watching MTV's reality collection Catfish is quite the wild time. There are plenty of unbelievable and also intense episodes and also it's never easy to predict what's going to happen. Sure, some facets remain the same, as Nev and also his co-host Kamie perform online research and also track under each person (and as soon as Max was on the series, he to be the one act this alongside Nev).

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It's exciting to learn about what it's prefer to be a star ~ above Catfish and while for many, there room no love relations made and there is too lot lying walking on, some couples really have actually stayed together. Others have tried their finest to develop a meaningful, actual relationship and have run right into some obstacles. So, when it involves some that the fan-favorite Catfish couples, where are they now? Let's discover out!

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Updated top top November 5, 2021, through Michael Chaar: Catfish has certainly taken ~ above a life the its own complying with its 2012 premiere ~ above MTV. Fans have vecome invested in a variety of couples who have efficiently made it out of the show, however, where space they now? Well, as for Ashley and Mike, tragedy struck both that them complying with Mike's passing in 2013, and Ashley's fatality in 2016. Colleen and Tony space still very much together and also engaged, and even invited a baby young together ago in 2017. Together for pan favorites, Leuh and Jeremy, it seems as if your romance fizzels quite fast. In 2017, Leuh common that she and also Jeremy are no longer together, and her cut throat tweet led pan to think that that cheated on her.

because that a long time, there to be two human being who met via Catfish and seemed to have actually an actual relationship after. Lauren and also Derek are well-known as the couple who actually dropped in love on Catfish yet it's sad to discover that they did split up. What about some of the other couples?

Ashley and also Mike appeared on season 2 the Catfish and they wanted to remain together. Follow to Distractify, Ashley Sawyer and also Mike Fortunato had actually been talking for a period of 7 years, and also then castle met each other via the MTV series. Ashley and also Mike want to continue to be together and give their partnership a actual shot. Yet something devastating happened to both the them.

This story has actually a an extremely tragic ending, together in 2013, Mike passed away of a pulmonary embolism. In 2016, Ashley passed far at the age of 23, and ITV states that her cause of death is no known.

In this Catfish episode, both human being showed each various other fake photos so they could pretend come look different, as they were both insecure. As soon as they met IRL, they to be able to view where the human was comes from. It's terrible to think the Ashley and also Mike could have had actually a real, loving connection if not for the tragedies the took place.

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Colleen and Tony showed up in season 6 of Catfish and as soon as Nev and also Max started their investigation, that turned the end that they were every explaining the situation differently.

Tony told Nev and Max that Colleen's age was various than it really was, and also that she want money native him. Nev described in the episode, "It's simply weird to united state that the would have a various version the the story. It's make it hard for united state to recognize who to believe."

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This Catfish episode featured a proposal as according to Us Weekly, Jeremy (who go by his center name, Tony, while talking to Colleen), request Colleen if she would marry him.

Max said, “Congratulations. You’ve been catfished and also you still have a relationship. That’s only happened to one various other person. We’re like 95 episodes deep.”

according to In Touch Weekly, based on Colleen's Instagram, it appears that she and also Jeremy walk live happily ever before after and have a child together. Colleen had actually a infant in 2017. Over there are numerous comments from fans saying how happy they are to learn that things cleared up so well.

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if viewers clock each episode of Catfish, they typically think that one person is lying around their identity and using fake photos, regularly from who else's society media profiles. In the season 5 illustration featuring Leuh and Justin, that turned the end that Justin was entirely real.

This to be a hard situation, together Leuh to be willing to accomplish Justin in person, and he was slow to agree to that. Leuh resided in upstate NY and she wanted to relocate to California and go come college over there so she can be with Justin. Once the 2 did lastly meet top top the beach, Justin yes, really was who he claimed that the was.

follow to MTV News, Justin retained bringing up marriage during this first meeting. He stated he would make certain that Max and Nev were wedding guests and also then he said that he and also Leuh will "get that all identified once at the wedding."

Sadly, the 2 didn't finish up together, as in 2017, Leuh damaged the news on Twitter. She likewise mentioned the he wasn't her friend in an additional tweet.

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