Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones has been a Hollywood mainstay for an ext than two decades! We’re looking back at the 50-year-old’s change from West finish child star, to exhilaration royalty.

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Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been in the spotlight native a young age, and also the people has watched her evolution over the years! The Academy award winner, who was born in Swansea, Wales, and grew up in the small town that Mumbles, first found success ~ above the West finish stage. Top top a trip to London in ~ the tender age of nine, she was selected to play among the orphans in Annie, and also later starred as Tallulah in the West finish production ofBugsy Malone. ~ dropping out of high school at 15, she moved to London and also began auditioning for roles on the stage and also screen.

Catherine was cast in some unsuccessful British movies, adhered to by the TV collection The Darling buds of May, however she soon determined to reinvent it s her — in America. Catherine quickly uncovered success after relocating come Los Angeles, being cast opposite Billy Zanein The Phantom and landing a duty in the CBS mini-series Titanic,which recorded the fist of Steven Spielberg. This eventually led to her being cast in the 1998 filmThe Mask of Zorro — her breakthrough role.

Catherine Zeta Jones with the years. Image: AP Images

She quickly earned acclaim in Hollywood, and also soon after her breakout performance, she wasintroduced to her future-husband Michael Douglas, by Danny DeVito in ~ the Deauville film Festival in France. The pair started dating in march 1999, and also he popped the inquiry in Aspen, Colorado on new Year’s night of the year. The pair wed in November 2000, and also they went on to have actually two children: Dylan Michael Douglas, born on august 8, 2000, and Carys Zeta Douglas, born top top April 20, 2003.

In between giving bear to her two children, Catherine starred in perhaps her most iconic role to date: Velma Kelly in Chicago.The 2002 film, based upon the 1975 Broadway music explored scandal and corruption in Chicagoduring theJazz Age. The role landed she an Academy Award, display screen Actors Guild Award, gold Globe Award, and also BAFTA award for finest Supporting Actress.

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Catherine stunned in a silver gown. Image: AP Images

In the year following, Catherine starred in a number of iconic movies likeOcean’s Twelveand ongoing to revolve heads on the red carpet. She’s likewise proved to be an incredible mother to her 2 young kids! Scroll through the gallery over to see much more pics that Catherine’s revolution from West finish child star, come revered Hollywood actor.