“Catch Me Outside” girl daniel Bregoli continues to capitalize on her viral reputation by making moves in the people of rap. While few people took she music career seriously, she’s currently landed a young hit. Her song “These Heaux”—which has earned an ext than 19 million YouTube views and also 34,000 elafilador.net pageviews because it to reduce in late August—debuted ~ above the Billboard hot 100 this week in ~ No. 77.

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To placed that in perspective, that method the song is currently charting greater than the biggest singles by respect rappers choose Joey Bada$$, Earl Sweatshirt, activity Bronson, or Vince Staples.

With countless views in just a couple of weeks, “These Heaux” can climb even further increase the charts, although it remains to be checked out if the will have the ability to earn far-ranging radio airplay.

The fourteen-year-old Bregoli (who raps under the name Bhad Bhabie), has recently been spotted hanging out with teenage rappers prefer YoungBoy Never damaged Again and also Lil Pump. She likewise appeared in Kodak black’s “Everything 1K” music video clip earlier this year.

“These Heaux” is produced by Mando Fresh, who has likewise worked through Meek Mill and also Mike Stud. The lyrics (it’s no clear if Bregoli is composing them) aren’t specifically groundbreaking, difficult to the familiar lanes the flashing cash and dissing her competition (whoever the is):

I ain’t nothin" prefer these hoes (no)Don’t compare me to nobody (don’t perform it)Money eco-friendly like CeeLo (yup)Yeah, my bag so swole up

The track dropped simply two weeks ago but Bregoli has already followed it up with an ext new music. She remixed Kodak Black and also XXXTENTACION’s “Roll In Peace” earlier this week:

Today, she likewise hopped ~ above the win of Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty’s “From the D to the A”:

While this tracks represent Bregoli’s very first foray into music, her viral fame acquired a rise from DJ Suede’s “Cash Me Outside,” a music remix the her notorious appearance on Dr. Phil.

Even if listeners check out her raps as a gimmick, there’s still the opportunity that she’ll accomplish crossover success. After ~ all, Cardi B controlled to revolve Instagram and also reality TV fame right into a successful rap career this year, scoring a No. 2 hit v “Bodak Yellow.”

On the other hand, Cardi is a Bronx indigenous with Dominican and also Trinidadian roots, while Bregoli is a white teenager from south Florida that has already faced accusations of social appropriation and double standards that might grow enlarge with boosted popularity. Still, in the anything-goes musical landscape that 2017 whereby viral fame deserve to lead to increased streaming numbers, it’s no out of the inquiry that she might accomplish something similar to Cardi’s success.

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Listen to the song above and read all the text to Bhad Bhabie’s “These Heaux” on elafilador.net now.