A brand-new book claims the story of a teenager who posed together a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer that influenced the beloved Steven Spielberg film could have all been one brilliant lie.

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Though it might not it is in as renowned as any of the Indiana Jones movies or Jurassic Park or Saving private Ryan, Catch Me if friend Can has always quietly been just one of Steven Spielberg"s best films. In fact, record Me if friend Can is actually ranked as Spielberg"s fourth-best directorial effort on Rotten Tomatoes, over any of his various other movies I"ve discussed here.



Leonardo DiCaprio stars as genuine life con guy Frank Abagnale Jr., who throughout the "60s and "70s cashed much more than $2 million in fake checks and successfully posed together a doctor, a lawyer, a university professor, and a pilot because that Pan American airlines. Follow to Abagnale"s very own story, he began conning at the age of 15 and was hunted throughout his teenage year by the FBI (Tom Hanks theatre the fictional agent Carl Hanratty, loosely based upon Joseph Shea that was a girlfriend of Abagnale). The film likewise shows Abagnale escape double from the FBI—once from a plane as it to be on the runway in ~ JFK and again indigenous a detention center in Atlanta.


The biggest Hoax ~ above Earth: catching Truth, While we Can

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It"s an incredible story. However a brand-new book from reporter Alan C. Logan says Abagnale"s version of things—and the movie"s narrative—might be his best con.

Using public records and interviews, Logan outlines a really different story in The greatest Hoax on Earth: catching Truth, While we Can.

“What really occurred was that, dressed as a TWA (Trans world Airlines) pilot, which he just did for a couple of weeks, befriended a flight attendant called Paula Parks,” Logan called WHYY podcast The Pulse. “He complied with her anywhere the east Seaboard, figured out her work-related schedule v deceptive means, and essentially stalked the woman.”

This is much from the sexy, charming, almost Bond-like variation of the story we check out in Catch Me If you Can.

“So Abagnale’s stare that between the eras of 16 and also 20, he was on the run, chased anywhere the joined States and also even globally by the FBI. This is fully fictitious,” Logan said The Pulse. “Public records derived by me present that he was confined because that the most part in prison during those years.”