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Airline: Cathay Pacific (CX) Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Flight #: CX 872 Route: Hong Kong worldwide Airport (HKG) to san Francisco global Airport (SFO) Date: April 23, 2019 Duration: 12 hours and also 15 minutes Cabin and also Layout: Cathay Pacific an initial class, 6-seat capacity throughout 2 rows, 1-1-1 configuration Seat: 2K Miles Used: None, booked Cathay Pacific mistake fare (HAN-HKG-SFO) round-trip very first class because that $1,208.14 Taxes and also Fees Paid: $135.74 in taxes and also fees, and also $183.40 in fuel surcharges Typical sleeve Cost: Approximately $16,990 Typical economic situation Cost: Approximately $1,571

Table of contents


Table that Contents


Booking Cathay Pacific first Class

Most clues enthusiasts recognize that Cathay Pacific first class is just one of the most aspirational flights you have the right to take, alongside Emirates or Singapore Airlines an initial class.

Booking Cathay Pacific very first class have the right to be difficult, specifically for 2 travelers. Cathay Pacific is typically pretty reliable as soon as it involves award availability, far in advance, because that 1 person. Cathay is well-known to relax 1 award seat as soon as the schedule is released and 1 an ext award seat in ~ 1-2 mainly of the leave date.

However, ~ above January 1, 2019, Cathay Pacific go something extraordinary. A failure fare in between Noi Bai international Airport (HAN) in Vietnam and certain cities in the U.S., including SFO and also John F. Kennedy global airport (JFK), were released. Round-trip flights in very first class might be had for between $1,000 and $1,200 while business class ticket were offered for about $700. These flights were between Vietnam and the U.S., v a protect against in Hong Kong.

This was honestly a phenomenal find, and I was really skeptical that Cathay Pacific would honor it, especially because they’ve had actually a lose in earnings recently. Nevertheless, ns crossed my fingers, paid $1,208.14 for a round-trip flight (HAN-HKG in Vietnam Airlines organization class and also HKG-SFO in Cathay Pacific first class), and hoped because that the best.

I to be astonished/shocked/perplexed to check out tweets from Cathay Pacific honoring the epos mistake fare. Currently that ns knew it to be legit, I gone into my Alaska Airlines regular flyer information. I attributed my very first class flight on Alaska Airlines, i beg your pardon earns an amazing multiplier of 350% redeemable miles.

The 6,914-mile flight finished up netting me 24,199 Alaska airline miles, i m sorry is nearly half of a one-way Cathay Pacific organization class trip from the U.S. Come Hong Kong!

Cathay Pacific Lounges in ~ Hong Kong worldwide Airport

We come from our connecting Vietnam airlines A321 business class trip at 1:30 p.m. And also our trip to san Francisco wasn’t until 12:45 a.m., for this reason we had a heavy 13 hrs to roam about the airport.

Importantly, we invested a ton of time at each of the 4 significant lounges operated by Cathay Pacific. We’re going come be creating a testimonial for each of the 4 major lounges, excluding the Bridge, in separate articles.

For now, here’s a few teaser pictures. The short of that is the Cathay Pacific operates few of the most sensational lounges in the world. On any type of given day, I would be happy visiting just one the the lounges.

To have obtained the opportunity to visit The Pier (First), The Pier (Business), The soup (First), and also The soup (Business) to be an pure privilege, and also I relish the possibility to worship Cathay Pacific for developing the can be fried premium cabin experience.

As quickly as our flight landed, we headed come The Pier, First. This lounge is located near gate 63 in Terminal 1. The way Cathay Pacific plans their lounges in Terminal 1 is as follows:

The Pier (First) and The Pier (Business) top top one side of the terminalThe soup (First) and also The soup (Business) top top the various other side that the terminal

Each that the lounges features different amenities, i m sorry was exciting to observe.

When we checked into the lounge, us were successfully whisked to the work suites, of i m sorry The Pier, very first has eight. These space private locations separated through curtains and furnished v comfortable work beds. The coolest point was the views end the runway.

Hot Tip: See just how one of our writers spent a 9 hour layover lounge hopping at Hong Kong global Airport!

A job suite in ~ The Pier, very first at Hong Kong international Airport.

While us were be safe in our work suite, us were lucky to it is in looking straight at a gate when a specific Emirates A380 to be taxiing come that exact same gate. It was rather a vision to see. The photos don’t quite carry out it justice, however we to be in awe of the slim size and beauty that this bird.

Emirates A380 see from The Pier, first at Hong Kong worldwide Airport

One of my weak spots is macarons, and also The Pier, first offers a macaron buffet. Don’t mental if i do!

Macarons were on offer in The Pier, an initial at Hong Kong worldwide Airport.

At The Pier, First, a free massage business is provided. The organization is 15 minute long, and also you can choose from a perform of services. I acquired a neck and shoulders massage, which to be refreshing and much-needed.

The Pier, an initial at Hong Kong global Airport provides guests totally free massages.

Another highlight of our visits to the various lounges to be the noodle bar in ~ The Wing, Business. This particular area reminded me of a Hong Kong cafeteria, whereby you have cooks make delicious wonton noodles best in former of your eyes.

The Wing, company at Hong Kong international Airport has actually a noodle bar!

The Pier, service is the only lounge of the 4 from Cathay Pacific v a devoted yoga, meditation, and wellness space. That was opened in February 2019, and it to be a much-appreciated treat. As a yoga enthusiast, I wanted to have actually the privilege of make the efforts it.

This 700 square-foot area (which is simply a tiny part of the all at once lounge) is separated into these two zones:

The body Sanctuary (yoga)The mind Sanctuary (meditation)

The body Sanctuary contains a an are to follow yoga videos from Pure Yoga and chairs for aided stretching.

Practicing mine Warrior II pose at The Pier, business at Hong Kong international Airport.

The Pier, organization was the critical lounge that us visited prior to heading to our gate for our red-eye flight.


We unintentionally time our arrival at the gate to coincide right after pre-boarding to be finished, which intended that we could walk directly onto our plane and come our seats.


I knew that Cathay Pacific had the world’s widest first class seat (measuring 36 inch wide), however I had actually no idea the a chair on a plane could be this huge. It looks gigantic in real life, and it exceeded my expectation of a spacious chair from the get-go.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class seat

We were provided with a ago pillow and also a neck pillow, the latter of i beg your pardon is attached v hook-and-loop fasteners (a velcro strap). Ns couldn’t acquire over just how much an are I was afforded. Keep in mind the I’ve experienced very first class on Japan Airlines and also ANA, among countless other first and company class products.

I don’t say this come brag, but I’m simply astonished in ~ the quality of Cathay Pacific’s seat.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class chair – next view

In fact, the footrest in prior of the chair is big enough to fit one passenger. Cathay Pacific is just one of the just airlines to sell dining with a companion at your seat, and it’s all thanks to this oversized ottoman.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class ottoman.

In addition, a ago pillow to be fastened to the footrest for the earlier support of any kind of dining companion.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class ottoman close-up.

I was seated in 2K, and also Vivian to be seated in the ideal seat — 2A.

For those the you who don’t currently know, we’ve compiled the definitive overview of Cathay Pacific’s routes to and also from the U.S. This is an absolutely essential guide if her future travel requires Cathay Pacific.

We additionally talk around the finest seats to pick on each airplane in each cabin class. In an initial class on your 777, couples will want to select 1A and also 2A, and solo travelers will want to pick 2A. 2A is the most private and quiet seat.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class cabin view

There space 6 seat in the entire an initial class cabin. These space arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration throughout 2 rows. The exclusivity that this seat is unparalleled, and we were treated thus throughout the whole flight.

Each the the very first class seats is a jaw-dropping 36 inches vast and 81 customs in pitch.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class cabin watch from the other side

Since ns was sit in window seat 2K, I could peer the end of any kind of of the 3 windows in ~ my throne.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class windows.

Although the very first class product has actually pretty lot been continual over the last numerous years, I discovered it to be holding up fairly well. Come the best of mine seat was a fresh flower, which was a classy touch.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class flower.

The in-flight monitor is situated next come the ottoman. It actions 17 customs diagonally, which is petite for very first class. There’s a latch best underneath the in-flight monitor, which can be used to pull the screen closer and also customize that is height and also positioning.

This is a large deal since a 17-inch monitor pulled out to near your face makes that look choose a 50 customs HD TV screen.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class in-flight monitor and also ottoman.

There was also a warehouse compartment right below the in-flight monitor.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class in-flight monitor and storage compartment.

To the next of the seat to be a large storage compartment. This was supplied to store my backpack and countless amenities (we’ll talk about that later).

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class large storage compartment.
Cathay Pacific 777 first class big storage compartment inside.

The cloak hanger is additionally located inside, which I used to store my Lululemon Men’s dark olive Switch over Bomber jacket. The warehouse compartment depth to be so vast that you can store a little carry-on upright in it.

The entertainment remote was pretty standard-looking, though the responsiveness to be top-notch.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class entertain remote.

There were two seat lamps, with one positioned on every side.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class seat lamp.
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class seat desk lamp 2.

To my appropriate was a warehouse compartment, i beg your pardon I provided for mine phone.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class warehouse compartment.
Cathay Pacific 777 first class warehouse compartment with lid open.

The headphone jack was located simply underneath the phone storage compartment.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class headphone jack.

There to be also second armrest, which you could lower because that extra support by pulling the loop tether down.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class armrest stowed.
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class armrest lowered.

In addition to the numerous storage compartments, friend could also store belongings underneath the ottoman. Ns stored my pair of shoes there and also still had actually so much room left over.

I discovered a 110V strength outlet, USB charging station, and also iPod port, however it was situated in somewhat of a weird place: ~ above the window side around 2 feet in former of the seat. Luckily, I carried a long charging cable.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class 110V outlet, USB, and iPod port.

There room a few pre-programmed chair buttons for:

Take-off/landingSleepingFootwell lights
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class chair controls.

The literary works storage compartment could be discovered on the left side of mine seat simply underneath a chair lamp.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class literature stowage.

In addition, there was a digital regulate module, which i fiddled v for a while.

The buttons manage the following (from left-to-right):

Seat lightingMassage functionSeat recline/positioning
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class digital chair controls.
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class seat irradiate controls.
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class massage controls.

The massage duty was somewhat weak because of the fact that there was a ago pillow, and also the whole seat cushioning mine back.

The wood finishes enhance the somewhat muted colors in the seat perfectly.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class armrest.

The seat tray table was situated on the window-side.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class tray table stowed.

This details tray table is extremely heavy. You’ll need to push down v your whole hand come deploy it. There’s a belt device that immediately pushes the tray table up.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class tray table.

After it’s was standing up, simply push or pull it flat, and you’re prepared to eat.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class tray table once flattened.

Bottom Line: The difficult product top top Cathay Pacific very first class is spectacular. The designers of this seat put thought into each aspect, and it shows. The aesthetics and utility space balanced, causing unpretentious, luxurious bliss. Bravo, Cathay Pacific! 


One point that hasn’t readjusted at every is the amenities on Cathay Pacific an initial class. This isn’t necessarily an excellent or bad, but it’s rather just one observation. We were handed Bose noise-canceling headphones come kick turn off our flight. These headphones space standard for first class, and also they’re excellent.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class headphones.

After that, the trip attendants passed the end his-and-hers Aēsop-branded travel kits.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class amenity kit.

Aēsop is understood to it is in a plant-focused, minimalist deluxe skincare brand, and I love their vibe. The amenity kit to be classic and also simple.

Inside the amenity kit to be a toothbrush, pipe of toothpaste, comb, mouthwash, earplugs, microfiber cleaning cloth, and also Aēsop-branded lip cream and also serum.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class amenity kit contents.
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class Aesop serum.
Cathay Pacific 777 first class Aesop lip cream.

After the headphones and amenity kits, us were handed pajamas (which they size up for us). Ns was handed the tool size, yet I finished up asking for a tiny set, i beg your pardon they were happy to give to me!

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class pajama bag

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class pajama bag.

The pajamas were Pye-branded, i beg your pardon is a Hong Kong designer and also premium noodle specialist. It certainly showed due to the fact that these pajamas to be remarkable. Lock were, dare I say, even much better than oriental Air’s Gianfranco Ferre pajamas.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class pajama bag close-up.

This pajama bag contained slippers, the pajamas, a super-soft eye mask, and a $HK500 voucher (or complimentary gift) at one of Pye’s locations.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class pajamas and also slippers
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class Pye voucher.

At this point, i walked to the lavatory to adjust into mine pajamas and also snap a couple of pictures that the facilities.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class lavatory sink.
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class lavatory wood finishes.

Aesop face hydrosol, hand and also body balm, and also facial cleanser to be all available for usage here.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class Aesop amenities.

Bottom Line: I love Aēsop amenities, and also I am absolutely mesmerized through the minimalist theme encapsulated by the skin care company. Unfortunately, ns selfishly would have liked to have seen much more Aēsop products in the amenity kit. Nonetheless, the amenities the were provided to be awesome. The Pye pajamas were world-class, and the Bose noise-canceling headphones were sufficient. 

Food and Beverage

Before departure, us were available a pre-departure beverage, and also I made decision champagne. This retails for about $150 per bottle. They offered to offer Krug, but this was freshly switched out. Nonetheless, the champagne to be fruity, aromatic, and smooth.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class pre-departure champagne.

A heat towel was provided, and we were offered some heat cashews and almonds.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class warmth towel.
Cathay Pacific 777 first class warmth nuts.

The seatbelt authorize was turn off shortly after takeoff, and the cabin crew automatically started preparing the enjoy the meal service. Together this to be a red-eye flight, they made a concerted initiative to serve passengers easily so we could fall into a food coma and sleep in paradise.

The meal business menus were distributed, and also I took a couple of minutes come flip through all the pages.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class food selection cover page.
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class title and dinner page.

We choose to have actually the Chinese menu as protest to the west menu, remaining true to mine Hong Kong heritage.

Like clockwork, ours orders were taken, and also I educated our crew that i would like to dine v Vivian at she seat, and also they happily obliged.

I do my means to she seat, and also they set up a tray-table extension, which to be awesome.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class tray table extension.

First, the quintessential caviar service. We had caviar and champagne served with timeless garnishes the blinis, chives, crème fraîche, and chopped eggs.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class caviar.

The caviar to be sensational. The savoriness of the roe wasn’t overwhelmingly salty at all. It to be perfect.

Next up was a bowl of chicken, winter melon, and barley soup. This is a famous Cantonese favorite, and it was simply warm and also comforting.

This was complied with by a cold plate of shredded chicken and jellyfish v sesame oil. The shredded chicken and jellyfish were wonderful in texture. I felt that the sesame oil to be poured with a little bit of a heavy hand, yet that’s my an individual preference. I’m accustomed to eating jellyfish through a irradiate vinegar-y sauce.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class soup and cold plate.
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class appetizer.

After us devoured the cold plate and inhaled the soup, the main course arrived.

Sauteed choy sum with garlic (left)Braised garoupa through bean curd and shiitake mushroom in ginger and scallion sauce (center)Steamed jasmine rice (bottom)

This main course was solid. The didn’t punch my mind, though I’ve to be conditioned come 1-3 Michelin star Cantonese restaurants when in Hong Kong, so mine bar could be a bit (unreasonably?) high.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class main course.
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class key course close-up.

For dessert, ns opted because that the Cantonese favorite, a dessert soup. Special, it was a chilled green bean and dried kelp sweet soup.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class dessert soup.

Vivian took pleasure in the chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream, and also raspberry coulis. It was excellent.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class dessert close-up.

With our meal organization wrapped up in around an hour and also a half, us were given Evian water bottles, toothpicks, and turndown chocolates.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class Evian water bottle
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class chocolates and also toothpicks.
Cathay Pacific 777 very first class chocolates.

The turndown chocolates to be wonderful, and it wrapped up the supper enjoy the meal service. Our cabin crew proactively made ours beds, and we slid right into a deep slumber for around 7 hours.

Upon waking up, I requested a cup (and, like, 3 refills) that Hong Kong milk tea.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class Hong Kong milk tea.

We also requested to have actually some snacks prior to our breakfast service. Ns ordered Hong Kong layout egg tarts, and Vivian bespeak braised maintained vegetable and roasted duck v rice vermicelli noodle in soup.

Both to be awesome, but I just need to interject: just how Cantonese is it to drink Hong Kong milk tea and eat egg tarts in Cathay Pacific first class?!

Cathay Pacific 777 first class egg tart.

The egg tarts to be warm and also fluffy.

The roasted duck noodles to be flavorful and heart-warming.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class roasted duck noodles.

After we finished ours “snacks,” us officially started our meal service. Us ordered a grapefruit juice and mango and also passion fruit smoothie.

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class breakfast juice and also smoothie.

An whole basket the bread was dispersed to each of us. All of these items to be delicious, specifically the croissant. Additionally, the Scottish strawberry preserves and Langnese pure punishment honey were soooo good.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class bread basket.
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class jams.

After us finished enjoying the bread assortment, we obtained the glorious main course. We both ordered the dim sum selection of:

Beef siu mai (牛燒賣) Yellow fungus and bamboo mushroom dumpling (黄耳竹笙餃) Har gow (蝦餃) Chicken glutinous rice sheathe in lotus leaves (珍珠雞)
Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class dim sum.

Bottom Line: All in all, I had a true Cantonese experience aboard Cathay Pacific very first class. I had actually the respect of eating dim sum, egg tarts, Hong Kong milk tea, and other Cantonese delicacies in the sky. Though the food didn’t wow me at every turn, I had actually a very consistent and pleasant experience. The capacity to dine v my fiancée amplified everything too. Oh, and also the caviar to be marvelous.

Entertainment & Service

Since this was a red-eye flight and also I was in the firm of my fiancée, ns didn’t really usage the in-flight to chat much. The said, let’s touch ~ above the service and entertainment.

Right ~ take-off, we uncovered a handwritten keep in mind from the cabin crew plank CX 872, which to be a very nice touch. Ted was our purser, while Mike was the cabin manager.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class note.

The 17-inch in-flight monitor was crisp in quality, however the significant benefit of this set-up is the the monitor deserve to be unlatched and pulled an extremely close come you.

There was a huge choice of in-flight options, it contained both new Hollywood releases and Hong Kong standards such as King the Comedy (a Stephen Chow classic).

Cathay Pacific 777 very first class in-flight entertain 1.
Cathay Pacific 777 first class in-flight entertainment 2.

I watched the flight show for a pair of minutes.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class flight map.

Also, I uncovered that over there are flight cameras which you might view.

The lights were dimmed, and also I evaluate the usage of the atmosphere lighting in stimulate to help sleep. I snapped images of the sprawling metropolis that is san Francisco before landing.

Cathay Pacific 777 first class technique 2.

I discovered the business on Cathay Pacific to it is in the best I’ve ever experienced. Period. It might have been because of the top quality of the cabin crew, yet I did not leave the flight wanting something else.

It almost seems choose a perfect symphony that was executed during the flight. Indigenous the stylish meal solutions to working approximately some unexpected turbulence to the friendliness the the crew to also proactively making my bed while i was dining through Vivian, ns was truly impressed.

Cathay Pacific 777 an initial class pre-landing picture.

Final Thoughts

Cathay Pacific first class live up to every one of my expectations and also more. Come me, the difficult product and also service room the many memorable components of the flight. Ns still can’t think the sheer size of the very first class seat. It’s astonishing come think that this seat might fit 2-3 world comfortably.

We were lucky to have actually a stellar and professional, however modest, cabin crew. They to be able to strike the appropriate balance in between helping us and also giving united state privacy.

I open minded wished the flight was much longer (or the it to be flying come my residence airport that Los Angeles instead of san Francisco), but it to be worth make adjustments for in order come take advantage of the wrong fare. It’s a very classy relocate to be honoring what can be the best mistake fare of all time, in spite of the number of people who booked it.

Cathay Pacific recently started reporting revenues after a long losing streak, and I hope the this company continues giving the commodities it does.

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