Before there to be Jersey Shore, large Brother, or the Real Housewives franchise, there was The real World. The MTV show, i beg your pardon premiered in 1992, didn’t design the idea of fact TV. But the show about a team of strangers living together for numerous months popularized the genre. 

The first season that The real World experienced a group of 20somethings life in a common loft in new York’s SoHo neighborhood. Season 2 was collection in Los Angeles. Yet it was through season 3 the the display really began to make its mark. The san Francisco-set season (which aired in 1994) featured groundbreaking moments like a same-sex appointment ceremony and also a divisive housemate who remains one of the many memorable truth TV villains ever. 

Now, much more 25 year after the show first aired, let’s inspect in v The genuine World: mountain Francisco housemates and also see whereby they are now.

Pedro Zamora 

Born top top February 29th, 1972, the leap job of the leap year, PEDRO ZAMORA would have actually been 48 years old today.❤️This clip is THE real WORLD, 1994. That was around 6 months before he died.

— (((Judd Winick))) (

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Pedro Zamora broke obstacles as one of the very first openly gay, HIV-positive guys to show up on television. During his time top top the show, the young activist helped educate his roommates and TV viewers ~ above what the was like to live together a gay man with HIV. His relationship with friend Sean Stasser was viewed on the show, and also their same-sex appointment ceremony to be the very first ever viewed on U.S. Television.

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Zamora died on November 11, 1994, just hrs after The Real civilization Season 3 finale aired. He to be 22 years old. 

Judd Winick 

26 years ago today us finished filming THE REAL people San Francisco. The poetically fell on gay pride that year. A couple of of united state marched in the pride parade the morning prior to we all moved out. It was a happy/sad/fitting means to finish.

— (((Judd Winick))) (

Cartoonist Judd Winick to be 24 as soon as he moved right into The genuine World house. He quickly came to be close come Zamora and also has ongoing to speak about his late friend and work to education others around HIV/AIDS. In 2000, he published the graphic novel Pedro and also Me: Friendship, Loss, and What i Learned. He’s additionally written for DC Comics, including Batman, environment-friendly Lantern, and Green Arrow. he is married come his Real World castmate Pam Ling.

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Pam Ling

Pam Ling had actually a boyfriend as soon as she moved into The actual World house. But the medical student quickly developed a friendship through Winick. If producers hoped a romance would blossom in between the two, they kept it platonic until after the cameras stopped rolling, follow to a 2016 profile in The new York Times. Today, Ling is a professor of medication at the university of California, mountain Francisco, whereby she researches tobacco marketing. She and Winick married in 2001. They’re tho together and also have 2 children. 

Cory Murphy 

Twenty-year-old Cory Murphy was a student at the college of California, mountain Diego, as soon as she joined the cast of The actual World: san Francisco. After the show, she to be a bridesmaid in Winick and also Ling’s wedding, follow to the nob Hill Gazette. But she’s maintained a pretty low profile because her time on MTV. As of 2008, she was a mother of two kids and also working as a teacher, according to People.

Rachel Campos



David “Puck” Rainey | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Bike messenger David “Puck” Rainey controlled to clash through pretty lot everyone in The Real civilization house native the moment he relocated in. He had an especially tense partnership with Zamora, through Zamora complain of Rainey’s homophobia. The roommates eventually voted come evict Rainey. In 2003, he showed up on the Real World/Road rule Challenge: battle of the Sexes. He’s also spent time in prison. As of 2013, he was living off the net on a farm close to Lancaster, California, according to a profile in ~