Both Catherine, Duchess that Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess that Sussex have numerous admirers everywhere the world. It’s tough to imagine that they were anything much less than popular and well-liked once they were in school. However, Kate and also Meghan apparently had difficulties with classmates who did not prefer them also much. In fact, castle both had comparable reasons because that being disliked in ~ school.

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | UK press Pool/UK press via Getty Images

Where did Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle walk to school?

Thanks to the vast success of she parents’ business, Kate had the ability to attend some prestigious institutions as a child. As soon as she was four, she enrolled at St. Andrew’s School. Together she grew older, she began attending boarding schools. Kate saw the all-girl Downe house School prior to switching come Marlborough College. Princess Eugenie likewise attended Marlborough College, but not in ~ the exact same time together Kate.

Growing increase in California, Meghan attended private schools. She saw Hollywood small Red Schoolhouse during her elementary years. Then, she attended and also graduated indigenous Immaculate love High School, an all-girl Catholic school.

Both Kate and Meghan i graduated from universities. Kate visited the college of St. Andrews, where she and Prince wilhelm met. Meanwhile, Meghan attend Northwestern University.

Both Kate Middleton and also Meghan Markle were reportedly disliked by your peers for being ‘perfect’

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Given that Kate and also Meghan thrived up top top opposite political parties of the Atlantic Ocean, there is no doubt castle had an extremely different college lives. However, one commonality between them is that they were both accused disliked by your peers because that being “perfect.”

According to previous classmate Jessica Hay, as soon as Kate to be attending Downe residence School, she was bullied by various other girls. “She to be picked on since she to be perfect, well turned-out and also lovely,” Hay said, together reported by The Sun.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s experience was similar but somewhat different. The biography Finding Freedom alleged that once Meghan to be a go-getter also as a kid. Together such, she strove to accomplish a lot at school, i m sorry made her come throughout as “fake” to fellow students.

“Meghan’s willingness to help others and her drive to excel meant she regularly was reputed ‘fake’ by classmates as school who felt that was difficult for anyone come be that ‘perfect,’” authors Omid Scobie and also Carolyn Durand wrote.

They likewise added, “However, Meghan never ever thought she to be perfect. In fact, she frequently felt she had more to prove.”

Kate Middleton is an ext popular together a duchess than Meghan Markle

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Back in July, Express reported that, according to a poll conducted by the day-to-day Mirror, Kate is the most well-known royal, through Queen Elizabeth comes in at second place. Meanwhile, Meghan come in sixth place.

There are a lot of feasible reasons because that this alleged popular differences in between Kate and Meghan. Kate has been in the royal household for virtually 10 years now, and also she spent nearly 10 years before that as a royal girlfriend. Meanwhile, Meghan only started date Prince take care of in 2016 and got married in 2018, which way the public can not be supplied to her visibility yet.

Some fans also believe Kate’s scheduled nature has actually helped her flourish in the royal family, whereby she is supposed to it is in an uncontroversial figure. Meanwhile, Meghan’s outspoken attitude might have been valuable in her previous career as an actress. However, together a royal, she has actually attracted criticism because that being too outspoken about “political” topics.

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Finally, Meghan has additionally experienced racist attacks in the press due to her background as a biracial woman. This could likely affect how the public sees her.