While the MTV premiere is quiet a couple of days away, "Made in Staten Island" has already created significant buzz -- from trailers hyping the present to petitions trying to get the collection canceled.

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"Made in Staten Island," which will premiere in ~ 10 p.m. Jan. 14, is explained as a "coming-of-age series" detailing the resides of young adults 19 to 25 years old who desire to defy the borough stereotype.

One that the trailers opens with star Karina Seabrook saying, "We grew up surrounding by the crowd but, now, we're do the efforts to discover our own way."

You may not be able to tell that from the promotions, though: so far, they have presented dramatized fights and also slow-motion walks about the Island v a black-and-white aesthetic comparable to the of "The Godfather."


"Anyone who has spent any time top top Staten Island knows MTV is peddling stereotypes in a shameless ratings grab," de Blasio tweeted.

But Ramona Rizzo, a previous star of VH1's "Mob Wives" and also a girlfriend of Karen Gravano, who developed "Made in Staten Island," safeguarded the show, replying: "Can you please perform something around all the pills heroin on Staten Island! what we have to be concerned about!"


MTV released promotions for "Made In Staten Island," the long-awaited MTV show based upon a group of young adult from Staten Island premiereing January 14, 2019. (Photo by MTV)

She is the daughter of "Mob Wives" star Karen Gravano and also the granddaughter of former mob underboss Salvatore (Sammy The Bull) Gravano.

While she is slated to it is in the key character the the upcoming series, her borough roots have been called into question since she is native Arizona and also travels back and forth to visit family.

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Die-hard fact TV fans may remember she from her guest appearances top top "Mob Wives" during its five-year run.