The new Land the the Lost movie is being released today. It’s a parody the the 1974 series and stars will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride, and also Jorma Taccone. Though the ton is really different, the film does combine a lot of of elements from the initial TV show. The dreaded Sleestaks, monkey-boy Cha-Ka, and Grumpy the dinosaur are all along for the ride. Unfortunately, some various other familiar deals with from the TV display didn’t make it come the large screen.

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The initial Land of the Lost TV series stars Spencer Milligan, Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman, Ron Harper, and also Philip Paley as Cha-Ka. The ran ~ above Saturday mornings and also revolves roughly an explorer father and also his two youngsters who discover themselves transported to a strange alternative universe. The display ran for just three seasons and also only 43 episodes to be produced.

The show came to be so popular in syndication the a new version was created in 1991. That stars Timothy Bottoms, Jenny Drugan, Robert Gavin, Ed Gale, Danny Mann, Shannon Day, and Bobby Porter. That wasn’t virtually as popular but lasted 2 seasons and 26 episodes.

The Land that the Lost attribute film has actually been in the works for some time. For over five years, Sid and also Marty Krofft had a movie deal with Disney however it ultimately went nowhere. The rights reverted ago to the brothers in 2000 and the job went to Sony for a couple of years. Then, in 2005, Universal acquired the rights and Will Ferrell and also Anchorman manager Adam McKay became attached. McKay dropped the end at some point and Brad Silberling signed on to direct the movie.

Though there’d been a many interest in the residential property over the years, it was Ferrell’s involvement the ensured the movie would ultimately be made. The actor’s long had a love the Land the the Lost and even referenced the display in his 2001 role in Jay and also Silent Bob strike Back. In the comedy, the played commonwealth Wildlife Marshal Willenholly, one homage to the characters in the series.

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As a nod to the original series, Eure and also Coleman were readily available cameos in the brand-new Land the the Lost movie. Prior to that, there was a MySpace campaign to obtain them cameos ~ above the film however Coleman’s manager, Matt Beckoff, isn’t certain that that had any impact. The told us, “I think director Brad Silberling had actually intended on using them all along.”

Eure and also Coleman filmed their cameos critical year yet they and the entire scene were ultimately cut from the movie.

The scene was going to come in ~ the finish of the film. It was filmed at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles and it took the cast and also crew numerous weeks to catch the high-quality scene. Ultimately it was decided that the scene didn’t work and also a new ending to be shot to change it.

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On his website, Eure wrote, “Well, the is official… the step Kathy and also I filmed v Will Ferrell has been cut out of the movie!!! fact be told… that sucks no being in the movie! that wasn’t just our scene cut but the whole sequence we were in, so hopefully it wasn’t my acting!! LOL the is the old Hollywood story… left ~ above the cutting room floor…”

The previous teen heartthrob tells AfterElton that, at one point, there was a arrangement for him to have an additional cameo in the movie together well. The says, “During the credits they were going come have human being taking Sleestak heads off and also they to be going to have actually the biggest stars in Hollywood, native Mel Gibson to Tom Cruise come whoever they can get. Ns was going come be among the Sleestaks. But they had to reshoot the movie, therefore they invested so lot money doing that, i think lock ran out of time and also money to do it.”

Eure newly attended the premiere and it wasn’t the many comfortable situation. That said, “It was odd being on the red carpet the other night in ~ Grauman’s Chinese. To carry out all that with them was sort of one odd feeling since it was favor being in ~ the party yet not being component of the party. I had to offer my photograph ID to get my ticket.”

Though Eure to be happy to be rejoined with the Kroffts and also Paley, Coleman wasn’t invited. She’s apparently had some “child star” worries in she life and, together Eure wrote, “the ‘powers the be’ to be afraid for she to display up… ns was very disappointed she was not there. She should have actually been there! Her performance on LOTL was a key reason the show was a hit! that felt very empty there is no her…”

Hopefully, the cameos and deleted scene will finish up ~ above the movie’s DVD release.

But, if you’d prefer to check out Eure and Coleman today, you can check out the video clip below from the original collection DVDs. They comment on their time working together, the decision come drop Eure’s last surname from the opened credits, and also his performance of the famed theme song.