By Steve Beauregard (Updated April 2nd, 2021)For Catholics like me, it’s tough to check out a totality Sunday walk by there is no going to Mass, also when on holidays in las Vegas. In fact, going to Mass if in las Vegas on holidays is the perfect spiritual antidote to the craziness that the ras Vegas Strip. The can likewise act as essential reminder that God’s goodness lives on, even in a place referred to as “Sin City.”Fortunately, there are two roman Catholic churches close come the ras Vegas Strip, and over twenty-five an ext throughout the ras Vegas valley. (It is approximated that ras Vegas is residence to in between a fifty percent a million and also 600,000 Catholics).One the the 2 Las vegas Strip-area churches is top top the north end, close come the Wynn, when the other is on the south end of ras Vegas Boulevard, close come Excalibur, Luxor, Tropicana, and MGM Grand.

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The Shrine that the Most divine Redeemer Catholic Church is just a block far from the las Vegas StripThe Shrine of the Most holy Redeemer Catholic Church is just a block away from the ras Vegas Strip
The church opened up in 1993, and also can seat 2,200 worshipers.This modern-day interior the this chapel additionally has a small gift shop, (offering spiritual items choose rosaries, medals, etc. Because that sale – no touristy stuff.)The gift shop is open Monday – Saturdays, native a fifty percent hour after ~ the 12:10 Mass to 1:30 p.m.On Sundays, the gift shop is open right after every Mass, for around a fifty percent an hour. The gift shop is closed throughout Mass.Most holy Redeemer regular Mass times & Schedule 2021Monday – Friday: 12:10 PMSaturday: Vigil Mass at 4 PMSunday: 8 AM, 10 AM, Noon, and 2 PM. There is likewise a 4 afternoon Mass in Spanish.2021 Season that Lent MassesHoly Saturday: 6 PMEaster Sunday: 8:00am 10:00am 12 Noon 2:00pm and a 4:00pm in SpanishPlease keep in mind that due to Covid restrictions, the church borders attendance come 50% of normal capacity.

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(Photos courtesy the Haydn Blackey, and Chris Yunker via Flickr).

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