In its early days in the 1920s, lock Heights was just a grassy hill at the end of the streetcar line, through a clear see of the Amicable structure downtown. The city that Waco has since grown miles beyond the hill, and also oaks and magnolia trees have actually grown up to shade the neighborhood. V the decades, castle Heights has remained a prime resolve for the Waco establishment, impervious come inner-city blight.

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Castle Heights has an unusually solid identity together a neighborhood. The construction of the earliest homes, circa 1888, lied outside Waco city limits, and also when developer plotted the ar in 1923, they meant it to serve as an elite residential area marketed come the professional and also upper class. Inhabitants fought earlier in court in the 1930s when Waco sought to annex them. The community incorporated as the village of lock Heights in 1939 and elected a mayor, A. Baker Duncan, dad of modern-day public leader Malcolm Duncan. However, the town disbanded in 1945 and also was linked into the city the Waco.

Castle Heights, through its then-novel curving streets, was an example of the early twentieth-century City Beautiful Movement, an urban planning ideology that search to attach social issues to architecture design and also encourage civic pride and engagement. Big plots of land with space for large backyards and also attached garages attractive potential residents.

The eclectic architectural formats of castle Heights provide good examples of style from several various time periods, including early american Revival, Tudor Revival, Spanish Eclectic Revival, and also Minimal classic homes. Following civilization War II, the community saw a huge boom in building and construction of dwellings in the ranch style. Many houses are additionally notable due to the fact that they were designed by famous Waco architectural firms such together Birch D. Easterwood and also Son, or designer of the Amicable building, Roy Lane.

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Through over a decade of initiative by ar leaders, lock Heights ended up being Waco’s very first historic district noted on the nationwide Register of historical Places in 2009. The district had on the historical marker includes most of the area phibìc of Austin Avenue from Thirty-Third Street to Thirty-Ninth Street, consisting of Cottonland Castle, the 1890s Gothic rock structure on Austin way that offered the ar its name.

Today, lock Heights remains among the many sought-out communities in the city. That well-preserved houses serve as physical proof of twentieth-century architectural and urban architecture in Waco. 



The Spacious castle Heights Addition: This 1924 plot of the ar was retained in the McLennan county Plot Records. That year, sixty spacious lots were accessible to interested homebuyers. Note the name of engineer G. E. Byers and also his assistant, H J. Caufield, at the top of the map. ~ Source: photo courtesy that the Texas Collection, Baylor University"The ar to Make her Home": This 1924 advertisement of the freshly plotted lock Heights neighborhood tells that the tax-free benefits of living external the "dust and bustle the city life." The advertising then assures readers that, despite removed, the "choice" community is not doing not have in modern-day conveniences. ~ Source: image courtesy that the Texas Collection, Baylor UniversityCottonland Castle: The historic neighborhood received its surname from the distinctive Gothic rebirth castle on Austin Avenue the was constructed in between 1890 and 1913. Bearing that is own historic markers and also known together Cottonland Castle, the home has actually remained a hallmark the the community for countless years. ~ Source: image courtesy the the Texas Collection, Baylor University