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Every cat is special, but once in a if you can see simply how special: We’re talking about heterochromia, or cats v different-colored eyes! an odd-eyed cat, as they’re occasionally called, isn’t together rare as you’d think. Let’s find out why the condition occurs and also in which breeds it is an ext likely come appear.

What is heterochromia?

Heterochromia occurs in humans and also other animals like cats and dogs. The term most frequently refers to a difference in coloration in between two irises—but it can prolong to hair color and skin color, as well. Take, for example, one of the many extreme examples of the problem found in nature: Venus the Two face Cat!

Venus the Two confront Cat showcases an extreme example that heterochromia

Heterochromia have the right to be genetic or acquired through condition or injury. Some experts say Venus may be a “feline chimera,” an interpretation her cells contain two types of DNA, resulted in when 2 embryos fuse together. She one blue eye—while rare in cats—is common of cases of finish heterochromia.

Types of heterochromia

There are several species of cats v different-colored eyes. Those with complete heterochromia, as pointed out earlier, frequently have one blue and also one “normal” eye, such as green, yellow, copper, or orange. Partial heterochromia refers to one iris include two various colors. Finally, central heterochromia indicates that the area roughly the pupil is a different color than the remainder of the iris.

Common odd-eyed cat breeds

Heterochromia most generally occurs in cats v white coats. Unfortunately, when a white cat has actually one blue eye and one eye of another color, hearing disabled is most likely to take place in the ear ~ above the side of the blue eye.

Khao Manee


The Khao Manee, which means “white gem,” is thought to have actually been a favorite in ancient Siamese royal palaces. Also today she is treasured throughout Thailand and also other Indonesian cultures. This odd-eyed cat is playful, curious, and loving.

Turkish Angora


The Turkish Angora is traditionally heavy white through a long, well-muscled body. He may have been the an initial long-haired cat to arrive in Europe. It’s stated that Turkish sultans sent these cats as presents to the nobles of France and England throughout the 16 century.

Turkish Van


The Turkish van is a rare, old breed, known for his intelligence and also a specific love that water. The is a large, agile cat normally sporting a combination of white and color-patched fur.

Dog breeds through heterochromia


Siberian Huskies frequently have finish heterochromia, while breeds such as the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, Welsh Corgi, good Dane, Dachshund, and also Chihuahua much more commonly sport partial.

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Heterochromia in humans

The problem in humans is rare, affecting less than 1% that the population. It’s thought that Alexander the good had the (and may have sought the end an odd-eyed horse, as well). Other famous deals with with different-colored eyes encompass Christopher Walken, Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, and also Simon Pegg.

Contrary to popular belief, David Bowie did not have actually this condition. His distinctive gaze stems native a permanently dilated pupil, i beg your pardon was brought about by a teenage brawl.

Cats with different-colored eye aren’t exactly a dime a dozen—but your heterochromia is an ext common 보다 it is in many other species. Yet one more reason come treasure the true selfhood of felines!