As sure as the come of autumn is the return the Dancing with the Stars — and once Season 30 that the beloved run competition debuts on Sept. 20, you deserve to expect to check out plenty of brand-new faces and familiar favorites, too. Even if you’re no a devout DWTS fan, there’s still plenty of factor to watch this history-making season.

For starters, JoJo Siwa, who newly came out together pansexual, will it is in the an initial female contestant come dance with a woman partner, a milestone she’s specifically excited to be component of. "It to be a, like, "Whoa, I"m transforming the future" due to the fact that I have actually such a child demographic,” the Dance Moms alum told Entertainment this evening on Aug. 30. “It"s making the acceptable, and I love that and I"m for this reason proud of that." abc revealed the full cast on Good Morning America Sept. 8, but detailed a head-start through the announcement of Siwa and also Olympic gold-medalist gymnast Sunisa Lee together Season 30 stars.

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Here is everyone you have the right to expect to watch on Dancing v the Stars Season 30, from returning judges to confirmed cast members.

Dancing v The Stars Season 30 Cast

Ahead that the main Sept. 8 lineup reveal, Siwa and Lee to be the an initial of the Season 30 cast to be announced. Simone Biles commemorated her Olympic teammate’s new gig through People. “I think she"ll do really well,” Biles said. “I think America will loss in love v her due to the fact that she has such an inspiring story." Lee’s father ended up being paralyzed in an accident in 2019, the magazine reported. Lee additionally made history as the very first Hmong American Olympic gymnast, something the “means a lot to the Hmong community,” she previously said.

On Sept. 1, Us Weekly exclusively shown two an ext celebrities who would join the cast: Bachelor Matt James, who made background as the first Black lead of the series, and also Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, who TMZ report would sign up with the cast on Aug. 30. Following TMZ’s ide that “a mrs in a visor — that looked choose Olivia ” of university admissions scandal fame to be at the rehearsal studio, Us Weekly confirmed she would undoubtedly be authorized the cast.

Now we know who else will officially it is in joining the at an early stage slate that stars — and there room plenty the familiar faces to obtain excited about. Nation singer Jimmie Allen, that was named 2021’s Academy of country Music Awards brand-new Male Artist, is just one of several musician entering the competition, in enhancement to the summer sprouts Girls’ Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice).


Office and Bold kind fans, rejoice — Melora Hardin is just one of the actors taking the phase for Season 30. Together she told Good Morning America, she’s “going to carry a little Jan” to her dance moves. Cobra kai Martin Kove and Beverly Hills, 90210’s Brian Austin eco-friendly are two more actors you’ll watch on the run floor.

Bling empire philanthropist Christine Chiu is among several reality TV numbers joining the latest installment the Dancing through the Stars, as well as wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and basketball player Iman Shumpert. Peloton instructor and former skilled dancer Cody Rigsby is another one to watch this season, together is The speak co-host and also celebrity trainer Amanda Kloots, who dance resume contains both Broadway and The Rockettes.

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Dancing v The Stars Season 30 Pros

Of course, all these celebrities need pros to show them the professional ballroom to dance way, for this reason here’s who will be mentoring the stars this year:

Britt StewartCheryl BurkeDaniella KaragachEmma SlaterJenna JohnsonLindsay ArnoldSharna BurgessWitney CarsonAlan BerstenArtem ChigvintsevBrandon ArmstrongGleb SavchenkoPasha PashkovSasha FarberValentin Chmerkovskiy

Dancing with The Stars Season 30 Host

Tyra financial institutions will be earlier for her 2nd year the hosting following Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews’ leave in 2020. Over there was part hope the Bergeron, in ~ least, would certainly be earlier on the show, as Deadline reported an April tweet the alluded come the longtime host’s return to the gig. Bergeron clarified, “I am returning to hosting. It is the part I hope doesn’t disappoint few of you. However it’s not going to it is in a present I formerly hosted.”

Dancing with The Stars Season 30 Judges

Someone who will be returning to the show, though, is judge Len Goodman. Though Goodman didn’t participate in Season 29 due to COVID take trip restrictions, fans will be relieved to check out him earlier at the judges’ table this time around. Derek Hough, that stepped in because that Goodman critical year, will also be returning as a judge, probably signifying a much more permanent spot alongside Carrie Ann Inaba and also Bruno Tonioli, that are proceeding their long-running functions as day-one judges.

This article will it is in updated as much more information on Dancing through the Stars Season 30 i do not care available.