We gain asked a most questions about cat puke. From color to contents, shape, frequency and also every awful thing in between, we’re asked it all. In this article and corresponding podcast snippets, Drs Bradbury and Guimaraes answer few of the most common questions posed by cat owners v vomiting issues.

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The Cat physician · Dr B and also Dr G define when one appointment can wait vs. When it needs prompt attention.

The most essential question we have to answer is: should I avoid reading this article and take my cat to the ER? If her cat is experiencing any kind of of the following, go to the emergency room:

Can’t save down any food or water. Vomiting plenty of times per day.

Vomiting blood

Vomiting what looks favor coffee grounds

The greatest health risks, all of which room rare, the are associated with vomiting room bleeding, obstruction of the digestive system, and also severe dehydration. That’s what this list is trying come address.

Do I require to bring my cat come the vet for vomiting?

Vomiting in cats is not normal, however neither does every vomit warrant a trip to the vet. Here is a straightforward diagram to assist you decide if a vet visit is necessary.

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The diagram isn’t perfect, and if girlfriend think your cat’s vomiting doesn’t fit in here, be safe and call your vet.

How should I prep because that an appointment through my vet?

Short answer: file their diet. Take images of their puke.

The Cat medical professional · Dr B and also Dr G describe how to gain ready and make the many out that a vet visit for vomiting.

The much more information us have around your cat the better, yet here is a perform of some points you deserve to do before your visit:

Write under your cat’s feeding habits. What species and what brands of food (wet, dry and also treats) space you feeding? exactly how much? exactly how often?

Take a snapshot of the puke. Gross? Yes, but incredibly useful.

Take note of how countless times her cat has vomited in the critical week v approximate times after eating if possible.

Make sure your kitty has actually fresh water to drink. Vomiting is dehydrating.

What deserve to I expect throughout my visit?

Short answer: Questions, one exam, and diagnostics testing.

The Cat doctor · Dr B and also Dr G tell us what lock do during a visit and also what you can expect native them.

Question about the diet

First, her vet is going come ask girlfriend for all of the details in the “what should I do prior to an appointment” section. For the most fertile visit, come all set with the information.

Thorough examination

Once in the room, her vet will thoroughly study your cat for indicators of blockages, masses, and also constipation, unfortunately though, examinations nothing tell us much around the state of her cat’s kidneys, blood glucose, thyroid, or intestines.

Diagnostic testing

If her vet can’t feeling or view something that is resulting in the vomit, and also that is regularly the case, they will recommend running diagnostic bloodwork and, once warranted, imaging (ultrasound or x-rays). Testing helps us get to the root reason of the vomiting for this reason that we can create a treatment plan.

Are over there over-the-counter remedies?

Short answer: Sometimes

The Cat physician · Dr B and also Dr G describe what friend can and also can"t do to reduce acute vomiting symptoms.


When a cat is regurgitating (immediately vomiting up food ~ eating), there are at-home changes you have the right to make to try and help them out. Regurgitation is usually brought about by eating too lot too quickly. So smaller portions, placing up food as soon as you’re out throughout the day, and separating multiple cat into different rooms during feeding are all at-home fixes that deserve to curb the “regurg.”

If the problem is overeating, making the alters suggested above should work out the regurgitation nearly immediately. View your vet if that doesn’t.


True hairballs come up looking prefer a pipe of hair. There’s no a lot of food in them, and also they’re an ext solid than liquid. If your cat is genuinely throwing up hairballs, then lubricating gels like Laxatone can help. Grooming or “lion cuts” because that long-haired and short-haired cat decrease the amount of hair lock ingest and can resolve the problem as well.

However, favor regurg, if you nothing see advancement within a week, or if the concern worsens, do an appointment v your vet.

Plant matterSometimes grass or various other plant issue will scratch your cat’s stomach and cause them to vomit it ago up. The simplest means to prevent this is to protect against them from eat the plant. Removing the tree or placing it in one area they can’t reach is your finest bet.

There are common plants like easter lilies that deserve to be deadly. Therefore if the vomiting persists, contact your vet.

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Pretty much everything elseUnfortunately, there really aren’t any useful over-the-counter remedies once your cat is typically vomiting increase things choose bile, partially digested food, or stomach acid. Usually, over there is an underlying issue that will need veterinary-prescribed treatment plans to clean up lengthy term.