After transforming his veggies into green energy, Richie wealthy earns a sunshine dollars overnight and a new life filled through nonstop fun and adventure.

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Richie agrees to walk to the Swedish house Sensation concert through Murray and also Darcy top top the same night he promised to be at family members game night.


Richie is assigned to carry out a institution report on a international country, therefore he contacts the king of an island to set up a "research" vacation.


Richie and also Harper collection up your dad, Cliff, top top a date. Meanwhile, Darcy and Murray decide that they should be trained together Richie's security detail.

When Richie battles to compose a book report ~ above "The sorcerer’s of Oz," his neighborhood Tahj convinces him to do a major motion picture as his report.

Harper is left in charge of Richie once Cliff must leave home for the night. Meanwhile, Murray do the efforts to guardian Tulip in math.

After handle with countless disputes in between his money spender, Darcy, and his money manager, Murray, Richie decides the the two have to trade places.

Richie, Darcy and also Irona go to Antarctica, seek a new frozen life form. Meanwhile, as soon as Tulip cancels top top Harper for girls weekend, Cliff measures in.

When Richie volunteers at a school, the does more harm 보다 good. Meanwhile, Murray adopts Cliff as his huge brother.

Richie is convinced his room is haunted and enlists the aid of Darcy, Murray and Irona to try to eliminate the "spirits."

When Irona start malfunctioning, Richie receive a replacement model, Urona -- and he soon develops his an initial crush.

In a football-loving town, a small-time magician v no strong skill need to win a desire football trophy in order come marry the love that his life.
When one aspiring author and also his free-spirited sisters both autumn for the enigmatic payment guest at your home, following events absent their traditional family.
Tasked to deliver a package that can end human being war, 6 soldiers have to skate across a frozen sea, unaware of what castle carrying. Noomi Rapace stars.
An unlikely Christmas romance blossoms in between a famous rapper and also a tenacious journalist. Yet can they do it work in spite of their differences?
Teenager Marta del Castillo's loss made headlines in Spain. Family, friends, police and much more weigh in on a instance that is still unresolved.
In this animated documentary short, WWII vets reveal a an enig US military camp near Washington whereby Jewish soldiers hosted and interrogated Nazi POWs.
When his grand suddenly falls ill, holiday-hating Jules learns of his family's wonder legacy and also realizes he's the only hope to save Christmas.

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A photojournalist’s obsessive pursuit for the truth about the an initial expedition to Mt. Everest leader him to search for one esteemed climber who went missing.