Have you ever woken up to discover your cat resting on her chest or curled up on top of your legs? Or perhaps your kitty likes come nestle on your lap if you"re the town hall TV. Every little thing the case, you"ve most likely asked at some point, "Why does my cat put on me?" Cats generally snuggle up v you because they love you and also you help them feel warm, safe, and also secure.

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Cats put on You because that Love and also Bonding

Cats deserve to be very affectionate. Occasionally they"ll number out what time friend come house from work and also be waiting at the door for you, wanting pets and also scritches. They might bump you through their heads, rub versus your legs, or meow because that a snuggle. Some cats follow their owners from room to room like a small duckling. And they might lay on you out of love too.

There"s additionally a social bonding element at play. Some cats yearn for snuggles and cuddles, i beg your pardon is why you could see 2 cats resting together or lie on each other. That same bonding translates to humans too.

They need Warmth

Cats" common body temperature can variety from 99.5°F come 102.5°F, and also maintaining the temperature bring away work.1 Cats seek sunny places and also even warm vents to remain extra toasty. Therefore of course, her cat will certainly be drawn to your body heat.

Cold cats are even more likely to look for your human body for some extra warmth. That"s why her cat could sleep on you much more at night throughout the winter. If you"re to run a fever, you might also notification your cat seeking girlfriend out more because your body warm is a tiny higher.

Have you ever wondered, "Why does my cat put on my confront or sleep on mine chest?" Well, warmth have the right to play a huge role in this too. The warmest parts of your body are your head, armpits, and also chest.2 So those might be the parts your cat seeks out. Her cat might likewise just love the sound of her beating heart.

If her cat is trying come lay on girlfriend a little too much, you can tempt she away v a heated cat bed. The warmth from the bed mimics your very own body heat, offering a comforting alternative.

You aid Them feeling Secure

Your cat may lay top top you in ~ night or sleep on her chest for security. A current study found that cats are emotionally attached to their owners in ways that mirror exactly how babies room attached to their parents.3 In the study, kittens feeling distress as soon as their owners were gone, and more security once their owners come back. Through that sort of relationship, it"s an extremely likely the your cat sleeps ~ above you due to the fact that he sees you as a source of security and also you do him feel safe. It"s a vast compliment: your cat sees you together a parental he wants to snuggle increase with.

They want to show that girlfriend Belong to Them

Cats depend a lot of on their feeling of smell. It"s among the key ways they communicate.4 Your cat might rub her confront on you to deposit pheromones and oils, mirroring comfort and also marking ownership. And also because your smell is familiar, it"s comforting and secure. By resting on you, she could be marking you as belonging come her.

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If her cat doesn"t prefer laps or lied on you, don"t be discouraged or take it it personally. Some cats merely aren"t lap cats or cuddling cats, despite they may readjust their preferences later on in life. In the meantime, friend can assist him feeling warm and loved through a heated bed. Your cat will love gift toasty and may stretch the end on his back, ship in the air, in appreciation. That"s an additional sign the he"s an extremely secure and also trusts you.