based upon the musical West side Story , book by Arthur Laurents, music through Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, conceived, directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins, produced by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince, by plan with roger L. Stevens (New York, 26 Sep 1957).

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4-Track stereotype (35 mm magnetic prints), 70 mm 6-Track (Westrex record System) (70 mm prints), Mono (35 mm optical prints)

In the slums of the upper West next of Manhattan, brand-new York, a gang of Polish-American adolescents called the Jets complete with a rival corridor of freshly immigrated Puerto Ricans, the Sharks, to "own" the community streets. The tension in between them is marked by your bullying and tormenting that one another, and when a series of cases erupts into a fistfight on a playground, two policemen, the bigoted Lt. Schrank and also Officer Krupke, arrive over time to rest it up. Afterward, Riff, the leader the the Jets, says to his companions the they work out their differences with the Sharks once and also for every by an overwhelming them come a "rumble," i beg your pardon is their term because that a street fight. Return Riff warns that the Sharks may pick to fight through zip firearms or knives rather than fists, the Jets room enthusiastic about his idea. Because that support, Riff meets v Tony, a former member that the Jets that is like a brother and who now works in a candy keep owned through good-hearted Doc. Riff asks Tony to attend a run at the gym, one area considered neutral are where Riff can current the challenge to Bernardo, the Shark"s leader. Tony, who has actually lost interest in cultivating violence, reluctantly agrees to accompany him out of friendship. When Tony confides the he has been having premonitions that something unique is around to happen to him, Riff suggests that it may be waiting for him at the dance. Meanwhile, Bernardo"s younger sister Maria and also his girl friend, Anita, both that whom occupational at a bridal shop, are finishing a dress for Maria to wear to the dance, which will certainly be her an initial since immigrating come America a month earlier. Although Bernardo has hopes of her marrying his comrade Chino, Maria tells Anita that she does not have actually special feeling for she brother"s friend. That evening, in ~ the gym whereby the run is held, Bernardo is presenting Maria to other Puerto Ricans, when several members that the jet arrive. Both gangs space poised come fight, when Glad Hand, the society worker, and Krupke intervene. The dancing continues and also soon i do not care a competition between the competitor gangs and their women, who refuse to intermingle. From opposite political parties of the dance floor, Tony and Maria spot each other and, entranced, move toward every other and also begin to dance. Seeing them together, Bernardo protectively pulls Maria away, telling her the Tony is only interested in sexual favors, and also orders Chino to take her home. Before Bernardo leaves, he and also Riff agree to satisfy later in ~ Doc"s for a "war council," whereby they will recognize the time and place the the rumble. In ~ his family"s apartment, Bernardo lectures Maria around the dangers in America, yet Anita half-jokingly scolds him, saying the in their brand-new country, females are free to check out whom lock wish. Anita and Bernardo fulfill with your friends top top the rooftop, wherein they connect in a lively discussion about the pros and cons of life in America. Return the women tease the males that life in America is far better than in their house country, the men complain the it is only better if you space white. Meanwhile, Tony walks the roads in a daze, bewitched by the assumed of Maria. She is in her room, preparing for bed, once she hears Tony calling out her name from the alley below and climbs through the home window to the fire escape come be with him. Believing the Maria is the fulfillment the his premonition, Tony is passionate to identify publicly his love for her, however Maria is aware that their families will not approve. After admitting your love because that each other and marveling at exactly how their resides have readjusted in one evening, they part, agreeing to accomplish the following day at the bridal shop after ~ closing time. In ~ Doc"s shop, the Jets room restlessly wait for the Sharks come arrive, when the police drive up. Back Krupke is suspicious the the gang is up to mischief, the is referred to as away and the boys then make fun of him, and social workers, judges, psychiatrists and all those who have actually failed to alleviate the poverty and violence in i m sorry they have been reared. Once the Sharks arrive, the two gangs decision the time and location of the fight, yet as they comment on weapons, Tony, who has by then returned to aid close the shop for the evening, convinces them to have a "fair fight," utilizing nothing however fists. Schrank enters, prompting the two gangs to pretend to obtain along, and also demands to recognize what they are planning. Once no one will talk come him, that harasses the Puerto Ricans, ordering them out, and also then tells the Jets the he desires his beat clean of the immigrant as lot as castle do. Once the jets still refuse come confide in him, he tauntingly describes their family members as drug addicts and also prostitutes. After ~ everyone pipeline the shop, Doc expresses his dismay in ~ Schrank"s behavior, however Tony, that is lifebuoy by love, trust that every little thing will be every right. The next day, Maria"s co-workers notice her happiness and also she admits that she feel "pretty." Anita is still at the shop once Tony arrives, but grudgingly allows them time together. Back Tony has no plans to to visit the fight, Maria urges him to go and also stop the from happening. Then, lock playfully ~ pretend to have actually a wedding, with store mannequins in attendance. Later, in the evening, the Jets and the Sharks prepare for the rumble, if Anita prepares for a romantic interlude with Bernardo as soon as he returns. While helping Doc, Tony can think that nothing but Maria, that is in ~ home, wait impatiently because that the finish of the evening, once she and Tony can be together. At the appointed place, the Sharks and also the jets meet, and also the best fighter from each gang, Bernardo and also Ice, respectively, prepare to fight together the rather look on. Once Tony arrives, his initiatives to protect against the struggle inadvertently change the ladder the fight into a knife fight in between Riff and also Bernardo. Once Bernardo all of sudden kills Riff, Tony, in a fit of passion, takes the dead Riff"s knife and also stabs Bernardo. Although Tony is immediately overcome v shame for killing Maria"s brother, the various other gang members join the fight, however all flee as soon as they listen the sound the a police siren. Waiting on the rooftop because that Tony, Maria is surprised once Chino arrives to tell her that Tony eliminated Bernardo. Praying that he is lying, Maria operation to she room and also finds Tony, that confesses. Back she desires to hate him, she finds she cannot and also says that the problem is not v either of them, but everything approximately them. Together, castle envision a location where they have the right to go the is free of prejudices. Outside, the police cruise the streets, yet the gang members evade them. The jets meet, stunned, because they never expected anyone would certainly be killed. When their stress and anxiety leads to interior bickering, Ice, who is now their leader, tells them to it is in "cool." once they find out from an eavesdropping tomboy, Anybodys, the Chino is transferring a gun and also bent ~ above revenge against Tony, castle organize to protect him. Anita, that discovers the Maria has actually been v Tony, is offended that she would remain faithful come a boy who would kill her brother, but is shortly won over by Maria"s love for Tony and also warns her around Chino"s mission. Back Maria and also Tony had planned to rendezvous in ~ Doc"s and leave city together, when Schrank detains Maria to concern her about Bernardo"s death, Anita agrees come tell Tony the she will soon be with him. However, as soon as Anita enters the candy store, the Jets, suspiciously of her motives, stop her native finding Tony, then attempt come rape her. Doc enters in time to avoid them, but, in anger, Anita says that Chino, jealous of Maria"s love because that Tony, shot she dead. As soon as Doc educates Tony, that is hiding in the cellar, of Maria"s presumed death, Tony goes the end to the street, yelling because that Chino to death him, too. Once he arrives at the playground, Tony sees Maria, alive, and runs towards her, but Chino steps out of the shadows and also shoots him. Tony falls into Maria"s arms and also as he dies, he and also Maria talk about the place of i beg your pardon they had dreamed. Members of both gangs room gathering, and also as lock edge toward each various other menacingly, Maria steps between them and takes the gun from Chino.

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Threatening both gangs with the gun, she accuses every one of them of killing Tony, Riff and Bernardo. Once Schrank and also Krupke arrive, Maria kisses Tony and also after she says "Te adoro, Anton," members that the 2 gangs, unified at the very least for a while, aid to carry Tony"s body away.