The Rhine region is just one of the most beautiful in Germany, residence to castles, charming cities, and also offering spectacular scenery.

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Along the river, there are alternatives for first-class hotels, as well as castle hotels.

Check listed below our selection of the 10 ideal palace and castle-style many hotels to remain in the region.

Best royal residence & lock Hotels ~ above Rhine flow Germany

1. Reichenstein Castle


The Reichenstein Castle is a hotel, restaurant, and museum located in Trechtingshausen follow me the Rhine, and offers spectacular see of the river.

The rooms room comfortable and have a flat-screen TV and also a personal bathroom.

Burgweg 24, 55413 Trechtingshausen, Germany


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2. Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels


Located across from the Loreley Rock in the UNESCO center Rhine Valley at the foot the Rheinfels Castle, the Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels offers comfort with contemporary amenities.

All rooms have actually a flat-screen TV, seating area, and minibar.

The hotel has a swimming pool, a sauna, and also a spa.

Schlossberg 47, 56329 St. Goar, Germany


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3. Rheinstein Castle


The Rheinstein Castle is now an elegant hotel located 78.2 km (48.6 miles) indigenous Frankfurt.

The background of the castle goes back to the end of the 13th century and became a price of the romantic castle repair in the 19th century not only because of the imposing location on a steep rock, however its eventful history has additionally seen many highlights.

The castle additionally houses a museum, a shop and offers a beautiful Christmas market from the finish of November till the 19th that December.

The accommodation in a tower on 2 floors has a small balcony with a an excellent view that the Rhine.

Burg Rheinstein, 55413 Trechtingshausen, Germany


4. Burg Schwarzenstein


The Burg Schwarzenstein is located in Geisenheim close to Johannisberg Castle – a castle with vineyards thought about one that the ideal wineries in Europe – and also 60.9 km (37.8 mile from Frankfurt).

The rooms are in a modern building equipped through a flat-screen TV and a minibar.

The hotel is surrounded by vineyards and offers an award-winning gourmet restaurant in a castle and also scenic views of the Rhine.

Rosengasse 32, 65366 Geisenheim, Germany


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5. Romantik Hotel Klostergut Jakobsberg


Located in Boppard, overlooking the Rhine, in an old monastery that looks choose a royal residence complex, the Romantik Hotel Klostergut Jakobsberg offers comfort and elegance.

The rooms space equipped v a flat-screen TV, coffee maker and minibar. Every rooms and also suites have a balcony or terrace.

The hotel has a restaurant offer German specialties, a beer garden (self-service) top top weekends, an indoor swim pool, and also a spa.

Im Tal der Loreley, 56154 Boppard, Germany


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6. Bellevue Rheinhotel


The Bellevue Rheinhotel has actually been a timeless family-run hotel in Boppard because 1887.

The hotel is situated along the Rhine in a beautiful building that looks prefer a castle and also offers elegant Art Nouveau décor and a spa v a pool.

All rooms have a seating area, a flat-screen TV and a minibar.

The Bellevue Rheinhotel offers great value for money.

Rheinallee 41, 56154 Boppard, Germany


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7. Rheinhotel Dreesen


Located in Bonn, the birthplace of the well known German composer Ludwig valve Beethoven, the Rheinhotel Dreesen is collection on the financial institutions of the Rhine River and has an outstanding Art Nouveau façade. The hotel has actually been family-run since 1894.

Rooms room warmly decorated and also equipped through a flat-screen TV and a minibar.

Not far from the hotel is the beautiful Schloss Drachenburg castle.

Rheinstraße 45-49, 53179 Bonn, Germany


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8. Steigenberger grand Hotel Petersberg


Just favor a castle, the Steigenberger grand Hotel & Spa Petersberg stand tall over the Siebengebirge and the Rhine.

The rooms space cozy and also elegant, equipped through a flat-screen TV, coffee machine, seating area, and also minibar.

The hotel has a swimming pool, a sauna, a spa, a restaurant serving global dishes, and also a beer garden.

Petersberg, 53639 Königswinter, Germany


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9. Castle Liebenstein


Castle Liebenstein has actually a tiny family-run hotel where you can enjoy the medieval atmosphere in a lock hotel.

The rooms space all situated within the old wall surfaces of Liebenstein Castle and are furnished in a medieval style. From nearly every room, you can enjoy a magnificent check out of the Rhine.

The castle has actually a restaurant serving timeless German dishes.

56341 Kamp-Bornhofen, Germany


10. Jagdschloss Niederwald


The Jagdschloss Niederwald is a historical hunting Schloss located above Rüdesheim. The hotel provides comfort and features a swim pool, a spa, and a restaurant.

All rooms have a flat-screen TV and also a coffee machine.

Jagdschloss Niederwald 1, 65385 Rüdesheim to be Rhein, Germany


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