The star, 51, confirmed off her gray hair top top Thursday when snapping a bathroom mirror selfie.

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She win a pose in a pink floral robe, reflecting a tiny leg as she was standing in prior of she marble sink.

The “Prodigal Son” actress appeared to walk makeup-free for the candid shot, i beg your pardon she merely captioned, “Hello…….”

She preserved things natural with her hairstyle too, showing up to leave her gray roots visible.

Followers applauded Zeta-Jones for she bare-faced look, v one commenting, “A organic beauty,” and another adding, “She is beautiful through none the the glitz and glam top top her.”

Others detailed that the black and gold bathroom appeared to be linked to her walk-in wardrobe, which the stylish starhas shown off in vault posts. The considerable closet space features similar glossy black cabinetry, housing designer duds consisting of her Chanel bags and also Hermès scarves.

Zeta-Jones has been mastering the art of the selfie recently, together she adhered to up the fresh-faced article with breaks of her and also her husband, Michael Douglas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones posed for an ext selfies, this time v her husband, Michael Douglas.Instagram

“When negative selfies take place to good people…well maybe.. Not so bad and not for this reason good,” she quipped, captioning self of she and Douglas, 76, smiling and also smooching on the beach.

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“It’s humanly difficult for Michael Douglas and also Catherine Zeta-Jones to ever before take a negative selfie/picture. Ever,” commented one fan, who Zeta-Jones responded to with a laughing emoji.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2019.Ben Birchall/PA photos via Getty Images