It"s a wonderful Life has lugged both happiness and also happy tears come millions — it"s this writer"s favourite film of all-time — regaling audience every year since 1946. While largely heralded as a vacation movie due to the crux that the film occurring on Christmas Eve, the picture"s universal post — "no guy is a failure who has friends" — resonates year round. In fact, the an effective and relocating tale the everyman George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart), who, with the assist of his guardian angel, it s okay to check out what life would certainly be favor if he had never been born, was named the No. 1 film on the American movie Institute"s list of "America"s Most motivating Movies." 

While the beloved movie starred Stewart and also Donna Reed, it additionally featured one ensemble cast: Bedford falls townspeople such as Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell), Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore), Violet (Gloria Grahame), bother (Todd Kairns), Bert and Ernie (Ward Bond and also Frank Faylen, respectively), Sam Wainwright (Frank Albertson), as well as the otherworldly angel Clarence (Henry Travers), and also more.

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Though every one of the actors above have pass on, there are numerous stars who room still with us today. And with them, the spirit of It"s a exorbitant Life stays on.

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Zuzu Bailey, the "Zuzu"s petals" fame, was depicted by gibbs Karolyn Grimes in It"s a wonderful Life. Just 6 years old at the time (She celebrated her 80th date of birth in 2020), Grimes speak to Thrillist in 2017 about the prestige of the flower petals that disappear from George Bailey"s bag while he stays in the alternate universe that Pottersville. Grimes claimed the petals "showed how much he loved that small girl and how much he loved his family and how fortunate he to be to have his family."

Though Grimes" own childhood was daunting — she lost both her parents prior to the age of 15 — she has grew in the entertainment industry, thanks in component to this standard film"s lasting interest across generations. Grimes also wrote a children"s book around the film, Thrillist reported.

As Grimes told the It"s a wonderful Life Museum (yes, over there is such a place!), she has "returned to the neighborhood of Seneca falls every year since 2002. Over there is a festival celebrating this lovely Christmas movie every December. Every time i come back, ns feel choose I am coming home."

In a 2014 interview through The Orange ar Register, Carol Coombs (pictured above) revealed that, despite her stint as a son actor, she invested the bulk of her career together an elementary school teacher. At the time of the article, she to be a proud great-grandparent who lived in a mobile house park in Irvine, Calif., through her longtime husband. In fact, she and her hubs appeared to live out among George Bailey"s significant life goals: to travel. The couple reportedly invested one summer traveling roughly the nation in an RV.

In the movie, Janie"s tiny brother Tommy (Jimmy Hawkins), the youngest of the Bailey youngsters — "excuse me... Excuse me... Ns burped" — continued to act. According to his IMDb profile, Hawkins" many recent duty was in the 2018 TV series Foresaken Westerns

The various other young actors in the film: little Violet (Jeanine Ann Roose), tiny Mary (Jean Gale), and little Sam Wainwright (Ronnie Ralph) space all living as of July 2020, follow to their IMDb profiles.

Virginia Patton Moss illustrated Ruth Dakin — "Ruth Dakin Bailey, if friend don"t mind" — the wife of George Bailey"s younger brother, Harry. In the film, Ruth"s father offers Harry a job, for this reason committing George — no hope to take trip the human being — come be grounding in Bedford drops while he continues to job-related at their late father"s building and also loan.

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As that 2012, Patton was a docent in ~ the university of Michigan Museum the Art, follow to a Patch article about the actor. Patton was 86 at the moment of the item and specialized to her family members life and also the larger neighborhood in i m sorry she lived. She commemorated her 94th birthday in 2020.

Patton filmed several photos after It"s a exorbitant LIfe, climate stepped away from acting to pursue her dream of starting a family. She knew it to be the ideal decision. "I couldn"t see me doing that for mine life," she said Patch. "That isn"t what i wanted. I wanted precisely what i am. Ann Arbor, Michigan, a wonderful husband, wonderful children, a an excellent part the the community. I work hard for the community."