When The Waltons very first aired ~ above CBS in 1972, the civilization depicted in the TV present couldn’t have been much different from what most civilization lived at the time. Set in countryside Virginia, start during the good Depression, the story of this tight-knit family provided a look back at less complicated times. It ran for nine seasons, and also fans have wondered what occurred to the cast when the show’s operation ended. It transforms out that few of the Waltons lugged on in acting, while others opted the end of life in the public eye. 

(L-R) Michael Learned together Olivia Walton, Kami Cotler together Elizabeth Walton, Jon Walmsley as Jason Walton, will Greer as Zeb Walton, Ralph Waite as john Walton, Eric Scott as Ben Walton, David Harper as Jim-Bob Walton, Judy Norton as mary Ellen Walton, unknown man, mary McDonough as Erin Walton | CBS photo Archive/Getty Images

The origins of ‘The Waltons’

According to Amomama, the present was based upon a book called Spencer’s Mountain, i beg your pardon was written by Earl Hamner Jr. The personality of John-Boy was based upon Hamner, who voiced the narration in the opening and also closing assignment of every episode. The Waltons illustrated a close-knit family members through the eye of John-Boy, the eldest son. John-Boy to be a writer, who tape-recorded the events at home, wherein he lived with his parents, grandparents, and also six siblings. 

The show was set in the fictitious Jefferson County, Virginia, yet it was filmed in Los Angeles. The majestic mountain views were actually filmed in the Hollywood Hills. But although the background was far removed from the landscape Virginia see it was an alleged to represent, the family drama and wholesome morals rang true for plenty of viewers.

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Some actors members continued to be in the general public eye

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People reports the Ralph Waite, that played john Walton Sr., continued to act, showing up in Roots, work of our Lives, and NCIS. He likewise ran for Congress twice, but he lost both times. He passed away in 2014 at the age of 85. Michael Learned, who played Waite’s on-screen wife Olivia, likewise continued to act, showing up in an elevation film and touring with a stage manufacturing of Driving miss Daisy. John-Boy to be played by Richard Thomas, who ongoing acting. He’s appeared in several roles, most recently on NCIS: brand-new Orleans

Judy Norton to be the earliest sister Mary-Ellen, and according to MeTV, she broke away from that sweet photo in 1985 by posing because that Playboy. She tried she hand in ~ a variety of projects over the years, consisting of managing neighborhood theater, release an album, and also even break skydiving records. Jon Walmsley, whose character Jason often played guitar, continued to pursue music together a performer and also composer. He additionally voiced Christopher Robin in the Disney Winnie the Pooh man movies. 

Mary Elizabeth McDonough played the younger sister Erin. Although she plot in a couple of roles in the adhering to years, she focused mostly on writing, posting a memoir about her time on the show and also two novels.

Others opted because that a quieter life

When Eric Scott left his duty as Ben, that stepped away from acting. He instead determined to go after business, help to operation a messenger service called chase Messenger. Kami Cotler play spunky youngest sisters Elizabeth, yet after the collection ended she determined to job-related in education and learning instead. Her job as a teacher actually took her at one point to rural Virginia, close to the area the was the original incentive for The Waltons

David Harper, who played Jim-Bob, live a quiet, personal life after ~ the display was over. That did odd jobs, including working for Scott’s messenger agency for a while, then went back to school to study business and history.

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The Waltons confirmed a large, loving household as the children grew up and also found their method in the world. It seems that because the show ended, the actors associated have to be doing the same thing on their own.