Castor oil is a pale yellow oil that originates from castor bean which has numerous uses approximately the home. Since it’s additionally a laxative, many women have discovered success drinking castor oil to induce labor in the direction of the end of pregnancy. But is castor oil a reasonable and also safe choice? In this blog write-up we discuss the ins and also outs (mostly outs… ha!) of utilizing castor oil to induce labor. Let’s obtain started!


Eat a good dinner.Get a good night’s rest.Wake increase rested and also eat a an excellent breakfast.Arrange childcare for her already-born children.Mix it v an enticing beverage that your choice such together a milkshake, juice, or a cold coke. Drink that by itself, or try cooking some eggs v it. Whatever you try, simply know the it won’t taste good. The gentle taste linked with the incredibly thick structure is just gross.Don’t try to taste it prior to you gulp down it. Simply chug it.Go right into labor and have a baby!


My Castor Oil Story

Once upon a time i was 40 weeks pregnant through my third child. So late Saturday night my water broke, but strong labor never ever followed. Eventually, ~ trying a barrage of herbal labor induction techniques, mine midwife and also I made decision to use castor oil come induce labor. Here’s mine story.

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“Later on we ate breakfast, my youngsters went end to my neighbor’s and also then we chatted v my midwife about what our plan of action should be. Nothing had changed for the better, if anything it seemed choose my contractions were also wimpier and further apart. We made decision that ns would execute castor oil and also castor oil is what i did.

Matt saw a drugstore and came back with a 4 ounce bottle of that nasty stuff. Ns drank about 3 ounces the it. I wasn’t messing about anymore. This was at 10 am and we immediately took naps learning that i would soon be pooping a lot, make the efforts to have a baby.

Around noon ns woke up and puked. Then pooped. A lot. And also pooped some more and climate puked again. Then pooped part more. And also then again. It to be a particular kind of hell… that ns was certain about.

At this allude I was having actually contractions about 2-3 minutes apart. I made decision to inspect myself (used a sterile glove to minimize any type of potential infection) and noticed the baby was reduced than previous days, yet I couldn’t yes, really tell if over there was any progress with the cervix. The glove made points feel also weirder than usual.

I invested that afternoon ~ above the toilet and also napping. Ns ate something at part point, yet I can’t remember what. And of course, I stayed very well hydrated.

Here’s a text I sent to mine midwife (I was starting to get in a bad mood from all the pooping), “I had a minute on the toilet where my bowels to be going nuts and I had to pull ago because ns wasn’t sure if ns was feeling a teensy little bit pushy or if my ass was exploding.”

Yeah… it is castor oil. Use just as a last resort, people!

Later my contractions to be coming every 2-5 minute apart and also were definitely stronger than before. Around 2 pm i told mine midwife possibly she should come over but not come sue me if whatever fizzled out. She, together usual, no care around false alarms and wanted to aid me and also do her job. I love her.

She got there about 3 pm and things… FIZZLED OUT! ns was not crapping myself 24-7 no longer (only periodically at this point) and also when that went away, mine contractions went ago to your previous wimpy pattern. Just how frustrating! exactly how bizarre!”

For me, castor oil go not automatically bring on labor. Probably castor oil did boost my Bishop Score, which is constantly helpful. I later went on and received Pitocin, which operated quite well, and also had a baby early on the next morning. (To read the remainder of my bear story head on end here.)

SIDE NOTE: ns did no poop while pushing out my baby. There to be nothing left come poop! Yay castor oil.

For what it’s worth, i personally recognize a great handful of world that have found success through castor oil.

Castor Oil to Induce job Pros and Cons

Pulling the trigger to shot castor oil to induce job should lug you stop – it’s a big decision. Use the following list, in addition to your treatment provider, to number out the finest course of activity for you and also your baby.


Less invasive than other approaches of induction, favor a foley catheterInexpensiveAdministered quicklyCan be excellent at home and does not call for a hospital admissionIf the human body is favorable, could put a woman in laborIf no labor, can at minimum rise her Bishop Score i beg your pardon would boost her possibilities of a vaginal delivery


May not workCastor oil may bring on strong, close together contractions that eventually lead to… nothingIf no timed correctly, castor oil + a lengthy labor = exhaustionMay cause hemorrhoidsMay cause dehydrationThe impacts of castor oil is no a pleasant experience

Castor Oil come Induce job Recipes

A girlfriend of mine that’s a midwife in ~ a regional freestanding birth center uses both the the complying with castor oil recipes come induce labor v her clients.

Castor Oil recipe #1 2 ounces castor oil 1 cup vanilla or cacao ice cream 2 splashes of milk 1/2 the a banana

Instructions: Combine ingredient in a blender. For the finest experience, drink whole “milkshake” through a straw.

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Castor Oil cooking recipes #2 2 ounces castor oil 1 cup orange juice 1/2 that a banana 1 handful of ice

Instructions: Combine ingredient in a blender. Because that the ideal experience, drink entire “smoothie” v a straw.

Alternatives to Castor Oil come Induce Labor

Of course, castor oil is not the only option because that a natural induction. Isn’t the nice to have actually options? Speak v your treatment provider to talk about other methods of induction as well as castor oil. Ns bet they have actually even more ideas and information to share through you!

Castor Oil come Induce Labor: How about You?

Did you usage castor oil to induce labor? What was your experience?

Leave a comment and also share your story with the mommy Rising community. We’d love to discover from you!

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