If she looking to hold your wedding ceremony at a church that will certainly impress her guests, think about these 5 breathtaking houses of praise in Puerto Rico.

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Catedral de mountain Juan Bautista

San Juan

Stepping foot within of Catedral de san Juan Bautista, it’s simple to understand why this historic church is among the most renowned tourist attractions in Old mountain Juan. The to meet is cool yet inviting, with a Gothic-style exterior, cream-colored walls and also domed ceilings. Wedding photographers an especially love capturing decorative details prefer the detailed wood carvings, stained glass windows and also black-and-white check-patterned floor that make this an are so unique. While the present structure dates back to 1540, the church was originally developed in 1521, making that the earliest Roman Catholic cathedral in the joined States. The site additionally serves as the last resting place of legendary explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who served as Puerto Rico’s an initial governor.


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Puerto Rico is celebrating the 500th anniversary that the establishing of Old san Juan, the oldest city in the joined States. Stay tuned because that special occasions running with June 2022!

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Iglesia san Germán de Auxerre

San Germán

San Juan hold the location of the oldest city in Puerto Rico, however San Germán in the southwest that the island ranking a nearby second. The city was created in 1511 and also is house to two historical churches, among which is obtainable for weddings. Happy couples have the right to say “I do” in ~ Iglesia san Germán de Auxerre, which was first built in 1699 and also is provided on the national Register of historical Places. Located on the town’s key plaza, the highlight church has photo-worthy touches favor an exquisite marble altar circa 1869 and also a paint by Puerto Rican master artist Jose Campeche.

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe


Often dubbed the “Pearl that the South”, Ponce is the second-most lived in city in Puerto Rico and also home to among the island’s four cathedrals. Dating back to 1670, Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is situated in the center of city at Plaza las Delicias, just steps from the famed Parque de Bombas (a former firehouse rotate museum). If the church’s initial structure was destroyed by an earthquake in 1918, it was rebuilt over the years and today features a neoclassical exterior and also an unusual internal that blends Gothic and colonial styles. Colorful stained glass and a blue domed ceiling are among the eye-catching elements, yet the church’s most unique feature is its massive pipe organ, i m sorry was when played by famed danza musican Juan Morel Campos.

Iglesia Ortodoxa san Espiridion

Trujillo Alto

The Greek Orthodox congregation the Iglesia Ortodoxa san Espiridion in Trujillo Alto is a charming alternate for memorable wedding ceremonies. In comparison to that is cavernous counterparts, this cozy house of worship supplies an intimate atmosphere in which to tie the knot. The building’s white and also blue façade payment homage to the colour of the Greek flag, when the internal showcases a collection of fancy metalwork and spiritual artwork in ornate frames.

Parroquia Stella Maris

San Juan

Set in the upscale san Juan ar of Condado, Parroquia Stella Maris offers an elegant venue because that an i can not forget wedding ceremony. The church underwent a substantial renovation in 2017, resulting in a roman Catholic residence of praise that is contemporary, bright and also spacious. Located throughout the street native Plaza Antonia Quinones, the hallowed building is easily identifiable by its to mark Spanish brick roof and also stained glass accents. Inside, vaulted ceilings, marble floors and modern lighting produce an ambiance the is at as soon as chic and inviting, appealing to stylish couples with an affinity because that design.



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