming changes to the program and also some high-profile casting that they expect will an increase the quality of the competitive ballroom run show.

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Here"s everything we know so far around season 28:

Who will certainly the cast be?

Before the cast was announced, several possible names had actually been floating approximately as to who was going come star top top this season that the show. Among the greatest names was former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, who was confirmed earlier today top top Good Morning America, along with the rest of the cast. The Dancing through the Stars phase is no stranger to Bachelor and Bachelorette alums, and also the former Miss Alabama previously trained together a dancer, for this reason the compete wouldn’t be entirely out of her element.

Originally, the season 28 cast was collection to encompass model Christie Brinkley. Unfortunately, when rehearsing for the premiere, the 65-year-old experienced injuries that requires surgery. With little time come spare, ABC decided to replace Brinkley v her daughter, sailor Brinkley-Cook.

The rest of the actors featured some remarkable names, and, together per usual, a few left-fielders — most notably previous White home Press Secretary Sean Spicer, whose casting caused part outrage among fans and even host Tom Bergeron.

Check the end the full cast lineup here:

Karamo Brown, Queer Eye star Kate Flannery, The Office star Hannah Brown, The BacheloretteLauren Alaina, country singerJames valve Der Beek, Actor and "90s heartthrobRay Lewis, previous NFL linebacker ally Brooke, SingerLamar Odom, former NBA playerKel Mitchell, Actor and comedianSean Spicer, previous White house press secretarySailor Brinkley-Cook, SupermodelMary Wilson, Member of the Supremes

In one interview through Deadline, alphabet Entertainment chairman Karey Burke said formerly said that this season will function some the the biggest names yet.

“I’m rather excited about the casting they’ve placed together,” Burke said. “It’s no done, yet the names the I have heard . I think it’s walking to be a big season.”

When will season 28 air?

Dancing through the Stars has aired top top Mondays since season 4 the the show, and the upcoming season will certainly be no different. That is set to kick off on Monday, Sept. 16, at 8 p.m. ET ~ above ABC.

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What alters are coming?

The most noticeable change to the show’s layout is the fact that that will currently only air one season per year — as opposed come the usual two. And in the consequences of complaints that the show has come to be a popularity challenge rather than a dance challenge (ahem, DJ Bobby Bones’ success last season regardless of consistently short scores native the judges), the producer promised a few creative tweaks, yet gave no concrete details prior to the season premiere.

Bergeron announced one of the twists throughout the 2nd episode the the season. Together in past seasons, the viewers" votes would be combined with the judges" scores to determine the bottom 2 couples. This season, however, the judges would certainly "have the power to one of the bottom 2 couples," ultimately letting castle decide that goes home each week. Needless to say, the judges" twist to be met with mixed reviews.

Burke additionally hinted in ~ the fact that other alters will mimic execution of the display that waiting in other countries, stating, “the producers were simply in last week talking around the casting and also the creative evolution. It’s all an extremely exciting. The won’t be significant format changes, just tweaking and tinkering… the show’s to be on for this reason long and it’s to be so successful elsewhere, i think they’ve done rather an exceptional job the looking in ~ what works.”

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