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Donna Mills (Abby Cunningham)

Before the show, Donna, 75, achieved showbiz success top top the late 1960s soap opera Love is a countless Splendored Thing and appeared top top Broadway in Woody Allen"s comedy hit, Don"t Drink the Water. Most recently she has appeared as a distinct guest star top top both General Hospital and also Nip/Tuck.


Joan van Ark (Valene "Val" Ewing)

Though the 73-year-old actress is ideal known for her function on Knots, she has additionally starred ~ above the hit soap opera The Young and also the Restless. In 2013, the Tony-nominated star reprised her function as Val Ewing ~ above the brand-new TNT series, Dallas. It"s a revival of the initial 1970s series, i m sorry is a Knots Landing spin-off.


Michele Lee (Karen Fairgate MacKenzie)

Michele, 74, received an Emmy compensation nomination for her function as Karen on and has because nabbed two Tony award noms for her performances in 1974"s Seesaw and 2001"s The tale of the Allergist"s Wife.


Ted Shackelford (Gary Ewing)

After starring as Gary Ewing from 1979 till 1993, Ted landed a duty on The Young and also the Restless in 2006. Critical year, the 68-year-old gibbs reprised his Knots duty in 3 episodes of the brand-new Dallas series.


Kevin Dobson (Mack MacKenzie)

After play Mack, Kevin, 73, relocated on to an additional popular soap series, Days of ours Lives. Many recently he appeared as Dr. Cameron in a 2014 episode of Anger Management.

Alec Baldwin (Joshua Rush)

The collection helped propel a young Alec, currently 58, right into stardom throughout the so late 1980s. Since then, he has end up being one of Hollywood"s many successful actors!

Nicolette Sheridan (Paige Matheson)

After play Mac"s daughter, Nicolette, 52, starred together Edie Britt ~ above the abc dramedy series Desperate Housewives native 2004 until 2009.

William Devane (Greg Sumner)

William, 78, appeared in many hit movies consisting of Interstellar, The Dark knight Rises and also 2000"s Space Cowboys.

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