The Cathedral the St. Man the magnificent is adding nearly 400 bed to the nave the the church for patients indigenous Mt. Sinai a couple of block away. The cathedral leadership had been talk to Mt. Sinai around how it can help, offered the space and sources it has.

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The cathedral will be working v Samaritan’s Purse, the Christian relief company run by Franklin Graham the also collection up tents in central Park. That team has drawn criticism for making volunteers agree to a “statement of faith” that opposes same-sex marriage. Councilmember Helen Rosenthal and also others have said the city requirements to make sure the team does no discriminate versus any patients.

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman spoke with Bishop Clifton Daniel around why the cathedral — recognized for that is advocacy that LGBTQ issues — decided to occupational with the organization. “Now, I understand what Franklin Graham stands for, and also I am not for what he stands for at all. However at the exact same time, we’re in the organization of saving lives and helping people,” he said, in part. Check out the whole interview here.

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Natali says:
April 6, 2020 in ~ 6:46 pm

A ar of worship must only be supplied as a last will after every the more neutral areas are offered up. Pretty sure there space still many of non-religious college buildings, hotels, etc. As a Jew, ns wouldn’t desire to perhaps die in a church.

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WestSideGuy says:

Funny. I just said to my wife, it’s a mitzvah to provide this room for patients. Being a Jew, if I had to it is in treated because that this, I would certainly be really happy to it is in in a cathedral!

Gerald Sider says:

It is wonderful the the cathedral is law this. The old left slogan is: us don’t made decision our enemies and we don’t made decision our friend – history does the for us. Yet please might the church, in its basic decency, phone call Franklin Graham that as soon as decency to adjust up boundaries it ceases to be either decency or morality

Brandon says:

Just to be perfect clear, this is a Catholic church. Franklin Graham is not Catholic. Over there is no relationship in between him and also this church.

Gretchen says:

Very mixed feelings around the “homophobes” operation this ar hospital. Yet I totally respect the exorbitant Bishop Daniel, as this is a issue of life and also death, and also we have to put national politics aside to save valuable lives. However all lives must matter!