When it involves directing teen movies of the 1980s, no one did the quite like John Hughes. Hughes directed famous high school movies like "The Breakfast Club," "Ferris Bueller"s work Off," "Pretty in Pink," and, the course, "Sixteen Candles." 

"Sixteen Candles" adhered to Samantha Baker"s 16th birthday, which was forgotten by her family as they all set for her older sister"s wedding, and her crush on a an elderly boy whom she believes has zero interest. The movie caught the awkwardness, loneliness, and confusion the teenaged life, and the film has actually gone under in background as among the many iconic teen movies of all time. 

Whether you were a teenager in the "80s yourself, or you flourished up the town hall this classic in the "90s or 2000s, just around every teen has actually experienced the comforting relatability the this movie. It"s to be decades because the release of "Sixteen Candles," and many the the film"s stars are now all grown up. Wondering what occurred to them? below is what the cast of "Sixteen Candles" is as much as now.

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Molly Ringwald shot come fame as the awkward 16-year-old Samantha Baker in "Sixteen Candles." It to be her very first John Hughes film, but she go on to star in "The Breakfast Club" and also "Pretty in Pink." together Ringwald explained to Vogue, she and Hughes operated together to produce a brand-new kind of teenager movie. "Before John, there was yes, really nothing being marketed to teens that in reality spoke come me," she said. "Kids to be going to view movies more than your parents were, for this reason we wanted to do something the took the content of their resides seriously." They definitely succeeded.

While Ringwald is ideal known for her roles in Hughes" teen movies, she"s had actually a busy, successful career because then. She has actually starred in end 70 movies and TV reflects over the years, consisting of "Betsy"s Wedding," the TV display "Townies," and also "The secret Life the the American Teenager." She has likewise starred in the Netflix saga "The Kissing Booth," and the present "Riverdale" (via IMDb).

Ringwald has also written number of books and essays, and she has actually a career as a jazz singer. Together if every one of that weren"t enough, she"s currently the mommy to three children.

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Anthony Michael hall played "the Geek" in "Sixteen Candles." He additionally starred in john Hughes" following film, "The Breakfast Club." after that, he appeared on "Saturday Night Live" for 2 years. This was followed by a successful and busy acting career — he had actually roles in USA"s "Dead Zone," "Edward Scissorhands," "Foxcatcher," "The Dark Knight," "Live through Night," "War Machine," and also many other well-known films and also TV shows (via IMDb).

In an interview with page Six, hall revealed the he and also his "Sixteen Candles" co-star, Molly Ringwald, had actually had a small fling after shoot the film. "She didn"t have actually the time that day for me when we do "Sixteen Candles" ... So that was yes, really funny, it type of struggle me by surprise when we had actually our tiny thing there, however it was fun." if the romantic didn"t last, the pair continued to be friends. In 2019, hall announced that he was involved to Lucia Oskerova. He is additionally running the production agency Manhattan Films, and is set to appear in the upcoming enhancement to the "Halloween" series and in "The Class," a new high institution film.

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Justin Henry played Mike, Samantha"s younger brother, in "Sixteen Candles." that was already a renowned child star after play Billy Kramer in "Kramer vs. Kramer," a role that earned the an Oscar nomination when he was just 7 years old, according to the New York Post. After ~ "Sixteen Candles," Henry showed up in "Martin"s Day," together Richard Harris and also "Sweet hearts Dance," together Susan Sarandon and also Jeff Daniels. Due to the fact that the "80s, Henry"s acting career has actually slowed down. He has made sometimes TV and also movie appearances end the years in shows choose "ER," "My own Worst Enemy," and "Brothers & Sisters," however his roles have actually been few and far between (via IMDb).

According come LinkedIn, Henry has pursued business ventures since leaving exhilaration behind. "I am a business advance and sales executive v over fifteen year of suffer developing and managing partnerships between media companies, brands and advertising agencies the drive revenue and build value," his profile reads. As of 2021, Henry is the Vice chairman of Business breakthrough at engage:BDR, a video marketing agency. That is additionally a father and also a musician.

Michael Schoeffling play Jake, the object of Samantha"s adoration, in "Sixteen Candles." It was his an initial real duty on screen — he had actually an uncredited extra function in "Racing v the Moon" the exact same year — and also he easily shot come fame as an up-and-coming star. As the film"s casting director, Jackie Burch, stated in one interview ~ above the "Sixteen Candles" Blu-ray, "Schoeffling had been a model. Schoeffling had such a sweetness around him." But, in reality, the life the a Hollywood star wasn"t the best fit. "In life, the dropped the end of the business. That did a couple more points after the he simply wanted a typical life. He didn"t desire the Hollywood scene," Burch said, according to CheatSheet.

Schoeffling appeared in several various other films, consisting of the western "Sylvester," the Bernadette Peters film, "Slaves of brand-new York," a film about AIDS dubbed "Longtime Companion," and the 1990 film "Mermaids," i m sorry starred Cher and also Winona Ryder (via IMDb). In 1991, Schoeffling quit acting to lead a private life. Together his wife, Valerie Robinson, when told world (via 9Honey), "He"s very reclusive and also private." Schoeffling and Robinson elevated two children, Zane and Scarlett. Apparently, he now spends his time making custom furniture. 

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Haviland Morris played Caroline, Jake"s soon-to-be-dumped girlfriend, in "Sixteen Candles." after ~ this career-defining role, Morris continued acting. She appeared in "Gremlins 2: The new Batch" as the unlikeable boss, Marla Bloodstone. She likewise had a insignificant on the soap opera "One Life come Live" and also played Karen in "Home Alone 3." end the years, she has actually guest-starred in countless TV shows, including "One Tree Hill," "As the world Turns," "Law & Order," and many more, according to IMDb.

While Morris is still acting, her functions have begun to slow down. Together the star described to Retro Junk, she took on a task as a genuine estate agent to make some extra money together her acting career. "I just wasn"t getting sufficient acting job-related any an ext so it to be time to explore something else. Genuine estate is an ext dramatic than the to chat industry, so it fit the bill perfectly," she said.

Gedde Watanabe played long Duk Dong, the comedic foreign exchange student, in "Sixteen Candles." the was one of Watabe"s an initial roles, however not among his last. That went on come star in the show "Gung Ho," and play Mr. Katsuji in "Gremlins 2: The brand-new Batch," alongside his "Sixteen Candles" co-star, Haviland Morris. He play Mr. Cheng in "Parental Guidance," and Kuni in "UHF." He additionally voiced the personality of Ling in "Mulan." He had a insignificant on "Sesame Street" as Hiroshi, the Japanese artist, and also on "ER" as Nurse Yosh Takata. In enhancement to these roles, Watanabe has appeared in dozens of various other shows and also films, according to IMDb.

Looking back, Watanabe has mixed feelings around his career-defining role, as he is often accused of playing into asian stereotypes. "I to be making civilization laugh," the told NPR. "I didn"t realize exactly how it was going to affect people." But, together Watanabe told Vulture in 2014, his "Sixteen Candles" character can just do a comeback. "I have a friend writing something about the Donger," the said. Who knows, possibly we"ll acquire to see where this character finished up.

Debbie Pollack play Marlene, fondly recognized as the "Lumberjack" in "Sixteen Candles." You most likely remember her as long Duk Dong"s "new-style sexy American girlfriend." It to be Pollack"s very first professional role. The actress continued acting and has had actually a few far-reaching roles in the past few decades, return she take it a long break indigenous acting between 1993 and 2007. She play Sister Agatha in the long-running show "Santa Barbara." She has also guest-starred ~ above shows prefer "ER," "Criminal Minds," "American horror Story," "Desperate Housewives," "Hooperman," and "Casual." In 2022, she showed up in the AppleTV collection "For all Mankind" (via IMDb).

As Pollack told Rediscover the "80s, her duty in "Sixteen Candles" is quiet her many famous. "To this day, ns still obtain recognized. Many thanks to great genes, i really don"t watch that lot different," she said. Together Pollack explained, she took a long break from acting between 1993 and also 2007 come raise her family members as a single mom. "I had to uncover a means to support my family that detailed a an ext stable income," she said. While she didn"t arrangement on returning to the industry, she was pleased to discover that anyone remembered her once she got ago to it.

"Sixteen Candles" was one of John Cusack"s an initial films. He played Bryce, among the geeky friend of "the Geek." quickly after his appearance as Bryce, Cusack shot to fame with a series of cult teenager films, including "Say Anything" and "The sure Thing." throughout the "80s and also "90s, Cusack was a Hollywood heartthrob. He starred in "Being john Malkovich," "High Fidelity," and also "Grosse Pointe Blank." His career ongoing throughout the 2000s with roles in "The Raven," "Hot tub Time Machine," "2012," "Maps to the Stars," and the 2020 Amazon Prime collection "Utopia" (via IMDb).

In 2020, Cusack speak to The Guardian about his career. While that had started to acquire into producing, in an ext recent years, the hasn"t been an option, financially. "That can be a duty of getting older. Or it could be a function of gift cold," the said, explaining that his job had begun to sluggish down. In enhancement to his career, Cusack has been focused on speak his mind around politics on society media. "Maybe gift outspoken harms your career ... I"m just conscious it help me sleep much better at night, discovering that i wasn"t passive throughout this time," he explained.

Blanche Baker played Ginny Baker, Samantha"s older, impatient, engaged sister in "Sixteen Candles." she career began with her Emmy-award winning power in the 1978 mini-series "Holocaust." ~ "Sixteen Candles," Baker starred in several films, consisting of the 1990 variation of "The Handmaid"s Tale" together Ofglen and also "Raw Deal" together Arnold Schwarzenegger. After showing up in "Dead Funny" in 1995, Baker took a te off exhilaration to raise her four children (via Dark Bites), however then went back to the industry in the 2000s v guest roles in "Law & Order" and "Clarissa explains It All." She additionally starred together the rogue in the fear film "The Girl following Door," together with numerous other movies (via IMDb).

These days, Baker appears to be separating her time between her career and also her farming family. According to Instagram, she spends many of time v her children and grandchildren. She has also recently appeared in an off-Broadway play v Food For thought Productions.

Paul Dooley played Samantha"s dad, Jim Baker, in "Sixteen Candles." Dooley had actually been acting since his 40s in the "60s, with memorable functions in 1979"s "Breaking Away" together the dad, and also in 1980"s "Popeye" together Wimpy. Friend may also know him together the voice the the parrot top top "Sesame Street" indigenous 1974 come 1987 or together the voice of Sarge indigenous "Cars." due to the fact that "Sixteen Candles," Dooley appeared in dozens the TV mirrors in guest roles, consisting of "Curb your Enthusiasm," "ER," "Ally McBeal," "Grey"s Anatomy," "Huge," "The children Are Alright," and also many, many an ext (via IMDb). Together of 2021, Dooley is 93 years old and also is tho going strong, with 4 projects underway and also over 200 credits come his name. What a legend!

As AVClub mentioned in one interview with Dooley, the actor made a career the end of playing dad roles. To this day, "Breaking Away" remains his most renowned film, or his "calling card," as he placed it. However, "Sixteen Candles" was an additional favorite for the actor. "Over 90% of my work has actually been fathers after ~ ," that said. Dooley has four children and also three grandkids.

Carlin Glynn play Brenda Baker, Samantha"s mom in the movie "Sixteen Candles." She likewise appeared in the sit-com "Mr. President," and the mini-series "A Woman named Jackie" in she career. She last TV credit transaction was an episode of "Law & Order" in 2006 (via IMDb).

While Glynn"s movie and also TV job only included 26 projects, she additionally had success as a phase actress. In 1979, as soon as she to be 39 and also a mom of three, she played Mona Stangley in the original Broadway production of "The Best tiny Whorehouse in Texas." She finished up winning the Tony compensation for ideal featured actress in a musical, follow to The Spokesman Review. The musical was incidentally composed by her husband, Peter Masterson. Glynn go on come reprise the duty in 1982, shortly prior to landing her role in "Sixteen Candles."

Glynn"s three youngsters are mary Stuart Masterson, the actress well-known for "Benny & Joon" and "The Stepford Wives," Alexandra Masterson, one more actress, and Peter Masterson Jr. Who came to be a cinematographer.

Joan Cusack play a tiny cameo role in "Sixteen Candles." You probably remember her together the geeky girl on the bus through the neck brace. Cusack went on to come to be a huge star. She join the actors of "Saturday Night Live" one year later. She then showed up in several movies with her brother, man Cusack. She also provided the voice for Jessie, the cowgirl in the "Toy Story" films and played the uptight primary in "School of Rock," to name simply a few roles. Cusack has over 80 credits to she name and also is quiet going strong, with current roles in the show "A series of unfortunately Events" and also the display "Homecoming" (via IMDb). Even though Cusack had actually a lengthy career, she tho appreciates obtaining her start with john Hughes. 

As she called The Guardian, "I remained in the right location at the best time." In addition to her career, Cusack has additionally had a busy an individual life with her husband, Richard Burke, and also their 2 sons. As she once explained, "Juggling parental obligations with those of being a wife and a career woman ― while likewise being a member of school and also church areas ― is difficult" (via HuffPost).

You probably remember Max Showalter as Grandpa Fred in "Sixteen Candles." prior to playing Samantha"s grandfather, Showalter had a long, effective acting career. Additionally known by the surname of Casey Adams, Showalter appeared in end 100 different projects, consisting of "How to success in business Without yes, really Trying," "Perry Mason," "Studio 57," and also more, according to IMDb. Showalter additionally had a successful career together a Broadway actor and composer. He appeared in "Hello, Dolly!," "Knights that Song," "Very warmth for May," and others. The had additionally recorded a series of renowned children"s story as musicals (via The Middletown Press).

Showalter passed away in 2000 in ~ the period of 83. As his Playbill obituary explained, he had purchased a farmhouse in Chester, Connecticut, after filming there in the "50s and also had live there because that the remainder of his life. In his last years, he had been performing a one-man musical show around his career and also he had become a painter.

Carole cook played Helen, Samantha"s grandma, in "Sixteen Candles." chef was already a well-known actress in ~ the time, well known for her work in comedy. She frequently appeared with Lucille sphere on "The Lucy Show" throughout the "60s and "Here"s Lucy" in the "70s. She likewise played Cora in "Dynasty" and also Donna in "Cagney & Lacey" in the "80s. Back Cook"s exhilaration career slowed under in the "90s and 2000s, she appeared in a couple of projects such together "Grey"s Anatomy" and "A an extremely Sordid Wedding." as of 2021, Cooke"s last project was the 2018 music movie, "Waiting in the Wings: quiet Waiting" (via IMDb).

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In a 2021 interview through Catherine Houser, chef said, "I"m 97, mine darling, and also it"s every in the pace." Age, she explained, had never bothered her. "I never felt that age was important. In my one-woman display I come out and I say, "Oh, to it is in 90 again,"" she said. According to Cook, she"s the oldest living functioning actress in the world. Even after every these years, however, chef is still working on fulfilling she potential. "You"re never ever as great as you desire to be," she said.