One pair of white cat earsEmotions relocate the earsEasy to operateWith light touch sensors top top the forehead and earUses 4 AAA batteriesResearch class technology

The Brainwave Cat ears is a pair of engine- cat ears that comes v a brainwave sensor. The motor cat ears have the right to be moved by way of irradiate touch sensors that signal the to revolve up or down depending on the the atmosphere of the wearer.

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The Review

Appearance and also Design

Appearance wise, the is as kawaii together it deserve to get. The cat ears are type of huge than the usual ingredient you see approximately online, and also it’s fluffy and also fuzzy. The cat ears room secured on two blocks on each end of a headband. That is removable, and you deserve to replace it v dog ear or even adversary horns. The ears’ activities are regulated by your mind activity, by method of the sensor uncovered on the forehead area and also that uncovered on the left ear. Four pieces the AAA battery are compelled to do this cat ears work.

The is slightly heavy, additionally in component because of the batteries, but it deserve to be changed to fit her head size and you will at some point get provided to it, hopefully. Feedback from many of its customers though mentions the a slight buzzing sound as soon as the headband is rotate on. Relying on your sensitivity, you can find the slim buzz be sure or annoying.

Brain wave Reading

The highlight of the Cat ear is its capacity to respond to mood via your mind waves. For example, if she focused, the ears often tend to perk up and move fast. On the other hand, when you’re relaxed, the ear droop. However, this is as much as the ears have the right to do, as it does not directly respond come your brain waves.



The technology on which the toy is marketed in reality works. In the kingdom of cat ears toys and other engine- toys, the Cat ears is really unique. It can be offered for assorted purposes, however it’s an excellent for cosplays too. The has a beautiful packaging and also comes with detailed instructions.



While the toy is interesting, it is quite expensive. Numerous feedback from customers additionally mentions the the breaks easily that’s why it is advised no to stay the cat ears as soon as you’re in the car. It cannot be used for lengthy periods that hours due to the fact that the motors deserve to die on you and you need a frequent adjust of batteries. The electrodes for the sensors deserve to be a bit challenging to position properly. Also, a common problem for those who got the is the the ear clips damaged easily, partially due to the fact that of the feather in the clip.

Some who bought the cat ears complain about the headband since it to be quite little and can cause a slim headache. However, this may be top top a case-to-case basis.

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Bottom Line

The Brainwave Cat ear really works well, and also it’s a funny accessory you can wear to parties and also cosplays or just to grab some attention! Nevertheless, that is price sign is a little bit high also for a pair the wiggling cat ears!

Production of the Brainwave Cat Ears has actually been discontinued by the manufacturer, yet this product is still easily accessible at Amazon.