The complete list of contestants for the brand-new season of Dancing with the Stars was finally announced top top Wednesday, and there"s one evident thing about this entire crew of lucky competitors: Season 21 will be full of a most personality!

But who have to you be i stopped to see complete for the mirror ball trophy and which celebs are type of afterthoughts? We"ve got that covered. Here are all 13 in stimulate of that we"re most excited for:

1. Bindi Irwin

The so late Crocodile Hunter"s daughter is all grown up! The 17-year-old is spunky, adorable and personable, and she"s currently sharing her DWTS journey through us.

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Seriously, look at the smile. Bindi hasn"t danced before, yet her passionate alone makes her one come watch.

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2. Paula Deen

It"s the queen of nation cooking, y"all, and also she"s trading her apron in because that tap shoes! We have actually no idea if all that butter will host her back, yet we can"t wait to see what Paula"s choose shaking her soon-to-be sequined behind on the dance floor.

3. Nick Carter

He to be a Backstreet Boy. Scrape that -- he to be THE Backstreet boy a thousands teenage dreams in the late "90s were made of. Carry out we must say more?

4. Chaka Khan

She"s every woman. We bow down.

5. Alek Skarlatos

We fully understand if your an initial thought is, "Who?" So, we’ll to fill you in: This 22-year-old army National Guard specialist was among the three guys who stopped a terror assault when an armed man started shooting ~ above a Paris-bound train. Alek, a California native, to be awarded France"s Legion that Honor because that his heroic efforts. Bonus for DWTS fans? He"s really cute.

6. Gary Busey

The 71-year-old gibbs is straight up crazy, and also he own it. He far better stay in the running long sufficient to grace us through a Point Break-themed dance, because it"s every little thing we never knew we want to see.

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7. Andy Grammer

His recent hit, "Honey, I’m Good," simply begs because that a pop-country hoedown, and we would certainly be very, an extremely happy to see the singer-songwriter decked out in a cowboy hat and boots. Save your head up, Andy -- we"ll be rooting for you!

8. Carlos PenaVega

The former boy bander currently has the moves -- that starred in Nickelodeon"s Big Time Rush -- yet he"ll be competing against his wife, Alexa PenaVega, in this competition. Also with that handicap, Carlos is sweet and also charming, so he should be fun to watch.

9. Kim Zolciak

Every season requirements its drama queen, and we"re sure The genuine Housewives of Atlanta star will carry it. ~ all, both choreographed fights and also dance moves can be entertaining.

10. Tamar Braxton

Toni Braxton"s youngest sister is a talented Grammy-nominated singer in her own right, and she"s acquired plenty of charisma. Tamar hold her own as a co-host on The Real and as a star the Braxton family Values. If you"ve ever seen her clan"s VH1 reality show, trust united state -- the latter is no little feat.

11. Hayes Grier

This Vine and YouTube emotion is simply 15, and also there"s a solid possibility he"ll do it much just from the screaming teenagers who’ll it is in tuning in -- and voting – solely for him. The helps that his large brother, Nash, is likewise a social media sensation and also pals through Justin Bieber.

WATCH: Bindi Irwin Whips and Nae Naes for DWTS

12. Alexa PenaVega

We"ll watch if the actress" Spy Kids training and natural spunk will come in handy versus her hubby, Carlos.

13. Victor Espinoza

This American Thoroughbred steed racer won the 2015 Triple Crown by riding American Pharoah come victory. Also with the ideal Jockey ESPY Award and a Teen selection nomination for selection Male Athlete, he might be the least known athlete to compete in the 21 seasons.

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Dancing with the Stars returns Monday, September 14, in ~ 8/7c on ABC.

'Dancing v The Stars' Announces Season 21 Cast: Paula Deen, Kim Zolciak and also More!

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