Honey, i Shrunk The Kids is a 1989 household comedy about — well, the location is pretty me explanatory.

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The movie sees rick Moranis starring as an inventor who shrinks his very own two children along with neighbourhood kids until they’re just a quarter of an customs high. Then, he has to somehow figure out exactly how to turning back that procedure and gain back them to their typical size.

But what are the actors up come nowadays? Let’s take a look!

1. Stack Moranis (AKA Wayne Szalinski)


Source: Disney

Oliveri play the Szalinski’s youngest son, Nick. The year after certification in the movie, he play the component of another small brother together Kevin in Edward Scissorhands.

Since then, he’s starred in the Honey, I go out Up The Audience quick in 1994. It would be his last appearance ~ above the large screen – that then graduated from Oglethorpe college in Atlanta and also is right now living in Florida. He and his wife have a daughter, however no recent pics the the ex-actor can be found!

6. Matt Frewer (AKA Russ Thompson, Sr.)

Frewer play Russ Thompson, Sr., that didn’t at all believe in any of the shrinking antics, also when it connected his 2 kids! prior to that, Frewer was famous for playing the AI character Max Headroom, who showed up in adverts, movies, and also a TV display in the 80s.

He now has two recurring sci-fi duties in both Eureka and Falling Skies. He likewise appeared together a cancer patience character in 50/50.

7. Jared Rushton (AKA Ron Thompson)

Rushton play Ron Thompson, that inadvertently start the shrink beam going by hitting a baseball bat in the not correct direction. Ruston had previous duties in Overboard and Big.

He isn’t acting anymore nowadays, however is a guitarist in the band deal by Dusk.

8. Kristine Sutherland (AKA Mae Thompson)

Sutherland play the duty of Mae Thompson, who was a little much more of a believer in the shrink ray 보다 her husband Russ. Honey, i Shrunk the Kids was she most significant role ago then.

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You’ll more than likely now recognise her together Buffy’s mommy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sutherland had had a much more recent recurring duty in One Life come Live and additionally appeared in the Showtime series Episodes.