Life in the garage swerves off track for a NASCAR crew chief and also his tight-knit racing team when a brand-new boss procedures in and shakes things up.

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When racing team owner Bobby retires, his numbers-driven daughter Catherine takes charge — and crew chief Kevin concerns she's going to fire everybody.


Kevin and Catherine try to charm a huge sponsor for much more cash, and Beth check in with the team before setting up your interviews v the new boss.


Jake struggles to get on board with the project for their new sponsor, when a frustrated Kevin beginning thinking around other career options.

When Catherine suddenly rolls earlier all the unpopular alters she's made, Kevin make the efforts to figure who ratted the end the crew’s complaints.

A acquainted foe gets into Jake’s head during a vapor room session, and Bobby checks back in to cool things down between Kevin and Catherine.

Kevin makes a link with the flirtatious owner of Fake Steak. Fear he'll shed his driver's seat, Jake asks Amir to keep a secret.

The totality crew warms up to Jessie ~ she debuts top top the track, and also Kevin and also Beth commiserate around their date lives adhering to a sophisticated fundraiser.

Kevin and Catherine continue to clash over the team's future direction. Amir and Chuck vie for the same job, and also Bobby stops by with surprising news.

Beth's partnership is at a crossroads. Kevin realizes that likes few of Catherine's alters to the garage and also must phone call Bobby a tough truth.

Jake and also Catherine obtain into some trouble throughout a roadway trip, Beth focuses on her future, and the males convince Kevin the time to confront his feelings.

A prickly judge who despises juvenile criminals come at a juvenile court, whereby she take away on a complicated role evaluating punishment because that young offenders.
When the "Swap Shop" radio present shares the scoop on sweet deals, collectors the cars, comics, creepy clown statues and much more listen v ears large open.

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Famous influencer Julien Bam and also his sidekick Joon Kim scramble to go back to life as they know it after ~ accidentally traveling to a parallel dimension.