A many has changed since The King that Queens went turn off the air in 2007. The beloved sitcom starring Kevin James, Leah Remini and an ext incredible actors first aired in 1998 and ran for a complete of nine seasons and also 207 episodes. Though there have actually been no brand-new episodes that the present in virtually 15 years, most of the stars have gone on come bigger and better things!


Scroll with the gallery listed below to see what all of the King of Queens stars look like now versus once they were on the show! 


Kevin James (Doug Heffernan)

Since his lead function on The King of Queens, Kevin has had very successful acting career starring in movies I currently Pronounce You chuck & Larry, Paul Blart: shopping center Cop, Zookeeper, Grown Ups, and Hotel Transylvania. That now has his very own show, Kevin deserve to Wait.

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Patton Oswalt (Spence Olchin)

After playing Spence ~ above The King the Queens, Patton landed duties on Kim Possible, Reno 911!, Neighbors native Hell, Two and a fifty percent Men, WordGirl, and also The Goldbergs. He’s likewise appeared in films like The secret Life that Walter Mitty and also Ratatouille.


Leah Remini (Carrie Heffernan)

After starring as Doug"s wife, the actress appeared on TV series" In the Motherhood, The Talk, Dancing through the Stars, and also Leah Remini: It"s all Relative. She freshly made headlines for publishing her first memoir, Troublemaker: enduring Hollywood and Scientology.


Jerry Stiller (Arthur Spooner)

The actor and comedian — that is the father of actor Ben Stiller — continued his long and successful showbiz job by showing up on the television collection Fish Hooks and starring in movies Hairspray and also Excuse Me because that Living. Sadly, he passed away in 2020 in ~ the period of 92.

Victor Williams (Deacon Palmer)

After starring on The King that Queens, the actor appeared on shows NYC 22 and also The Affair.

Gary Valentine (Danny Heffernan)

The actor — that is the older brother of his The King the Queens co-star Kevin James — later appeared alongside his sibling in movies I now Pronounce You lining & Larry, Paul Blart: mall Cop, and Zookeeper. He also had a function in the television collection Fargo.

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