About the Cathedral (Duomo) of Saint john the Baptist in Turin:

There were actually three churches here in the fourth Century, and then this Cathedral, committed to Saint man the Baptist, was developed during 1491-1498.

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The Cathedral in Turin is particularly notable for two reasons:

1. The Chapel of the divine Shroud is the present resting ar of the Shroud of Turin, was added to the structure in 1668-1694. The Shroud is probably the most divine relic in the Church and certainly the many widely-known. Back the Church has never ruled on its authenticity, there is little doubt in most minds…one method or the other. Attempts to date it have proven unsuccessful….but this is due to the fact that the fragment that was examined to be most likely taken from a job on the shroud date from the Middle ages rather than from the shroud itself. Also, the reality that the is a an adverse image native a time when photography had not to be invented, cannot be explained. There are various other points to be made in favor of its authenticity, yet from our viewpoint, it truly is the interment shroud of Christ.

A devastating fire broke out in 1997, and also destroyed lot of the church. Fortunately, probably providentially, the Shroud had been relocated from the chapel to the Cathedral choir before the fire, to allow for repairs that were gift made to the roof of the Cathedral. Hence, the Shroud to be spared any damage.

Re-building immediately began, using countless of the products from the same quarry the Guarino Guarini supplied in the 17th Century, and also has been meticulously revived and deserve to now be reached from inside the royal palace, when the divine Shroud will continue to be in the cathedral.

It is not typically on display, quite it is locked in a silver casket within an steel box, within a marble caseso, for this reason don’t it is in disappointed. It is only displayed on certain occasions. But you deserve to see specific replica of the Shroud on display screen here.

The shroud to be last shown publicly in 2010 because that a duration of around two months. It will maybe be displayed again in 2020, due to the fact that it has normally been shown every 10 years. The exception was in 2015, when Pope Francis notified it come be presented for a period of 2 months.

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Click below for the Shroud website based in the U.S. (in English–packed through information).

Blessed Pier Giorgio hiking

2. In enhancement to the Shroud, friend will additionally find the tomb of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925), Turin native, fun-loving, avid athlete, devout Catholic and also benefactor the the poor, dubbed the “Saint for youth the the third Millennium.”

Upon his fatality at the young period of 24, his parents to be astonished at the huge turnout for his funeral. Civilization from all walks the life, particularly the poor and also the outcast, turned as much as bid him farewell.


In 1981, his body was discovered to be incorrupt once it was transferred to the Cathedral here in Turin. Miracles have actually been attributed to his intercession, such together this one here.

He was beatified by man Paul II in 1990. His Feast work is celebrated July 4.

So revered is he together a Saint because that young people, that his human body was brought to world Youth day Celebrations in Spain in 2011, again to World Youth work in 2013 in Brazil, and also to Krakow in 2016.

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We recommend the book “A man of Beatitudes” from Ignatius Press.

Traveling come the Cathedral that St. John the Baptist in Turin:

Address: Piazza san Giovanni.

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GPS coordinates: 45° 4′ 23.5992” N, 7° 41′ 9.2652” E

Tel: +39 (011) 436 1540

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