When it involves TV history, "Reba" can be straightforward to overlook. After all, the display was a traditional, studio-audience sitcom the aired from 2001-2007 – just together the landscape was starting to change into single-camera layout comedies. It also played on the WB Network as it was going with a bit of an identification crisis. The WB would certainly rebrand itself together The CW prior to "Reba" aired its last season. 

But in an alternate reality, perhaps the series would"ve end up being a bigger hit, together 20th Century Fox TV president Gary Newman thinks the display could"ve prospered much more on a various network. That raises an amazing point. Sure, "Reba" was an old-school sitcom, yet it featured an incredible main cast and also a pretty strong heart underneath it all. On height of every that, Reba McEntire is an absolute treasure, and also "Reba" is the display that aided her important branch out beyond being a nation musician who sometimes acts. 

However, we"ve acquired to ask, what occurred to every those impressive actors ~ the sitcom ended? despite the central cast that "Reba" is a small bunch, most of the main ensemble continues to work-related in various realms that entertainment. Here"s wherein you can catch up through the main actors in the years because the series concluded.

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Obviously, the beating love of "Reba" is Reba Hart. Played by country music legend Reba McEntire, Reba is a sarcastic solitary mother in a hard situation. However, she never drops into the typical sitcom trap of ending up being too overtly cartoonish. Reba Hart has actually flaws and also strengths, and also she seems choose a reasonably believable person, despite occasionally finding it s her in outrageous scenarios.

As because that McEntire, she proceeds to bounce in between her acting and also music careers. ~ above the exhilaration front, she landed another leading sitcom duty in "Malibu Country" just a few years after "Reba" ended. It failed to catch on and also was canceled after simply one season. Plus, she lent she recognizable voice talents to a few notable films, play Etta in "The Land prior to Time XIV: journey of the Brave" and also Joyless in "Spies in Disguise." She also occasionally floor smaller duties in movies and television. Watch for she in movies like "Barb and also Star walk to Vista Del Mar" or as June top top a couple of episodes the "Young Sheldon."

McEntire"s key draw, despite an impressive acting career, is her music. She continues to tour and also release albums. She 2019 studio album "Stronger than Truth" is the 33rd of her career, and a 2020 tourism that to be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic was propelled to summer of 2021.

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Another character that sees far-ranging growth transparent the six periods of "Reba" is her earliest daughter, Cheyenne. Play by JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Cheyenne learn she"s pregnant as soon as she"s a an elderly in high school and overcomes a good deal the obstacles together she matures transparent the series.

Garcia Swisher has showed up in a handful of films over she career, yet she"s greatly recognizable for her considerable television resume. ~ "Reba" ended, she automatically landed a starring duty on one more CW series, "Privileged," whereby she play a Yale-educated tutor for two spoiled teenagers. She"s likewise had starring functions on series like "The Astronaut Wives Club" and the notorious "Animal Practice," and also she play recurring personality Ariel on the fantasy series "Once upon a Time."

More recently, girlfriend may have seen Garcia Swisher top top the Netflix series "Sweet Magnolias," wherein she stars together Maddie. She"s additionally extremely connected in philanthropic causes, like Make the Connection, which raises awareness and raises money for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.

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Lovable doofus van Montgomery had big dreams to come to be a professional football player, yet various circumstances required him to make dramatic alters to his life goal. Play on "Reba" by Steve Howey, valve is generally the target of jokes, yet his good-natured personality constantly leaves you feeling like he"s in top top it through the remainder of the characters.

Van to be Howey"s first major role, and he"s because used it as a catapult to bigger and better things. After ~ the present ended, Howey landing supporting functions in a couple of major romantic comedies, including 2009"s "Bride Wars" and 2011"s "Something Borrowed." He"s likewise popped increase in a few guest roles on several other series, consisting of "Sons the Anarchy" and "SEAL Team."

Even despite "Reba" is what acquired Howey started, he"s probably ideal known for being a component of one more ensemble comedy. A few years after "Reba" ended, that was cast as Kevin "Kev" sphere on the Showtime collection "Shameless." He"s attributed as showing up in every episode of the show, which concluded in April 2021.

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Actor Christopher wealthy was a perfect casting an option for Reba"s arrogant ex-husband, Brock. A dentist who leaves Reba ~ impregnating his dental hygienist, Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman), you have the right to still check out plenty of his charm and also likeability underneath his selfish behavior.

Rich had already had number of successful operation on television before joining the cast of "Reba." one of his an initial major roles came top top the soap "Another World," wherein he play Sandy Cory. He likewise had effective recurring roles on "Murphy Brown" and "The George Carlin Show."

These days, Rich regularly lands guest point out on renowned television shows, yet he hasn"t had any major starring roles because "Reba" concerned an end. That doesn"t typical he hasn"t had actually anything regular, however. He"s popped increase in a handful of Christmas movies, and also he"s had a couple of notable recurring roles. For example, you might have recorded Rich on "Boston Legal" as Melvin Palmer or top top "Melissa & Joey" play Mel"s dad, Russell.

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Despite the suspect situations that saw Barbra Jean sign up with the Hart family, she remained among the many likeable personalities on "Reba." play by Melissa Peterman, that is almost impossible for either the audience or the show"s personalities to protect against being charmed by her good nature.

Barbra Jean"s personality seems to come naturally to Peterman, who has actually a charming charisma that"s landed she a number of hosting gigs end the years. You can have viewed her top the way on competition series like "The to sing Bee" or "Bet on her Baby." that doesn"t average she"s no much longer acting, however. She proceeds to uncover work on a variety of television series.

Peterman"s best show because "Reba" was most likely "Baby Daddy," the ABC family members comedy where she play Bonnie Wheeler. Peterman also starred on and also produced the CMT collection "Working Class," and she has a recurring function as Brenda Sparks on "Young Sheldon."

Reba"s kid Jake played a big role in the show, so even though he was young, the character needed a strong actor in ~ the helm. Actor Mitch Holleman had number of credits come his name prior to being cast on "Reba" — regardless of only being born in the mid-"90s — and also he turned the end to be a perfect fit for the wisecracking young boy.

Before he joined the cast of "Reba," Holleman had currently starred in a television series, the short-lived comedy "Daddio" v Michael Chiklis. He also had parts in some big-budget comedies like "The Animal" and also "Bubble Boy," despite his movie functions featured reasonably small display time.

Since "Reba" ended, Holleman has actually only had actually a grasp of credits to his name. He popped up for simply a moment in "The Hangover" together a student called Max, and also you might"ve watched him in smaller sized projects choose "Guadalajara" or "Bus Driver." Holleman also hosts a comedy podcast called "Extremely Internet," whereby he invites various other comedians to comment on bizarre or notable topics that space taking the internet by storm.

Reba"s enlarge daughter, Cheyenne, to be a main character in practically every episode of the series. As for her younger daughter, Kyra, she didn"t have very many plots focused on her, yet she still showed up in over 100 illustration throughout the series" run. Girlfriend aren"t likely to check out actress Scarlett Pomers in too many other roles, however she"s still affiliated in entertainment.

Glancing at Pomers" exhilaration credits, you"ll an alert that her last duty actually was Kyra ~ above "Reba." Her just other component of lot substance came before that, once she played Naomi Wildman on "Star Trek: Voyager." rather of proceeding to act, however, Pomers continues to be in the spotlight together a musician and also photographer.

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She"s exit a few albums, and you deserve to listen to some of her music on YouTube. However, she cases to be an ext interested in music together a hobby 보다 a way to make a living. She"s additionally said the she isn"t an extremely interested in acting again, though she has actually done some voice work.