Rob Lowe is the latest celebrity who has signed ~ above to it is in roasted courtesy that Comedy Central. Contrasted to few of the other celebrities who have actually starred in a Comedy main Roast, Lowe doesn"t seem come have an especially roast-worthy past. Sure, he"s had actually a scandal or two over the years, but he"s no Charlie Sheen or Justin Bieber once it pertains to public outlandishness. Comedy main has now shown the lineup that folks who will be heckling him in ~ his roast, and also it"s super weird. Check it out:

Jimmy CarrAnn CoulterPete DavidsonNikki GlaserJewelRalph MacchioPeyton ManningRob RiggleJeff RossDavid Spade

Comedy central posted the lineup on its Twitter page, and also it"s not exactly filled v who we could expect to rotate up because that a rob Lowe roast. In ~ the very least, someone from his West Wing or Parks and Rec days would have actually made sense. Most of the world on the list of roasters don"t seem come have any type of connection through Lowe at all. Jimmy Carr, Pete Davidson, Nikki Glaser, plunder Riggle, and also Jeff Ross are all comedians, however they don"t look favor they have actually a common history with plunder Lowe.

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David Spade will certainly be the the official Roast master, and also he does have actually a link to rob Lowe. Lowe appeared in Spade"s classic 1995 comedy Tommy Boy, and also the two have evidently end up being friends in the years since. David Spade could be the perfect human being to host the Roast; he has a past with the roastee and he"s just plain hilarious.

Ralph Macchio, Jewel, and Peyton Manning have less direct connections to rob Lowe today. Macchio walk star together Lowe in the 1983 movie The Outsiders, and there must be part entertaining product to mine from "80s plunder Lowe. Offered that Lowe"s character"s name was Sodapop, Macchio may be able to get some simple chuckles by pointing out that.

For she part, Jewel acted together Lowe in the fail 2003 NBC drama The Lyon"s Den. She to be a guest star in among the thirteen episodes, and also she mutual a kiss with Lowe. It"s not lot of a connection, but it"s there. Few people mental Lyon"s Den; Jewel evidently is among those that does.

Peyton Manning"s link to plunder Lowe is a huge stretch. In 2012, Lowe started tweeting around Manning"s retirement indigenous the NFL. Manning was no retiring from the NFL, and also Rob Lowe appeared to it is in the only human who believed that the was. Lowe declared that he heard the retirement news native his "people," but it came as news to anyone from Manning"s agent to his father. Return it to be the speak of Twitter because that a pair of days, the buzz died down nice quickly. Who knows? probably Manning will have the ability to milk the Twitter mishap for some laughs.

As for Ann Coulter...well, maybe she simply likes roasts and doesn"t treatment too much around who she"s roasting. We"ll need to wait and also see what she manages in ~ the event. Luckily, us won"t have to wait too much longer. The Comedy central Roast that Robe Lowe airs on job Day. Track in to Comedy central on September 5 at 10 p.m. ET to watch what this weird lineup needs to say to rob Lowe, and also take a look in ~ our autumn TV premiere schedule to check out what rather you"ll have the ability to watch in the close to future.

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