From 1989 to 1993, Saved through the Bell made Saturday mornings must-watch TV. Up to that point, cartoons conquered the airwaves, which didn’t sit well v the tweens and teens wanting something a little much more on their level.

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Originally packaged as Good Morning, miss out on Bliss, conserved by the Bell opened up up the avenue for shows favor The O.C., Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dawson's Creek by trying out mature themes that young world are usually confronted with. Of course, as its cheery theme tune suggests, the show was principally about the enjoyable exploits the a ragtag team of friend — Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Screech, Slater and also Jessie. 

Overseen by primary Mr. Belding, Zack and Co. Acquired into plenty of adventures along the way. Here's what the actors has to be up to because their days at Bayside:


Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris; Gosselaar in 2015

Photos: Alice S. Hall/NBCU photograph Bank; Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

As the breaker of monotony and fourth walls, Mark-Paul Gosselaar offered as the perfect Zack Morris. ~ reprising his role in a long line of Saved by the Bell spinoffs, he had the ability to depart from the Morris persona by starring in 1996’s TV-film She cry No

From there, he would use the to crawl smarts and business savvy he tailored together Morris come star in sequential duties as a detective in NYPD Blue, a project advisor in Commander in Chief and a defense attorney in Raising the Bar. He ongoing that tendency by starring together Peter Bash in the legal procedural dramedy Franklin & Bash. Other projects encompass TV shows CSI: Crime step InvestigationPitch, The Passage and 2019's Mixed-ish. Outside that the Hollywood limelight, the dad of 4 has a wild side together he’s contended in and won major track to ride bicycle competitions around the world.


Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski; Thiessen in 2019

Photos: Alice S. Hall/NBCU picture Bank; Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

The All-American Girl and also Zack Morris' Kryptonite, Tiffani Thiessen had a means of making hordes of boys swoon as dependable cheerleader Kelly Kapowski. The was never an ext evident than as soon as Zach and Slater walk head-to-mullet vying for her love.

Thiessen's charms first gained notice when she was crowned 1987's miss Junior America. Together recognizable as she is top top Saved through the Bell, she is likewise widely recognized for playing Valerie Malone top top the sultry Beverly Hills, 90210. Not content with letting 2 mega-roles specify her, she segued easily into an array of TV-film roles and pursued an acting career in film, which eventually got her a part in Woody Allen's Hollywood ending in 2002.

Since, she's starred top top TV shows such together White Collar and also Alexa & Katie, and also had she own food preparation show, Dinner in ~ Tiffani's. The cookbook writer has two youngsters with husband Brady Smith.

Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater)


Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater; Lopez in 2016

Photos: Alice S. Hall/NBCU photograph Bank; Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

A.C. Slater wasn’t Mario Lopez’s first TV role. Before his breakout job, he showed up in a.k.a. Pablo, the music-heavy Kids Incorporated, and The golden Girls. ~ Saved through the Bell, his million-dollar dimples nabbed him success together a TV and also radio host, skilled actor and fitness book author. He also came in 2nd on the 3rd season that Dancing through the Stars

The dad of 3 is the hold of celebrity gossip manufacturing facility Access Hollywood and is reprising his function as Slater in the 2020 reboot the SBTB.

Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano)


Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano; Berkley in 2017

Photos: Alice S. Hall/NBCU photo Bank; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

More surprising than her love life with meathead Slater ~ above Saved by the Bell was Elizabeth Berkley's change into showgirl Nomi Malone. Two years after playing feminist-minded Jessie Spano. Berkley take it the racy function in Showgirls as a way to burned her "good girl" image and make her method onto the silver screen. The move didn't walk according to plan, together the movie turned out to be a significant fail in ~ the time. ~ her photo recovered, Berkley landed supporting duties in Any provided Sunday and Woody Allen's zany The Curse of the Jade Scorpion.

As one outspoken animal rights activist, Berkley has been the centerpiece for PETA campaigns and also has also won the distinction of being nominated as the "Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year" on lot of occasions. She likewise started her advice website and also book, Ask-Elizabeth, whereby she helps teen girls through life's problems.

Married to artist Greg Lauren in 2003, Berkley gave birth come their boy in 2012. She starred top top the seventeenth season of Dancing with the Stars, coming in 6th place. Berkley is likewise reprising her function as Jessie in the 2020 Saved through the Bell reboot.


Dustin Diamond as Screech Powers; Diamond in 2015

Photos: Alice S. Hall/NBCU photo Bank; Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Image

Every group of friends demands the token nerd, and Dustin Diamond played among TV's many iconic. When not express his unrequited love for Lisa Turtle, Diamond has had actually a knack for sticking his neck right into precarious situations, much like his onscreen counterpart.

In 2006, the came ago into the media's lens after ~ releasing a foul-named sex tape. He likewise made appearances on reality and also game shows favor Celebrity Boxing 2, The Weakest link and Celebrity right Club. He additionally received plenty of flak indigenous his fellow Saved by the Bell partner after airing their dirty laundry in a tell-all title Behind the Bell

In 2015 he to be sentenced to 4 months in prison for transporting a covert weapon and disorderly conduct.

Diamond sadly passed away in February 2021 because of carcinoma.

Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle)

Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle; Voorhies in 2015

Photos: Alice S. Hall/NBCU photograph Bank; Paul Redmond/WireImage

Saved through the Bell’s resident fashionista brought all of the Screeches to the yard. And also it's simple to see why together Lark Voorhies' photogenic looks landed her exhilaration work because the period of two. After her time together Lisa Turtle, Voorhies walk on come play assorted roles in much of 90's television most-loved shows. She had actually recurring roles on Days of our Lives and The Bold and also the Beautiful, starred in Star Trek: Deep space Nine, confirmed up top top Family Matters and also played love understand in The fresh Prince the Bel-Air and In the House.

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In the mid-2000s, she come under fire because that exhibiting part odd behavior in TV interviews. The National Enquirer reported she had a medicine problem and also she sued them because that libel). Voorhies denied the accusations and continued to focus on her career by starting her very own production company, Yo soybean beans Productions.

Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding)

Dennis Hasking together Mr. Belding; Haskins in 2016

Photos: Gary Null/NBCU photo Bank; Renard Garr/FilmMagic

In Saved by the Bell's beta incarnation, Dennis Haskins additionally played the duty of primary Mr. Belding. Then he went on to sign up with the spinoff Saved by the Bell: The brand-new Class and has poked funny at his turn as Belding by partaking in such tasks as the karaoke-themed album Karaoke through Your Favorite primary Dennis. Haskins still pursues acting, starring in bit roles ~ above Mad Men and also How i Met your Mother, however it's hard not to associate him through the stylish catchphrase "Hey, hey, hey — what is walking on here?"