as the actors of Fox’s “Last male Standing” pave up their ninth and final season, stars favor Tim Allen and also Kaitlyn Dever have the right to walk away with far-ranging fortunes, both indigenous the family sitcom and also from lengthy careers full of various other highlight roles. Through data native CelebrityNetWorth, here is the actors of “Last guy Standing,” ranked by net worth.

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Amanda Fuller, who has actually played Kristin due to the fact that taking over from Alexandra Krosney in season two, doesn’t show up in CelebrityNetWorth’s database, yet most sources estimate her wealth between $1 million and also $5 million. She has also appeared in “Orange Is the new Black” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Playing the function of Mandy for periods one through 6 (when the function was taken up by another Molly, Molly McCook), Molly Ephraim has had actually a booming career in current years, through projects like “Halt and also Catch Fire” and also “Perry Mason” filling the end her resume.


You couldn’t miss Nancy Travis in the ‘90s, once she starred in fight movies like “So i Married one Axe Murderer” and also “Greedy.” this days she’s most recognizable for her duty as Vanessa Baxter together Tim Allen.


Christoph Sanders obtained a big break top top “Last man Standing.” prior to he was Kyle Anderson, Sanders play Ned financial institutions on the CBS collection “Ghost Whisperer” because that a few years and also floated roughly bit parts on movies and also shows prefer “CSI.”


In 2011, Kaitlyn Dever nabbed two important roles: eve Baxter on “Last male Standing” and also Loretta McCready on “Justified.” She has actually parlayed both into more work in significant films like “Beautiful Boy” and also “Booksmart.”

Héctor Elizondo had a storied exhilaration career long prior to he verified up in “Last male Standing” together Ed, with noteworthy roles dating back to the 1960s. Pan can find him in “Tortilla Soup,” “The Princess Diaries,” and “Pretty Woman.”

The display lead, Tim Allen has actually as much money together the rest of the cast combined, an huge $100 million gathered from year on “Home Improvement” and major movies choose “Toy Story” and “The Santa Clause.”

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