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Being ~ above TV is not all it’s cracked up to be, follow to “Fame” star Lee Curreri.

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The actor, that played Bruno Martelli in the 1980 movie and also its small-screen spinoff from 1982 come 1987, revealed that the show’s cast was not exactly well compensated.

“We were gaining less than civilization in half-hour sitcoms to be getting,” Curreri solely told web page Six. “So imagine you’re making kind of a middle-class salary but you’re ~ above TV so anyone expects girlfriend to be wealthy.

“And you’ve obtained a manager and an agent and sometimes also a publicist,” he continued. “And the money walk really easily unless you supplement it in other methods by getting to outside and doing various other things.”

The Bronx-born musician, 60, was rapid to note, however, that “breaking the end on your own” can regularly upset network brass and also producers because “then they have actually an stormy cast and also they desire everyone come be type of subservient.”

He added, “It’s just all about a tough thing, and also you don’t really get everywhere unless you’re a rebel.”

Curreri was just a 19-year-old college student at the Manhattan institution of Music once a teacher encourage him to the “Fame” movie’s casting agent come play the shy however talented pianist.

The movie “Fame” won two Oscars.Courtesy Everett Collection

After certification in the Oscar-winning flick, the show reprised his role as Bruno in the TV series. He dubbed the show an “interesting” experience, as he walk not have actually someone to guide him v the pitfalls and also “Hollywood hierarchy.”

“It was a lesson for me,” he explained. “And it’s a lesson that is difficult to learn until you’re out of it and also then you go, ‘Oh yeah, I watch what to be happening there. And I see exactly how I might have handled that differently. And also I see just how representation is supposed to take over at this point."”

These days, Curreri is happy gift behind the scenes. That is at this time busy functioning on Christmas songs because that holiday-themed shows.

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He is also set to appear in Tuesday’s “Stars in the House” video game night, which will attribute the cast of “Fame” squaring off against “Glee” alums including Jenna Ushkowitz and also Kevin McHale. All funds elevated from the livestreamed occasion support The actors Fund.