Ever wonder what taken place to the stars the the movie “Remember the Titans?” based on a true story, the film portrayed a newly incorporated high college football team struggling to get along with each other. Eventually the team overcame their an individual conflicts and built solid relationships through each other. Many of the football players in the film are based on real people, other than for a couple of made up duties (such as Ryan Gosling"s character, Alan Bosley). In addition, some of the events in the movie are additionally fictionalized.

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Some that the film’s actors and actresses walk on to land significant roles, consisting of Ryan Gosling, Hayden Panettiere and also Denzel Washington. Stop revisit this classic and also see what the cast members have actually been increase to because the film’s premiere in 2000.

Coach Boone character was based on T.C. Williams High School’s head football coach in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1971, Boone’s became the head coach the the school’s soccer team. His previous experience made that the ideal candidate. Boone aided the team accomplish a 13–0 season, win the state championship, and also take 2nd place at the national championship. Boone was responsible for integrating the soccer team"s busses. "I required them to find out each other"s culture. I required them to be a component of every other"s lives,” stated Boone.


The movie portrayed Boone together an inspirational character. In reality, some former players disagree through that portrayal. Players who quit the soccer team described Boone as harsh. The film has a scene where the team wakes up in ~ 3 a.m. Come train in ~ the Gettysburg Battlefield, followed by an epos speech through Boone. But players indigenous the really team revealed this occasion never take it place.

Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Coach Herman Boone winner him a bet Award, a black color Reel Award, and photo Award. After ~ “Remember the Titans,” Washington went on to star in countless successful films including “Training Day,” “American Gangster” and “Flight.” In addition to acting, Washington directed a couple of films such together “Antwone Fisher,” “The great Debaters” and “Fences.”


Apart native his film work, Washington is likewise a famous philanthropist. In 2011, that donated $2 million to the theatre department at Fordham University and $250,000 in school scholarships. 

Bill Yoast coached in Alexandria, Virginia, for plenty of years. He was expecting the head coach place at T.C. Williams High School, but the school instead available Boone the position as result of racial tensions in the community. In ~ first, Yoast refused the assistant coach job.


Yoast changes his mind about the position once he discovers the the white football player from the team planned come boycott football, placing their college scholarships in ~ risk. Together the assistant coach, Yoast supports Boone in overcoming the battles that to be crippling the team.

Following “Remember the Titans,” will certainly Patton continued acting in movies such together “Gone in Sixty Seconds” (2000) and also “The Punisher” (2004). In 2018, Patton starred in the renowned thriller “Halloween” as Frank Hawkins, the Deputy that Haddonfield. Patton likewise took top top supporting roles in TV shows choose “Numb3rs,” “24” and also “The an excellent Wife.” on the TV present “Falling Skies,” Patton’s character, Captain Dan Weaver, shows up in end 50 episodes.


Patton has also narrated plenty of audiobooks, including“The assault on Reason” by Al Gore in 2007, “Finders Keepers” through Stephen King in 2015, and “Robicheaux” by James Lee Burke in 2018.

Wood Harris play Julius Campbell, the football team’s captain. The genuine Coach Boone spoke extremely of Campbell, informing the Washington Post, “Julius to be very, very instrumental on the team at merely getting children to just talk to one another, youngsters who never talked to kids from one more race their entire lives. By act so, lock learned plenty of things around each other that were no passed under to them and also for that, the world owes Julius a debt of gratitude.”


The movie complied with Campbell, the team’s African American captain, together he tried to fit into the new school and his an individual conflicts v the team’s white linebacker, Gerry Bertier. The two later became best friends and also led your team to come to be undefeated state champions. According to the official 1971 original Titans, the real Campbell and Bertier did kind a link like other players on the team, yet they weren’t finest friends in genuine life.

After certification in “Remember the Titans” as Julius Campbell, lumber Harris landed a function as a cocaine dealer in the movie “Paid in Full.” He additionally appeared in big-screen blockbusters, including 2015’s “Ant-man,” 2015’s “Creed,” and also its 2018 sequel.

Besides acting in films, Harris additionally took on duties in tv series. His most widely known function was in HBO’s critically acclaimed crime drama “The Wire,” wherein he played medicine kingpin Avon Barksdale. From 2002 to 2008, Harris starred in 33 episodes. In 2018, he landing the function of worldwide money launderer Damon Cross, ~ above the critically acclaimed TV collection “Empire.”

Gerry Bertier to be the team most an important defensive player. He was paralyzed indigenous the waist down after a car accident. The mishap took ar after Bertier attended a solemn event banquet for winning the state championship. The accident was led to by a mechanical fail in his car’s engine mount. Bertier later passed away at the age of 27 on march 20, 1981, after a 2nd tragic automobile accident that involved a drunk driver.

The movie’s depiction of the accident different from what really happened. It showed the accident acquisition place prior to the state championship game. Bertier, depicted by Ryan Hurst, was struck by one more vehicle. ~ the accident, Bertier city hall the state championship video game on TV and also cheered indigenous his hospital bed. The real Bertier played in the championship game; the vehicle accident happened after. The very first and critical scenes the the movie portray his funeral. 

Ryan Hurst depicted Gerry Bertier in “Remember the Titans.” Hurst walk on come play Sergeant Ernie Savage in the 2002 film “We were Soldiers.” He additionally played Tom Clarke in the TV series “Taken” in 2002.

Additionally, Hurst found success in television roles. Hurst play Opie Winston in the FX drama collection “Sons that Anarchy” native 2008 come 2014, i m sorry which the earned a Satellite award for best Supporting gibbs in a Series, Miniseries or tv Film, in 2011. Initially a recurring character, Hurst ended up being a mainstay character after season two.” Currently, Hurst stars as Beta in AMC’s “The walking Dead,” whereby his costume includes a zombie-skin melafilador.net. 

In the film, Bosley to be a made up character. Bosley struggled to sprint on the football field. As a result, Coach Yoast yanked him out of a game. He came back to play during the state semi-finals, yet relinquished his position to Petey Jones, who at some point took house the championship title.

Prior to showing up in “Remember the Titans,” Gosling had little parts in number of TV mirrors in the 90s, consisting of “Are You afraid of the Dark,” “Goosebumps,” and “Flash Forward.” He also starred in a Disney-made prequel to “Hercules,” dubbed “Young Hercules” (1998-1999).

Other 보다 Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling is at this time one the the most notable celebrities in Hollywood native “Remember the Titans.” Gosling’s role was tiny in the soccer movie, but he reached superstardom after certification in the romance movie “The Notebook” with Rachel McAdams in 2004.

Next, he depicted a teacher experiencing from medicine addiction in “Half Nelson” in 2006. He take it a momentary hiatus native acting in between 2007 come 2010. Upon his return, Gosling ongoing starring in successful movies including “Gangster Squad” in 2013, “La La Land” in 2016, “Blade jogger 2049” in 2017 and also “First Man” in 2018. Gosling is additionally a continuous on civilization magazine"s yearly "sexiest men alive list.

“Remember the Titans” depicts Louie Lastik together a social butterfly who has actually trouble keeping his qualities up. Lastik’s most memorable scene in the film entails him singing in the school’s cafeteria. Eventually, the character gets his happy ending after his qualities improve enough for that to to visit college.

Throughout the 90s, Suplee showed up in the Kevin Smith movies ‘Mallrats” “Chasing Amy,” and “Dogma” in addition to his future “My surname Is Earl” costar Jason Lee. Suplee additionally portrayed a Nazi skinhead in the movie “American history X” and played the reoccurring character of Frankie Stechino in “Boy Meets World.”

In 2002, Ethan Suplee teamed up with Denzel Washington again in the film “John Q,” which was praised by critics. Native 2005-2009 Suplee starred in “My name Is Earl” together Randy Hickey. In 2011, Suplee questioned his 200-plus pound weight-loss journey through TMZ, crediting his weight loss to bicycling. He had actually to gain back some weight for his duty in the 2013 film “Wolf of wall surface Street.”

In 2016, Suplee appeared in the Netflix TV collection “The Ranch” together Officer Billy. The is slated for numerous upcoming projects, including “Motherless Brooklyn,” “Gossamer Folds” and also “In Limbo.” Suplee is has been married to Brandy Lewis, sister that Juliette Lewis, since 2006.

In genuine life, Gerry Bertier didn’t have actually a girlfriend named Emma. The film’s producers actors her together an antagonist in the movie. Emma damaged up v Gerry once he started bonding v his black teammate Julius, but she slowly came around afterwards in the film. Emma at some point warms as much as Julius.

“Remember the Titans” was only the second film Boswoth appeared in. Her first role, “The horse Whisperer” to be the an outcome of one open casting call in new York City. The producers were searching for an experienced horse rider because that the role. Bosworth to be an achieved equestrian, making she perfect because that the part. 

Kate Bosworth had actually a little supporting function in the film, yet her acting career was just gaining started. She gained broader recognition ~ landing a lead component in “Blue Crush” together a teenage surfer called Anne Marie in 2002. In 2006, Bosworth starred as journalist Lois lane in “Superman Returns” through Brandon Routh.

Other movie she has worked on include “21” in 2008, “Straw Dogs” in 2011, “Still Alice” in 2014 and also “Before i Wake” in 2016. Recently, Bosworth starred in many TV series such as “The lengthy Road Home” in 2017 and “The I-Land” in 2019. As well as acting, Bosworth functioned in the fashion industry. In 2008, Calvin Klein blue jeans made Bosworth the brand’s new face. Coach, the deluxe bag retailer, offered her the spokesperson position in Asia. Bosworth likewise modeled in cotton Incorporated and also Topshop advertisements. 

In the film, Sheryl Yoast love watching movies through Coach Boone quite than playing v dolls. The movie likewise depicted Sheryl Yoast together an only child living v her father. However, in reality, Sheryl Yoast had actually three sisters and also lived through her mother. Sheryl Yoast’s oldest sister, Bonnie, attended university in 1971. Angela, the 2nd oldest sister, go to another high school. Deidre, the youngest sister, was just three years old in 1971. The film’s "where room they now" closing credits likewise didn’t mention that Sheryl Yoast died when she was 34 years old in 1996.

Panettiere began her exhilaration career prior to she was even one year old, showing up in commercials together a baby. She played sarah Roberts top top “One Life to Live” native 1994 to 1997 and also Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light” indigenous 1996 come 2000 before showing up in “Remember the Titans.”

Following “Remember the Titans,” Panettiere starred in countless films such together “Ice Princess,” “Amanda Knox: murder on trial in Italy” and “Scream 4.” She additionally had major roles in the shows “Heroes” native 2006 come 2010 and also “Nashville” native 2012 come 2018.

Panettiere is also an activist and advocate. She is a supporter and also board member that the Ronald McDonald House. She likewise took part in a protest against the hunting of dolphins in Japan in 2007, and was well-known by PETA for she activism work. She has additionally participated in protests versus whale hunting roughly the globe.

In the film, Petey Jones struggles as an offensive lineman. Together a result, that attempts to leaving the team after one game. Coach Yoast encourages Jones to play in a defensive role, however Jones quits after the position becomes challenging. Eventually, Jones return to the team and receives his spot back on the field for the state championship game.

Before illustrating Jones in “Remember the Titans,” Faison had actually several functions in reflects such together “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” and “Clueless.” He likewise played little roles in films throughout the 90s, consisting of “Can’t fixed Wait,” “Waiting to Exhale,” and also “Twelve Monkeys.”

After certification in “Remember the Titans,” Donald Faison landing the function of Dr. Kris Turk in the medical comedy “Scrubs” from 2001–2010. He additionally appeared in the movies “Uptown Girls” in 2003, “Something New” in 2006, and “Next work Air” in 2009. As well as starring in films, Faison has showed up in music videos, consisting of Gavin Degraw"s “Chariot.” Most recently, Faison’s signature run on Scrubs was added as a dance relocate option on the video game Fortnite.

Next up for Faison is a lead duty in NBC’s forthcoming display “Emergence,” around a police chief, Jo (Allison Tolman), who gets drawn into a widespread conspiracy after ~ adopting a child found at a crime scene. Faison is collection to play the role of Jo’s ex husband. 

Coach Paul Doc Hines operated at T.C. Williams High school for a few decades as an assistant and also head coach. He encouraged the football players by saying, “If you nothing mind, then it don’t matter.” Hines was also known together a sociable human with a an excellent laugh.

Gregory Alan Williams is finest recognized for his work-related on “Baywatch” as LAPD officer Garner Ellerbee native 1989 come 1998, certification in 110 illustration in the show. Later in his career, Williams showed up in “The Game” in 2006 and also “Law & Order: unique Victims Unit” in 2007. Williams excelled in both movies and television shows. Williams likewise appeared in numerous films consisting of “The Collector” in 2009 and also “Terminator Genisys” in 2015. That has also stayed busy through writing because “Remember the Titans.” Williams published two books: “Heart the a Woman” in 2009 and “Heart the a Woman: A Novel” in 2017. 

Ray Budds’s character is fictional. In the film, ray Budds opposed the idea that an incorporated team. The was also Gerry Bertier’s finest friend. The racist tight finish player deliberately made a violent move on the field, which led to Rev’s injury. Sunshine and also the rest of team condemned Budds’s behavior, kicking him turn off the team.

Burgess Jenkins who depicted Ray Budds walk on to the movies “The Reaping” with Hilary Swank in 2007 and also “Wesley” with June Lockhart in 2009. In addition, he took on a television duty as Bobby Irons ~ above the CW series “One Tree Hill.” Jenkins also made an appearance on “Nashville” wherein he worked with his previous “Remember the Titans” co-star Hayden Panettiere. He relocated on to star in “The Young and also the Restless” together Billy Abbott in 2014. Jenkins’s upcoming jobs in 2019 incorporate “Noelle,” “The Mustard Seed,” “First Lady” and also “If you Gone.” 

Herb Tyrell, shown by Brett Rice, ended his friendship with Coach Yoast because Yoast enabled his daughter, Sheryl, to play with Coach Boone’s daughter in the movie. Tyrell said Yoast, “Sooner or later, a man"s gained to choose sides.” Tyrell’s character reflected the gyeongju tensions the troubled the 1970s.

Rice has many an excellent movies to his name. That was currently an developed actor as soon as he join “Remember the Titans,” starring in films such together “Edward Scissorhands” in 1990, “Forrest Gump” in 1994 and also “The Waterboy” in 1998. After exhilaration in “Remember the Titans,” Rice found countless movie opportunities such as “Dear John” in 2010, “Super 8” in 2011, “Mom’s Night Out” in 2014, and “Sully” in 2016. Aside from acting, Rice additionally joined death to serve as Councilor-at-Large, where he monitor politics and also negotiations among producers in new York and Los Angeles. 

Parker had a small duty in “Remember the Titans” as Carol Boone, Herman Boone’s wife. She continued to action in films such as “Brown Sugar” (2002), “Welcome residence Roscoe Jenkins” (2008), “Black Dynamite” (2009), and “Almost Christmas” (2016).

Parker likewise starred together attorney Teri Joseph in Showtime’s drama “Soul Food” indigenous 2000 come 2004 which earned her five NAACP image Award nominations for outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. In 2017, she made an appearance on season four of “Empire” and was supported to a collection regular on season five.

Jerry Rev Harris to be the best quarterback on the team till he injured his wrist throughout the season. However, the team didn’t need to worry, because Harris had actually taught his backups everything he knew. Harris at some point recovers and plays again in ~ the state championship game.

After the movie wrapped, Craig Kirkwood relocated on to guest star in various TV collection and take it on small roles in films. However, he hasn’t appeared in anything because 2006. Kirkwood stopped acting to emphasis on earning a legislation degree. He i graduated from Loyola legislation School in 2008 and after passing the California Bar Exam, Kirkwood is currently a criminal defense attorney.

“Sunshine” it s okay his huge opportunity within the team after ~ Jerry Rev Harris’ injury. In the film, Sunshine is shown with long, blonde hair. The real Ronnie Bass proclaimed that his hair was never ever long, yet that most of the other players ~ above the team did have long hair. The film likewise includes a scene where Sunshine kisses his teammate Gerry Bertier. However, bass revealed in the film’s DVD commentary that the kiss never ever really happened.

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The actor that played Ronnie Bass, Kip Pardue, walk on come act in the movies “Driven” in 2001 and also “The rule of Attraction” in 2002. On television, Pardue to be featured in shows such together “ER,” “Mad Men” and “Ray Donovan.” In 2017, Pardue landing a function as a mainstay castmember because that the Hulu series “Marvel: Runaways.” His personality in the show, candid Dean, is an actor having actually trouble finding job-related — but his case changes when he becomes the leader that the Church of Gibborim.

In the film, Blue (portrayed by Earl C. Poitier) to be the character that consistently motivated his other team members. Poitier take it on countless acting duties after certification in “Remember the Titans.” In 2001, the was cast for a small duty in the extraterrestrial sci-fi TV series, “Roswell.”

The bulk of his later work to be on TV series, such together “America’s most Wanted: America Fights Back” in 2011, “Graceland” in 2014, and “Bloodline” in 2015. His most recent projects include the film “Baywatch,” wherein he played a kitchen worker, and also the made for TV movie “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”