So you just woke up, and also there happens to be a sphere of fluff comfortable lying down on you. What fluff, friend say? Well, it’s none various other than her adorable cat who has made decision to sleep on your chest for the time-being, prefer you’re their favorite pillow.

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If you’re a cat owner, this might be a familiar scenario. And also isn’t it together an aww-moment whenever it happens? Meanwhile, this leader you to a curious inquiry — "Why does my cat sleep on me?"

Yes, you could have bought her cat a comfy bed. While her cat walk sleep on it, she occasionally prefers to take naps ~ above shelves, boxes, tables, or most especially...on you. So, why carry out cats sleep on you?

Apart from the factor that castle love you, this habits may likewise be linked to a cat’s natural instinct that taking treatment of their kin and how they interact with each other as soon as they’re out in the wild.

It may likewise provide included context come learn around a cat’s sleeping patterns, and how it’s different from ours. While human beings usually sleep continuously throughout the night, cats take number of naps in a work to gain back their energies. These catnaps yet are often in a light sleep mode.

The reason for this is because cats are natural-born hunters that are always ready to fight or protect themselves indigenous predators. In relationship to this, the behavior of lying down on girlfriend is a way for them come feel more secure, particularly when they’re acquisition a nap.

5 factors Why cats Sleep On their Owners

So, what go it typical when her cat sleeps on you?

They want to bond v you

Cat owners can attest come the reality that cat really room sweet creatures. Nothing be fooled by your reputation of being standoffish. Yes, cats desire to bond v their owners in your own unique way.

One of their means of showing their affection is to sleep v you. It’s her cat’s way to display how lot they want to be close to you. It likewise brings her cat a sense of comfort to hear the sound of her breathing or her beating heart.

This have the right to be likened to a cat’s actions in the wild where they display much affection to their kin. They shortcut by grooming and also rubbing every other as well as by pillowing together when they sleep.


They prefer the warmth

Do you an alert that her cat likes sunbathing by the home window where the sunlight passes through during the day? This is because cats love warmth as it helps them relax and have restful naps.

But why do cats lay on friend specifically? due to the fact that your human body is warmer than most spots in the room, they choose it as soon as they’re relaxing on you. Warmth also induces better quality of sleep in cats and also so maintaining themselves heat while sleeping on friend is good for your health.

They want to feel secure

Because cat are organic hunters in the wild, lock look because that secure locations when they have the right to rest and recharge in in between hunting. In the residential setting, you room that for sure haven for them. Cats are fragile when sleeping, therefore this behavior argues that they to trust you and also feel secure as soon as you’re there.

This actions can additionally be traced ago to kittenhood as soon as litters would certainly pillow on every other and on their mothers as lock sleep. Lock are raised this means during your peak breakthrough weeks as they learn around social skills and other an abilities that they bring with them right into adulthood.

They’re marking their territory

Cats space territorial in nature. In the residence setting, they relax pheromones produced by their scent glands to case their territory. So once they sleep on height of you, lock are indeed marking their scent on you. This is in reality a compliment.

It’s a method for them come say the you’re a part of your tribe, similar to how cats in the wild note cats of the exact same group. The action of her cat rubbing your heads or bodies on girlfriend is additionally a part of this procedure of marking their scent.

It might be because of hormones

In a check by neuroscientist Paul Zak, he learned 10 cats and also examined your saliva samples if they to be playing with their owners. The results present that over there was rise in the cats’ oxytocin levels by approximately 12%.

A research by Behavioral Processes also shows that cats may actually like interacting with their owners more than their love for food. In relation to this, the action of her cat sleeping on girlfriend may additionally be a sign that they create happy hormones when they bond with you.

Why cats Sleep on particular Parts of your Body

You might be wonder — Why does my cat place on me? — an especially on my chest, lap, or head? below are few of the reasons why.

Why does mine cat lay on my chest?

Because kittens may have spent a large part the their developmental years pillowing with other kittens and their mothers, veterinarians think that the sound and also rhythm of her heartbeat can be connected with the bonds they have actually made v their mothers and siblings. Due to the fact that they now see you together their family, it’s very likely that sleeping on her chest helps store them calm and also at ease.

Why does my cat sleep on my legs?

Cat owners may probably have actually a great idea why your cat jumps towards their lap to sleep. Your body language claims it all — they space motioning for you come pet and bond v them. Laps no only give them warmth, but it’s likewise a perfect spot for endless petting.

Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Apart native the reality that her head is warm, that is additionally the many stationary component of her body whenever you sleep. Due to the fact that there’s a opportunity for you to twist and also turn during the term of her sleep, your cat might be careful so as not to it is in hit by her arms or legs.

Another possible reason is the they have actually a point for eye contact. They often interact with their eyes, so laying on her head may provide them the benefit of being close to your eyes.

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Lastly, they may be drawn to your head because of the odor of your hair. Cats have actually a heightened feeling of smell, and if they like the odor of her hair, they more than likely want to stay close to it.