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Flying a long-haul trip in economy course isn’t fun, therefore if you have actually the miles to upgrade to a premium cabin, girlfriend should constantly explore that choice to make her trip an ext comfortable. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific has actually some the the many coveted first, business and premium economy products out there. If upgrading no cheap, the a great value compared with paying full company class fares, especially if you’re travel regularly and crave a an ext enjoyable experience.

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Here’s what you have to know around upgrading your ticket to premium economy, business class or an initial class under Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles loyalty program.

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What miles do you require for upgrades?

Marriott Bonvoy points transfer at a 3:1 ratio, and the routine awards you 5,000 bonus miles every time you carry 60,000 the them. Citi ThankYou points transport to Asia miles at a 1:1 ratio (1,000 points to 1,000 miles). American Express member Rewards also transfer come Asia miles at a 1:1 ratio.

Keep allude transfer times in mind when planning your trip with Asia Miles due to the fact that they might not article immediately and need to be in your account to upgrade. If the upgrade room disappears when you are waiting for your points to convert to miles, over there is no method to move them back.

How lot do upgrades cost?

You deserve to only update to one cabin class above your to buy fare, outlined below:

Economy tickets update to Premium economic situation (unless there is no Premium economic climate cabin, in which instance they update to company class)Premium economic situation tickets deserve to be upgraded to business class.Business course tickets have the right to be upgraded to first class.

The expense of the upgrade is based on the distance of her flight and also the course of service. In many cases, the sweet clues is upgrading Premium economic situation tickets to company class. Unfortunately, no all fare classes are eligible. In the table below, update prices room listed, one way.


Tailored awards deserve to be used for upgrades booked approximately 360 job in advancement on Cathay Pacific and also Cathay Dragon only. Tailored economy, Premium Economy and business course are available on all flight lengths. However, tailored an initial class flight awards space only easily accessible on ultra-short and also short hauls.

Can companion flights be upgraded v Asia Miles?

Usually, partner flights room not eligible for upgrades, however Cathay Pacific’s Asia miles does permit some upgrades on companion flights among its oneworld alliance airline partners.

British airways flights booked in economic situation classes Y, B and also H deserve to be upgraded come Premium Economy. Flights booked in W T, and E can be upgraded from Premium economy to business class. Fare great J, C, D, I and also R space eligible because that upgrades from business class to very first class.

Upgrades are also available for flights on American Airlines. The Y fare course is default for economy to service class upgrades. Fare great W and also P space eligible because that upgrades native Premium economic climate to organization class. And also fare class J, D, R and also I room eligible for organization class to an initial class upgrades. No various other partner flights have the right to be upgraded.

How to recognize upgrade an are is available

The easiest method to uncover out if upgrade space is accessible is to contact Asia Miles directly at 1-866-892-2598. If you know you desire to upgrade before buying your ticket, that is finest to check that the availability exists front of time.

The an are that is available for Cathay Pacific update awards is the same room for constant awards. This means that if you deserve to use your regular flyer miles for a complete ticket, you deserve to use her miles come upgrade.

The best place to examine Cathay Pacific award accessibility online is directly through the Asia mile site. Flights that have service standard awards obtainable are open up for upgrades to company class.

Can girlfriend waitlist if no upgrades room available?

If no upgrade an are is accessible after phone call Asia Miles, you have the right to ask the agent to placed you ~ above a wait perform in case a chair in a premium cabin. ~ hanging up, examine the condition of reservations for Cathay Pacific and also Cathay Dragon flights any kind of time top top its website. Log in v your Asia mile account, and also click “Manage booking.” ~ that, friend can pick your booking to testimonial the latest status, consisting of the wait list.

Once your flight is confirmed, you will receive an email from Cathay Pacific saying you effectively upgraded her ticket. Go to the website, log in in, click the “Manage this booking” button and select “Issue compensation ticket.”

Do upgrades obtain lounge access?

If you upgrade with miles, you acquire lounge access based on her ticketed class. A company class ticket it s okay you right into that lounge and also the very same with first-class tickets. Premium economic climate upgrades nothing come v lounge access.

How to book an upgrade

The easiest means to publication an update is by call Asia Miles directly at 866-892-2598. This is the an approach recommended by Asia miles representatives, particularly if you have actually a connecting itinerary.

It is theoretically feasible to book upgrades online v the ‘Manage Booking’ function on Cathay Pacific’s website, but the feature isn’t constantly reliable, particularly on itineraries with a connection. A far better bet is to speak to Asia Miles and have a representative procedure the upgrade. That way, you’ll know it’s a sure thing.

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The bottom line

Like any type of airline, if you take the time to research the upgrades you want and plan your trip far enough in advance, your odds of receiving an upgrade space better. It also helps if you deserve to be flexible with your travel dates, since it might be harder to snag upgrades throughout peak take trip times.